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Guts Racing Phantom Zero Gravity Seat Foam Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Guts Racing Phantom Zero Gravity Seat Foam. Product specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!
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Shedding weight from your bike seems to be a touchy subject. Some are willing to spend the time & money to make this happen while others simply recommend eating less cheeseburgers. I fall into the former group. I like a light bike. It allows me to ride just a little harder for just a little longer. I wanted to test the Guts Racing Phantom Zero Gravity Seat Foam and Hardcore Gripper Seat Cover on my 2012 Yamaha YZ250 because while titanium and carbon fiber are definitely light weight, the price to weight ratio is usually a shocker. :eek:


Let me preface this review by saying I am a typical B rider, not a pro. I tested this seat with the average weekend warrior and recreational racer in mind.


Here's the Guts Racing product description and I will break it down throughout the review:



Ultra-Lite weight seat foam is not new to many factory top level pro riders. Many factory race teams have discovered that removing small amounts of weight at the highest point on a motorcycle has a great impact on the way that machine handles. The Phantom Ultra-Lite seat foam has shown outstanding durability and the closed cell design keeps it from soaking up water. Titanium seat bolts are now included with the Phantom seat foam for 4-stroke models. While other companies have tried to make this foam available at a much higher price, we at GUTS Racing can now offer it as an affordable option.


Initial Reaction

Out of the box, nothing really aesthetically sticks out to differentiate between the Guts seat foam and stock. However, what is noticeable is that it's very light. The stock YZ seat foam weighs 757 grams (1.66lbs.). In contrast, the the Guts Phantom foam weighs just 300 grams (.66lbs.). So, exactly a 1lb. savings over stock.


Guts uses closed cell foam in the Phantom and it reminds me of some of the lightweight foam found in popular running shoes. It is quite a bit stiffer than the stock seat foam and its profile has a slightly flat top.


The Guts Hardcore Gripper Seat Cover appears to be well made with very sticky material. All the seams looked well done and the color is vibrant.



Installation of the Guts seat foam and cover is very straight forward. Remove stock seat cover and foam, clean the pan, and prep it for the new Guts foam. I used spray adhesive to keep the foam securely to the pan during installation. One thing that I found noteworthy is that the Guts foam fits extremely well to the stock seat pan. I didn't have to trim or massage anything to get it to fit. It was a drop-in replacement. The Hardcore Gripper Seat Cover went on like any other seat cover. There is a bit of a learning curve in doing this right and it's helpful to have a second set of hands and a pneumatic stapler. The fitment was acceptable. Guts leaves a little extra material that's needed to stretch and the excess can be trimmed away.



When I went to test this seat it was a "wonderful" 25 degrees outside with snow on the ground. While temperature may have played a slight role in how the seat felt, my butt couldn't help but notice how stiff the the Guts Phantom seat foam is. However, I expected this going in. The Guts Phantom was not designed with comfort as a top priority. It is geared towards the top level racer looking for every weight advantage that they can get.


I threw my YZ around corners and hit some jumps; everything that a you'd do in the course of a typical race. I placed my bike on its stand and removed it multiple times throughout the day as well as having pushed it up into the back of my truck at the end of my ride. All this was done to see if I could tell what my latest bolt-on performance part had gained me. In the end, not a whole lot. It performed as a seat should, providing support for your rear end. However, with a 227lb. bike, removing 1lb. (even high on the bike) is unfortunately not enough to be noticeable to me when riding. Holding the stock foam in one hand and the Guts Phantom foam in the other, you can easily tell which is lighter. For me, it just didn't translate into any measurable energy savings or handling improvements.


Back to the profile, the Guts Phantom Seat Foam has a more flat top construction than the curved top of the stock seat. This was in no way a deal breaker, but it is something to note if you are particular about the profile of your seat. The width also stayed the same, so if you grip your seat & tank with your knees, you shouldn't feel a difference other than its additional stiffness. Guts claims that the seat will not soak up water due to its closed cell foam construction and after my wet and snowy ride, I was pleased to find out that the foam remained dry. In this case, the weight savings over a stock seat foam that may soak in some level of water would be more significant, aiding the handling benefits that Guts is trying to improve. For those with four strokes, titanium bolts are included with the Phantom Seat Foam. I was a little disappointed to see that they were not available for two strokes. :excuseme:


The Hardcore Gripper seat cover lived up to its name being very grippy. I added a bump to my seat and didn't slide around one bit. The sewed on logo never tore off and none of the staples tore through.


Pros :thumbsup:

  • Lightweight.
  • Excellent fit.
  • Cover is very grippy & well built.


Cons :thumbsdn:

  • Expensive.
  • Stiff.
  • No Ti bolts for two strokes.
  • No detectable handling benefits.

Bottom-line :prof:

The Guts Racing Phantom Zero Gravity Seat Foam is a well built product that is significantly lighter stock seat foam, especially when compared to one that has soaked up water. However, it's very much a product for racers that are looking for every incremental performance advantage that counts when chasing a championship. I suspect that for the rest of us, the cost is pretty hard to justify when the key product benefit is likely to be negligible. This doesn't make it a bad product by any means, just a product that is aimed at a much narrower set of riders.


The Guts Hardcore Gripper Seat Cover is an excellent cover and you don't have to be running their Phantom Seat foam to use it. It's good looking and as far as gripper seat covers go, it offers the traction that you'd expect.

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Doesn’t suck in water and waterlog like oem seat foam 


Not the lightest on the market 

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I buy a tall seat foam and gripper cover from Guts for every bike i own.


I called them up, they were selling the new lighter foam and throwing in a free seat cover.


It turns out they didnt have any tall ones in the new foam, so they made me a taller version and it arrived in less than  a week...very nice people!


the total cost with the free cover was only $40 more than the old school foams that are even heavier than stock, so it being lighter is really good.


they even threw in two Titanium seat bolts, they are rolling around in the bottom of the tool box i think!


seat is really firm, so if you are tall you can grip it well with your knees.


great products and customer service

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