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Fly Racing Sector Off-Road Boot Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Fly Racing Sector Off-Road Boot. Product specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!
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I used to believe everything I read on this forum.  I figured if it was from a neutral 3rd party that also enjoyed the same hobby, I couldn't go wrong.


Not so.  Be careful.  Use your better judgement.  Experience these things for yourself.


I had less than a pleasant experience with Fly boots years ago.  I will never buy another set.  $$$ speaks.  You only get 1 set of toes.

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As said above, re-branded TCX's which are great boots. I currently wear Gaerne SG12's and every now and then put my TCX's on for a ride, "that said" have to give it to the TCX's as the more comfortable boot. Will probably go back to these now that Fly has bought them out, as now they are more readily available. These are a booty style so they will feel more like a Tech 8 than lighter boots like Sidi, Fox or Gaerne. These are upper end boots on par with Gaerne/Sidi etc not like the cheaper Fly boots of the past.

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Eurodave is right on the money, I have the TCX pro 2.1 ' s, I really like them, and they've held up very well. The sizing is slightly small, maybe 1/2 size.

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this boot is just a renamed tcx 2.1 boot which is a very good boot and whether you buy the fly or tcx you will be very happy

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I've been riding in a pair of budget friendly Fly Racing Maverik boots that have served me pretty well, but I wondered how their Sector boot that is priced at a bit over 3x the price would stack up. The Sector boot is positioned as Fly's entry into the premium off-road boot segment, offering riders at the highest levels of competition features and technology that they expect. Sounds pretty awesome to me! Let's see what's what..



Product Overview


Let's talk about some of the key features found in the Fly Racing Sector boot. One is their "Torsion Control System".  It's a structure that is designed to protect your ankles by restricting excessive movement, yet allowing enough freedom of movement to operate foot controls and remain comfortable. Then there's the slip-on inner booties. They are made from breathable materials and also include gel inserts to help protect your ankles (Malleolus bones). The replaceable aluminum buckles use a "positive latch" design that stays closed when riding, but remain easy to open and close by hand.


One thing in particular that I was excited about was the microfiber uppers that claim to be water resistant, an important feature for me riding in the wet Pac NW. In the protection department, the Sector boot has Polyurethane armor at the ankle, heal (inner and outer), and toe box. The sole is made from a single compound and is replaceable. Construction quality is what you'd expect for a boot at this price point; excellent.


Each boot comes in at 4.4lbs. (with bootie) and is offered in your choice of black (my choice) or white. Sizes run from 7-13 US.





Bootie fit seemed a bit tight at first, but it quickly found its sweet spot inside the boot after a little bit of movement, becoming quite comfy. The buckles adjusted easily and snapped into place positively. I ordered sized 12 US and they fit well. I'd say that they run true-to-size.


The calf opening with the buckles at max opening is fairly generous, so they should easily accommodate most in-the-boot shin/knee protection and those with larger calves. I measured the max opening circumference at 20" (rounded down slightly to be safe).





With a new boot, riding can feel a little sloppy as you adjust to the new feel, especially with your foot controls. The most noticeable issue that I had was with the rear brake pedal. The arch of Sector boot is slightly thicker than the Maverick, so I was stabbing the brake pedal too hard. I adjusted the brake pedal down a bit and that seem to clear it up. In contrast, shifting seems normal out-of-the-box. So, one minor adjustment, a few miles and I was riding and using my foot controls without a second thought. The boot was never overly stiff, so I can't say that I ever felt like they were broken-in or not. These are very much put on and ride boots; no special or extended break-in period/process required. All day comfort was excellent.


In the Pac NW, there's always puddles. Normally I try to avoid them, but I wanted to see how the microfiber uppers did at keeping the water out. My feet remained dry, puddled after puddle, but after one too many dabs while crossing creeks, I began to feel some wetness. The boots are advertised as water resistant, not water proof, so I'd say that they lived up to Fly's claims here.


In terms of protection, I unintentionally took one for the team while testing. When attempting to cross a snow covered log, I fell, pinning my right leg under the bike. I didn't feel a thing; no pain, no injuries, nothing. Throughout the day of testing, I smacked my feet & lower legs on branches, logs, and rocks, but I never felt anything. I feel pretty safe riding in the Sector boot. The replaceable soles gave excellent traction on the Fastway Evo III footpegs that I run and after approximately 10 rides, there is little to no visible wear. Lastly, the positive lock aluminum buckle latches all stayed tightly closed while riding.


I also did some extracurricular testing that included some hiking and trail building/maintenance. The Sector boot pulled this duty no problem, keeping my feet reasonably warm and dry despite snowy conditions. For a boot designed with the needs of competing riders in mind, this boot offers up some decent flexibility for the weekend warrior that wants a top shelf boot.


Pros  👍

  • High quality construction (E.g Aluminum latches).
  • All day comfort.
  • Solid protection (E.g. Torsion Control System).
  • Good water resistance.
  • Replaceable sole.


Cons  👍

  • To date, none.


Bottom-line  :prof:


I was pleasantly surprised at how good these boots are. I kind of doubted that Fly could go from their Maverik boot to the Sector without missing something, but they didn't. They offer a very high-level of rider protection, are extremely durable (so far), comfortable on and off the bike, and do a good job keeping the elements out. If you're looking for a high-end MX or off-road boot, I recommend putting the Fly Racing Sector boot on your list of options to explore. They really are fantastic.


More @ http://www.flyracing.../racewear/boots

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