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Motool Slacker Digital Sag Scale Reviews

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How much is your time worth? If you're like me, you probably find yourself trying to do absolutely everything within that 24 hours we call a day. This is especially true for me when it comes to my garage where there's always something to maintain or repair, from an oil change to a full engine rebuild. Big or small, the one constant is TIME.

Enter the Motool Slacker V2 Digital Sag Setter. For those who are unfamiliar, the Slacker V2 is a precision digital measurement tool for setting up motorcycle suspension sag. Its aim is to be the easiest, most efficient and accurate way of setting your sag, even when doing the job solo. After testing the Slacker V2 on a few motorcycles, this product knocks the ball out of the park! 

The sturdy feeling Slacker V2 comes well protected inside a box with deep cutout foam that is perfect for regular storage. Written instructions are simple, but so is the tool it covers. Motool has also made an instructional video which I found better at explaining the set-up process. They also have an instructional app but I didn't find it as useful and it takes extra effort to download it and register. The app would be more beneficial for me if I could log and save different suspension set-ups or record servicing history.

Well packaged for a precision digital measurement tool.

After a quick zeroing of the Slacker V2 I was ready to check my sag, a process that takes a minute or two at best.  Attach the brains of the unit centered on the rear axle (it's magnetic), attach the universal clamp to your side panel or rear fender, and pull the cable & hook, attaching it to the mounting point you set. If for some reason the universal clamp doesn't work for your application, Motool includes a package of adhesive mounts. At this time, not a bad idea to mark the mounting location for next time, both to save you time and for consistency. This could be a Sharpie dot or by drilling a small hole. Lastly, strap the remote sag value display unit to your handlebars, routing its cable out of your way when mounting and dismounting the bike. 

With the Slacker V2 zero'd, there is no need to remember values or subtract, the back-lit, easy-to-read screens display your static and race sag values. Even better, with the handlebar mounted remote display, you do not need a buddy to measure while you balance yourself on the bike. I really like getting consistent, accurate sag values without having to do with work only when I can line up competent help. Also, if you need to set the sag on a street bike or if for some reason you don't have a bike stand, the V2 can be put into Auto Zero learning mode, where it will learn the zero point when the suspension is unloaded by hand. Not a huge deal for me, but the added flexibility is appreciated.

Getting quick & accurate sag settings solo is awesome!

In addition to being a sag measurement tool, the Slacker V2 allows you to test for suspension stiction, something that can be an indicator of suspension health. The process is as simple as pushing the suspension down, letting it settle up, reading the number, then picking it up, letting it settle and noting the difference. The greater the difference, the more stiction you have. The timing of the stiction test was perfect as I recently serviced my suspension and it checked out A-Ok.

As someone who rides multiple bikes throughout the season (motocross, enduro & ice racing), the Motool Slacker v2 saves me time, makes the job easier, and I know that I'm getting increased setting consistency. I check my sag frequently to avoid any unintended changes, such as a pre-load ring loosening, shock pressure leak, etc and it's just good preventative maintenance. Price is always relative to the value provided and given how much time I spend in the garage wrenching and how pressed for time I usually am, the Slacker V2 is a winner in my book.

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Magnet won't stick to my front axle at all - '16 Beta 500RS


Clamp won't fit anywhere useful on the rear due to Beta subfenders/design so I drilled a small hole and attach directly.

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Product works great, highly recommend it.  Definitely saves the argument if you've ever had a significant other try and learn how to read a measuring tape...


Only downside:

All of my buddies ask to use it as nobody wants to go through the effort to have somebody else measure for them.


Buy it!

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R Horn


I have had my Slacker V4 for a while now. The ability to link it with my phone and save all my setting on multiple bikes is great. It really is a super tool for setting Slack by yourself and even make doing the front super simple.

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Bryan II


I have the V4 Slacker that gives you the option of using their smartphone app (Apple or Droid) as your remote display. This is probably one of the easier reviews that I've written. If you want to get your sag and stiction dead balls on, buy this tool. I have a shop full of specialty tools that might not get used everyday, but they all have a purpose and when needed, they simply yield a better result.

The set-up time for this the Slacker v4 is both simple and short and so is deployment for use. Rather than use the included thread on U-clip, I went the function route and drilled a small hole in the side of my rear fender for the sag cord to attach. Not only is this supremely secure, it give me the most consistent result over time.

Instructions are short, simple and give you just what you need to get the job done. Best of all, setting your sag solo becomes a breeze. There are a number of methods & tools that you can use to set your sag, but if you value ease-of-use, accuracy and the ability to do the job solo, the Slacker V4 is a great tool to add to your shop.

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