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Motool Slacker Digital Sag Scale Reviews

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Hans Schmid

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One of the most common replies that I see to suspension questions is, "What are your sag numbers?" Unfortunately for most, setting your suspension sag can be challenging when by yourself. In almost all cases you need to have a second person to measure. You'll likely also need to run them through a short tutorial, showing them where to measure and what numbers that they'll need to record. For the longest time a tape measure was all that was available. Eventually mechanical sag scales came along that made the job a lot easier, but they never addressed the two man job requirement. The Slacker Digital Sag Scale by Motool has tackled this limitation by creating a tool that they claim to be easy to use, allows for consistent, accurate settings, and best of all, allowing the job to be done solo.

Product Overview
The Slacker Digital Sag Scale is a pretty simple tool system that includes a main LCD display with retractable cable, body clamp, and remote display. The main unit itself has a powerful magnet that allows it to attach to front and rear axles while you run the remote display up to the handlebars, attaching it securely with a Velcro strap for hands-free operation. The main display screen has only two buttons; on/off/reset and the LCD display back light for readability in low light conditions. Sag values are displayed automatically when the unit is turned on and in use. The Slacker is also great for setting up Air and SFF forks.

After taking a few moments to read the instructions and learning the tips for being more accurate, mounting the Slacker on the bike was super easy and quick. Simply attach the magnetic main unit to the rear axle and run the remote display to the handlebars. Install the supplied no-drill clamp onto the bike's side panel and hook the retractable cord from the main unit to it. Turn on the the power, reset scale to zero and you're ready go go. Total set-up time is a minute or two.

I tested the Slacker on multiple bikes by myself and both the free sag and rider sag displayed was consistent and accurate. To verify the accuracy of my results, I rechecked each bike using a mechanical sag scale and a competent assistant. For good measure, I also took the Slacker Digital Sag Scale down to my local, trusted suspension tuner to test on even more bikes. He commented that he was impressed by the simplicity and accuracy of the Slacker as well as its ease of use. Overall, the Slacker does exactly what it was designed and marketed to do. But, I wondered, is a wireless model in the works? That would be icing on the cake no doubt!

Pros 👍

  • Fast set-up.
  • Simple to use.
  • Accurate, consistent sag results.
  • Can be operated solo.
  • Works on virtually any motorcycle.

Cons :thumbsdn:

  • A bit pricey.
  • Doesn't come with a case.

Bottom-line :prof:
You know when you walk into your local motorcycle shop and there is always a few specialty tools that you never seem to have? The Slacker shouldn't be one of them. Setting and checking suspension sag is critical in having proper balance and for proper suspension function, allowing your bike to perform at its very best. The Slacker doesn't necessarily change the way sag is set, but it does make it considerably easier and more accurate. If you consistently make changes to your bike, the Slacker Digital Sag Scale makes checking and re-checking sag a simple, one man job. The Slacker is one tool that is welcomed in my toolbox!

You can find one HERE.

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R Horn


I have had my Slacker V4 for a while now. The ability to link it with my phone and save all my setting on multiple bikes is great. It really is a super tool for setting Slack by yourself and even make doing the front super simple.

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Bryan II


I have the V4 Slacker that gives you the option of using their smartphone app (Apple or Droid) as your remote display. This is probably one of the easier reviews that I've written. If you want to get your sag and stiction dead balls on, buy this tool. I have a shop full of specialty tools that might not get used everyday, but they all have a purpose and when needed, they simply yield a better result.

The set-up time for this the Slacker v4 is both simple and short and so is deployment for use. Rather than use the included thread on U-clip, I went the function route and drilled a small hole in the side of my rear fender for the sag cord to attach. Not only is this supremely secure, it give me the most consistent result over time.

Instructions are short, simple and give you just what you need to get the job done. Best of all, setting your sag solo becomes a breeze. There are a number of methods & tools that you can use to set your sag, but if you value ease-of-use, accuracy and the ability to do the job solo, the Slacker V4 is a great tool to add to your shop.

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Product works great, highly recommend it.

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Awesome product, surprised no one came out with one of these sooner. I've set my sag the old fashioned way, but using this tool it has been spot on and I can feel the difference riding the way my bike handles.

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