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Midwest Mountain Engineering Clever Levers Reviews

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I was looking for some different clutch & brake levers for my KTM since I like to use shorter two-finger units. In my search I came across the Midwest Mountain Engineering (MME) "Clever Levers". I was very intrigued to read about the unique clutch lever design that MME uses. I suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and have also had some issues with arm pump while riding tight woods trails that requires lots of clutch use. Their levers are touted as being engineered to reduce finger/hand fatigue and arm pump, so I figured that I had little to lose by giving them a shot.

Product Overview
Midwest Mountain Engineering Clever Levers have a slightly wider and flatter lever finger profile for improved comfort and reduced blistering as well as being a true shorty lever designed for one or two finger use. Depending upon how you orient them on the handlebars, three finger operation is also possible.
The clutch lever uses a shorter pivot-to-pivot design to reduce pull by 50% by increasing the leverage applied to the hydraulic clutch master cylinder. The brake lever is designed to match the length and profile of the clutch lever and uses a 15 degree decrease in lever angle for better reach while still allowing for a full range of lever motion.  The levers are made from 6061 T6 billet aluminum while the clutch pivot bracket and hardware are stainless steel.  Both levers have AMA approved balls on the end and fit many off-road motorcycle models from KTM, Husaberg, and Husqvarna.  MME includes a one year warranty against defects and workmanship, but also have a customer satisfaction guarantee. The lever assemblies are manufactured in the USA.  :usa:
When I received the MME levers, I found them to be well built, the black anodized finish looks nice, and the length seemed to be correct for a purpose built two finger lever. All things considered, they are probably some of the nicest set of shorty levers that I've seen and I expect them to last.  While they are not folding levers that protect against breakage, their short length offers some protection itself and when run in conjunction with hand guards (as I do), I expect them to stand-up to typical bumps & bruises without too much issue.
Installation of both levers is pretty straight forward.  The included installation and adjustment instructions for the clutch lever are well detailed, but the brake lever instructions are by necessity very basic. Installation only requires basic hand tools, but did use Loctite on the fasteners and the adjustment screws.
The clutch lever reuses the factory bushing and hardware. The clutch adjuster mechanism is built in and uses a 2mm Allen wrench for adjustment (not included). I have large hands and was able to easily dial in a position that felt correct for my use while allowing the proper clutch engagement.
The brake lever reuses the stock bushing, but includes a new lock nut and bolt. The only snag that I ran into was the plastic lever adjusting nut needed to be removed to get the lever to fully extend, otherwise there was too much free play. It was also adjusted to have a slight amount of free play which worked out great.
Note: I did find an issue with MME's fitment charts for the brake lever. It was too wide to fit my original master cylinder like they show it will, but I had replaced that master cylinder with a newer model that uses a smaller piston to decrease the amount of lever pressure required and the lever width was correct for it. If you're ordering a brake lever for a KTM model that is older than 2005, I'd suggest that you contact them first.
For testing, I did a variety of riding that included some tight woods on a buddy's 100 acres property.  Much of this riding is "make your own trail" type riding, so the clutch received quite the workout. Out of the gate, I noticed a dramatic difference in clutch feel and action. There is simply noticeably less clutch pull required, with both levers operating positively and felt good in my fingers. The clutch lever also seems to have made feathering the power more precise and controllable, something that is pretty handy for more technical trails.
The brake lever has a nice, solid feel and allows enough room when fully applied that it doesn't reach or trap my other fingers. Its shorter length still allowed full braking force to be easily achieved when needed and smooth brake modulation was no problem. For lighter braking, one finger inputs did the trick. Overall, the brake lever has a good feel and really compliments the MME clutch lever.
As mentioned earlier, I suffer from the symptoms of Carpel Tunnel and a bit of arm pump. While the MME levers didn't magically erase these issues, I did notice a reduction of pain and arm pump symptoms that allowed me to ride more comfortably for longer periods of time when compared to my stock lever. This alone is a big win in my book.
Pros   :thumbsup:

  • True two finger operation.
  • Comfortable ergonomic design.
  • Reduced clutch lever pull.
  • Improved clutch feel and control.
  • Solid front brake performance without finger contact.
  • Made in the USA  :usa:

Cons   :thumbsdn:

  • Needed to remove the factory brake adjuster knob to achieve the correct free play.
  • Found some issues with their fitment charts.

Bottom-line :prof:
I'm very happy with the feel and performance of Midwest Mountain Engineering Clever Levers and they seem to live up to the manufacturer's claims.  They are well built and offer benefits that I was not able to find with competitive units. Whether you're an arm pumper, someone that suffers from hand issues, or you simply want to ride longer & harder, I'd include these levers on your short list. I will definitely recommend them to my riding buddies.
More @ http://www.midwestme...roductinfo.html

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