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American Kargo Turbo 2.0 Hydration Pack Reviews

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Product Details



Anyone that has done a full day trail ride or even a multi-day adventure ride is aware of how important hydration can be to the performance of your body as well as enjoying the ride without feeling fatigued. Riders have many options to meet their hydration needs ranging from tossing water bottles into a backpack to hydration systems that have been fully designed around rider ergonomics. I prefer the latter and that's why I decided to try the American Kargo Turbo 2.0 Hydration Pack.

Product Overview
The overall look and feel of this pack shows the extensive design & engineering time that American Kargo (AK) put into their Turbo 2.0 pack. Throw the pack over your shoulders and it really drives this fact home. Instead of just feeling like more weight hanging off your back, it feels more "integrated" with your body and secure. Try one on and you'll fully understand.

When it comes to the pack's general appearance, it was a hit or miss; a couple of fellow riders said that it looks similar to a child’s backpack from the rear. While I suppose that I can see that in its general shape, I don't look at it when I ride, so this doesn't bother me a bit. I think that the pack's colors & graphics look good and the Retroflect reflective panels add some extra visibility for low conditions.

The Turbo 2.0 pack comes with six pockets ranging in size from the smaller side pockets to the 270 degree main compartment with enough room for trail side tools and misc. extra supplies such as a spare tube, clothes, lunch or even a second lunch from the riding buddy who thinks wearing a backpack will only slow him down.  :facepalm: Each pocket has a generous, rubber tipped zipper pull making operation even with winter gloves a non-issue. There is a fleece lined pocket closest to the rider that offers some protection for more delicate items such as a phone or MP3 player as well as isolating the rider's body heat from the insulated bladder pocket.

Adjustability for the Turbo 2.0 comes from a four-point, butterfly strap set-up (two at the top & two at the bottom) which allows for ideal positioning on the rider’s back. The amount of adjustability allows for enough slack to be fitted over most full shell chest protectors or cinched up, fitting right over your jersey.

The stand-out benefit of the American Kargo Turbo 2.0 hydration pack comes when you toss it on, buckle it up, and get it properly adjusted. The feeling of the way that the strap system holds the weight of a full 2 liter hydration bladder along with anything that you can cram in feels secure; dare I say even light? Back fatigue from wearing a backpack comes from the weight constantly being thrown around, turning a 15lb pack into something that feels much heavier. For this pack, that is not the case, offering the sensation of a four-point seat belt harness; secure and tight. When American Kargo claimed that the Turbo 2.0 was designed with the rider’s movement in mind, using their butterfly harness, they nailed it! When riding, the pack does not feel like its working against you.

On rare occasion, I did experience minor neck chaffing, but only when the pack was loaded up heavy, really past my typical carrying load. But, with some trial and error adjustments, I was able to correct this. It was never to the point of feeling, "get this thing off me!". The Turbo 2.0 is a real joy to ride with especially on the longer rides!

When it comes to the usable functionality of this pack, it offers a unique & noteworthy feature for securing the drinking hose. Instead of using plastic clips (AK says that these have a tendency to break) or loops, a single Velcro strap is used. It's wrapped around the hose and is secured to either the left or right side of the center chest buckle. I was a little skeptical about the ability to easily find the Velcro patches to attach the hose to while riding, but I found this position to be within my natural reach and very easy to use. So, not only is the design effective, it's simpler than clips and loops. Time will tell if the Velcro used holds up over time, but so far I have no doubts or issues with the hose staying where it was put, ready for my next drink.

I wanted to explore the limits of the Turbo 2.0, using it during some of other activities that I enjoy that include hiking, mountain biking, and even some jogging. As expected, this pack is up for pretty much everything. When your adventure is over and it's time to clean up, AK incorporated a detachable hose that makes rising the bladder an easier task. If you've ever used a hydration pack without this feature, you know the annoyance of having route the hose & mouthpiece through the loops and pack itself to remove the bladder as well as the hose and mouthpiece swinging around in the sink.

Pros  👍

  • Comfortable, even on long rides.
  • Strap design mask's weight and controls movement.
  • High quality build & materials.
  • Can be used during all your outdoor activities.

Cons  :thumbsdn:

  • Some neck chaffing when really loaded up.
  • Hit/miss aesthetics.

Bottom-line  :prof:

The American Kargo Turbo 2.0 hydration pack is well suited to the specific needs & demands of off-road motorcycles riders, dual sporters, and ADV riders, with enough flexibility built-in to work equally well for a much wider range of activities. I'm very pleased with this product and it's definitely one that will be along on all my adventures, on and off the bike.

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