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ProTaper Fuzion Dual Function Handlebar Reviews

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Riding rough terrain can be hard on your hands, wrists, and arms, so handlebars without a crossbar are likely the best choice. This design tends to offer more flex, reducing rider fatigue & trama. But, what if you want a little more front end feeling in other conditions as well? I suppose that you could keep a second set of handlebars at the ready, but that is too much of a pain for this guy. Protaper Fuzion handlebars claim to have bridged this gap, they looked pretty interesting, so I decided to give them a try.


From the Protaper website:


"The FUZION handlebar is a new concept in high performance control systems. The revolutionary flex locking system allows riders to choose between a stiffer, more controlled handlebar feel or a softer more shock absorbing feel depending on terrain conditions. Changing the bar from “Locked” to “Unlocked” takes only seconds. The bar itself utilizes ProTaper’s exclusive aluminum alloy computer profiled in a 4mm wall design for the ultimate in lightweight strength."



Initial Impressions


The handlebars come in a really nice box and are impeccably packaged, really setting the stage for high expectations. Unpacked, the handlebars both look and feel nice, so no let downs. They feel fairly light weight considering the added locking mechanism, coming it at 975 grams (2.14lbs.) The clutch side is knurled to help hold the grip in place, there is a laser etched alignment guide (side-to-side & fore/aft), and a unique handlebar pad that accommodates the locking mechanism.


The crossbar is telescopic, allowing it to slide within itself while the handlebar flexes. Changing it from solid to flexing is a simple, 2-position knurled knob ("Locked” or “Unlocked”). One thing that I was unable to find was literature on wrap around style hand guards. Do they take anything away from the effectiveness of this device? Also, are the basic handlebars without the locking device any different from the standard Protaper handlebars? As delivered, the ends of the handlebars have plastic caps installed to keep crud out and for less grip damage in falls.




I installed the CR High bend Fuzion handlebars on my Gas Gas MC250 (they install like any other handlebar) and took it up to Walker Valley OHV park near Big Lake, Washington. To test the handlebars, I picked a particularly nasty set of trails. I rode them in both directions with the handlebars in the locked position and then the same in the unlocked position. As expected, the difference between the two handlebar settings was not night and day. Still, I did notice that in the unlocked position, some of the bigger hits on roots, rocks, and whoops, they were somewhat less dramatic to my upper body (vs. when in the locked position). And, this suits my riding preference of technical, nasty, mountain single track.  After about an hour of switching back and forth, I left the handlebars unlocked for the rest of the day. I don't ride on an MX track very often, but I do get out to some fast sandy areas where I think that the locked setting would provide better steering feel & accuracy. I have a Poker Run in these conditions mid next month, so I'll be sure to report back then.


Pros   👍

  • Very neat design concept.
  • Useful for riders of varied terrain & tracks.
  • High quality fit and finish.
  • Simple operation of dial.
  • Eliminates the need for two sets of bars.


Cons   👎

  • None

Bottom-line   :prof:

Overall, Protaper Fuzion Handlebars work as advertised. When riding rough terrain, there was a noticeable difference in felt shock (less) to my hands and arms between the two handlebar settings. Again, not night vs. day, but over an entire day of riding, welcomed. For riders (especially racers), Fuzion handlebars offers them some fine tuning for the conditions that they'll be riding and for those that want the option, it sure beats swapping out handlebars. At an MSRP of $129 USD, they won't break the bank and cost less than two pair of premium handlebars. Protaper Fuzion handlebars are a bit of a specialty product that likely aren't for everyone, but nice to live in a day/age where riders have interesting options to explore.

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Cr High Bend great bar can switch from bendy to stiff great for switching from motocross to off road riding. Best of both worlds in one bar.

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I say that was enough to convince me to buy a set for my bikes.

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