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ACD Racing Parts Off-road Motorcycle Skid Plates Reviews

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One of the most vulnerable areas of your machine is going to be the engine cases. The material is simply not meant to take an impact from a flying rock or sliding over logs and in the event of a fatal hit, get out your checkbook. It's not going to be easy or cheap! ACD Racing offers an aluminum Skid-Plate for my 2012 CRF250R, so I took the opportunity they offered to test one out and share my impressions.
Product Overview
The ACD Racing Skid-Plate ships in a simple plastic bag with the single mounting location already bolted together, along with some foam frame rail padding. The plate has a bare aluminum finish, something that some will appreciate while others may not. But, it's a skid- plate; it's going to get bashed up, so the importance of the appearance/finish is up to you.The welds for the wings are near perfection and no rough edges are present throughout, adding to the impression of a well-built piece.
The design of the rear mount to fit above the frame with no need for bolts is quite unique and very beneficial to the smoothness of the lower portion of the skid-plate. Something that I would have liked to see included in the kit is a piece of foam to be placed between the frame rails, reducing the amount of muck accumulating in this space. This is especially important for my application because the skid-plate does not have underside holes for debris to exit or a location for an oil drain plug.
Installation is fairly straight forward, only taking about five minutes using a 5mm allen wrench. Instructions are supposed to be supplied with the product, but mine were absent. But, a quick call to ACD Racing and they quickly emailed me what I needed. The only questionable step was the placement of the included foam padding. I placed it to fit anywhere the skid-plate would touch the frame rails to isolate any vibrations. For my application, I had to remove the stock oil filter guard for proper fitment.
With the skid-plate installed, I couple of key issues with the design become apparent. First (and most concerning) is with the removal of the stock CRF oil filter guard. Although plastic, it is meant to deflect possible damage away from the protruding oil filter housing. Unfortunately, this particular ACD Skid-Plate is not designed in a way (does not rise enough) to fully protect the oil filter area, leaving roughly 75% of that area exposed to potential hazards.
The design also leaves an exposed area right behind the front tire where the two bottom frames rails hoop together into the single up right tube. However, on some of their other applications such as their skid-plate for the Kawasaki KX models, they are formed to fill all of those areas with the required protection, leaving the question of,  "why not the CRF250R?"
The conditions that the ACD Racing Skid-Plate was tested in was snowy and wet from the slowly melting snow. These conditions underscored my concerns regarding the low height of the skid-plate, allowing the front tire to sling mud up into the frame and on top of the skid-plate.
When riding with the ACD Racing Skid-Plate, you forget that it is even installed.  There is a lack of vibration noises that I've experienced with other winged skid-plates, something that I'll have to attribute to the frame rail isolation padding that is included. Also, after sliding over a couple of logs, the lack of lower mounting bolts to get hung up on or gnarled up, making removal more more difficult is appreciated.
Pros   👍

  • Very solid design, yet minimal weight addition (3lbs.).
  • Looks nice, especially the front cut out ACD logo.
  • Smooth bottom means no snagging or mounting hardware damage.
  • Quick, simple, & strong mounting system.

Cons   👎

  • Not high enough for full frontal protection.
  • Foam to prevent mud accumulation not included.
  • Must be removed for an oil change.

Bottom-line   :prof:
The ACD Racing Skid-Plate is simple and tough. The completely smooth lower section is a real benefit for riders that find themselves sliding over large logs or rocks. However, for those that ride at high speeds, where a fast moving rock could really ding up the front of the engine case or oil filter housing, the design might leave them feeling a little uneasy. Overall the design is solid and undoubtedly strong, I just wish that it was a more well rounded packaged in terms of the number of riding conditions that it was well suited for. With some design changes, it certainly could.


More @ http://www.acdracing.us/

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