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Midwest Mountain Engineering Clever Levers Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Midwest Mountain Engineering Clever Levers. Product specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!
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I got the clutch lever. I had the trouble of a lifetime trying to get it properly installed. There is very poor instructions, and no youtube video about how to properly install or adjust.


I had a trip cut one day short because this interfered with the operation of the clutch. I spent nearly 100 on the lever, and then at least 100 more on repair/mechanic to figure out what was going wrong with my bike.   


I'm sure that this thing technically is awesome, but hey, you have to be able to explain with good clear concise directions on how to install! 


I finally took it off, and put back the levers I had before...

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The Clever Levers from Midwest are getting a reputation for being a cost effective way to lighten your clutch action, and also allow one or two finger use of each lever so you can hold on to the bars better. 


We swapped the levers among several bikes so that we could get overall impressions from six riders. First, everyone agreed the clutch is noticeably lighter, especially when feathering the clutch. We measured the clutch pull required at the same spot on both levers and agreed the initial pull is about 50% easier. From the halfway mark to full disengaged it was about 30% easier, at least on the Beta RR300 when tested. The consensus was this could only be a good thing in terms of less fatigue for the clutch hand. 


The lever works on the basis of using more leverage, so generally you need to pull the lever all the way into the bars to disengage the clutch. This took some adjustment for everyone and there was some bike stalling until we adapted to the longer pull. Some felt this would be good in terms of finer clutch control, others weren't so keen but thought the lighter clutch action made it worthwhile. 


A big plus in our book is the lever encourages one finger clutch action, generally the ideal for technical dirt riding. Set up properly, there is no danger of crushing the lever against your other fingers against the bars. 


The wider lever felt comfortable for everyone, only rider questioned this as his gloves got wet then started to slip on the lever a bit. He felt it wasn't a big issue, but in the long run would consider roughing up the lever a little for more grip if it was an ongoing issue. 


Plenty of European bikes like Katos are known for their dragging clutches even when warmed up, the increased length of the clutch pull usually means a bit of adjustment of the lever to avoid clutch drag even when the lever is fully against the bars. 



The Midwest brake lever? As Midwest states, it has exactly the same action as the stock lever and is adjustable. The big advantage we saw was again that it encourages a one finger grip for better grip on the handlebars, or two fingers if you move the lever outward. With the possible exception of the guy with wet gloves, we all liked the thick lever again... the ergonomics are well thought out. 


our research on forums indicated that there is occasionally a rider who doesn't gel with the thicker levers but they usually just cut and file them down to a width they like, but the vast majority prefer the thick lever design. 


At around US$70 we feel the clutch lever is especially worthwhile if you'd like to lighten your clutch pull without forking out a lot of money, then if you like the ergonomics of it consider getting the matching brake lever as well. And of course if you are one of the very small minority who wind up not liking it, it simply becomes a spare lever in your kit if you break the stock lever. 

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Well I'm finally going to get around to giving my $.02 on these levers. With the help of MentalGuru and TT, I got a set to fit my 2014 Husaberg TE300 with the brake lever being the Brembo version. I have some fairly serious hand issues now at my ripe old age of 52 with arthritis and nerve damage causing muscle atrophy which is waisting the flexors muscles of both hands. I'd been on the hunt for any tool to improve and lengthen my rides and these levers appeared to offer a serious advantage over stock. When I first got them here and opened the package I was impressed with the quality build of the levers. Their machining was precise and finish was impressive. The anodizing was flawless, it was clear to me that MME put some real time and effort into the design and manufacture of these units. I'm a machinist and industrial designer of many years so it takes allot to impress me these days. I usually find allot of disappointment in goods manufactured today and am horrified at the crap coming out of China and how much people in North America keep supporting the import of such garbage. It's great to see quality stuff like this being made in the US and Canada.

Then came the install.... 

The clutch lever went on without a hitch, was a simple 5 minute operation and I was quickly impressed with how well it worked. The extra leverage it offered was amazing and I liked the feel of the squared off lever. Now came the brake lever, that didn't go so well (it was possible that I did not have the correct lever but all literature claimed it was right). It was apparent to me right off that I was going to have to remove a bit of material from the front of the lever to make it stand out far enough from the bars to make it functional. I had to machine a good amount of material off the front edge of the lever where the adjustment cam comes into contact. Then I had to pretty much screw the adjustment screw all the way out and add more LocTite to keep the screw in place. Once I got past the fitments issue and got to ride with the levers I was very impressed. The extra leverage and little cam devise they use, give a way better feel over the stock levers and you definitely never need more than 1 finger on the lever at any time. I have a Rekluse remote mounted under the clutch as well and loved having the ability to get to it without having to move my hand that much. My Berg also has a Rekluse Core EXP3 but I'm one of those guys who still likes to use the clutch for lifts and launches when riding instead of just ignoring the clutch completely. The bike has now had many extreme rides on it since the whole lever install and I've never had an issue with the levers. I now have a new Sherco Factory 300 trials bike which I bought to improve my enduro skills and must say I wish that MME would make a set of levers for it as well. It would make my life a whole lot easier on that bike with the extra light feel over the stock levers. 


Brake lever with screw turned all the way out on the cam









Here you can see the material I needed to remove to allow the lever to move out away from the bars.



Clutch lever over the Rekluse remote brake lever




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I have both clutch and front brake levers on my KTM 300 XCW. They make it very easy to one finger either lever, leaving more contact with the grip. I also have a Rekluse LHRB mounted under my clutch lever. It's super easy to work both levers at the same time. Reminds me of the old Sunline Dehandlers from back in the day.

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I tried them on my husky TE 511. The quality is second to none, however I ended up replacing them. I could never get the clutch to stop slipping once the engine was hot.


I can tell you though, that several other husky owners, over at the cafe husky site, use them and are more than happy with them. The pull reduction changes the bike for the better. 

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