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I was looking for some simple riding gear that wouldn't break the bank, yet still offers good comfort, performance, and protection. As you're likely aware, there are many different choices and styles available in the budget conscious off-road riding gear segment and during my search, an opportunity popped up to review some 2016 riding apparel from MSR. Their apparel had caught my eye to begin with, it appeared to meet my needs, so I jumped at the chance to try it out in exchange for sharing my thoughts.

Product Overview
The 2016 MSR Axxis off-road riding gear line is geared for affordability, durability, and function. It comes in 6 color choices; from a lower key Black/White combo to the more extroverted Blue/Green/Yellow.  I chose the Black/White Axxis pants and jersey, but for gloves, I chose the MSR Impact Glove; their best rated.
> MSR Axxis Jersey
Features a poly knit v-neck collar, rib knit elastic micro cuffs, and a generous raglan cut that promotes airflow by using a lightweight, 100% spun-poly construction. The MSR Axxis Jersey has an extra long tail so that it stays tucked in while riding. The graphics are a fade resistant, sub-dye type that don't restrict airflow.

> MSR Axxis Pants
Features sublimated graphic front panels and comfort mesh liner, along with spandex articulated knee, calf, and back panels that also double as ventilation points. The MSR Axxis Pants  have 900 denier heavy-duty poly inside knee panels as well as rubber thigh and knee logos. The pants utilize an easy-to-use ratchet-style belt buckle adjuster with a panel that's secured by Velcro to cover the closure system. There is also optional D3O™ hip pads available that the pants are equipped to use.

> MSR Impact Gloves
Features a neoprene back hand and direct-injection logo over the internal, pre-formed D3O™ protective knuckle guard. The MSR Impact Glove has a synthetic leather palm panel with minimal internal padding for good rider feel and perforated vent holes. There are finger flex panels, rubber guards, and silicone print on finger tips for positive lever control. The streamlined, integrated neoprene cuff design uses a secure TPR & Velcro closure.

First Impressions
Upon receiving the MSR gear, I gave it a close inspection and checked how it fit, since this was my first chance to see it up close and personal. All of the seams and construction looked well done. I was impressed with the quality of these items; very nice for the price. I'm a big guy, so fit was a concern since I wear the largest size jersey and glove that MSR offers. All of the items fit well and the sizing listed was accurate. Good news for those that order gear on-line. Gloves are always a concern of mine since I have long fingers and large hands. The MSR Impact Gloves fit perfectly and felt like no break-in was needed. The Axxis pants are easy to adjust for correct fitment and had just enough room for my knee pads. The Axxis jersey fit nicely; the sleeves and jersey length are proportionately long.


The first thing that I do with new riding pants is wear them for a few hours so they have a chance to break-in some. After doing this, I wash both the pants and jersey before my first ride. The Impact gloves required no break-in, fitting great from the first time that I put them on. I'm mainly a trail rider/weekend warrior who also does some dual sport riding and my testing included hot & humid, cold & windy, and just about everything in between.
The MSR Axxis Jersey was comfortable and did a good job of breathing on hot days. On cooler days, a base layer was needed to be comfortable. The cuffs did a good job of keeping the sleeves staying put without being too tight and the long tail stayed tucked in. I don't wear a chest protector, but I do use a neck brace and chaffing was a non-issue. If you use an under jersey chest protector, getting one size larger than normal should work out great. Overall, the MSR Axxis Jersey fit nicely, did its intended job, and looked good while doing it.
The MSR Axxis riding pants were easily adjustable for the proper fit. I didn't get the optional D3O hip protection since I wear compression shorts with built-in hip protection as a base layer. The length was just right and they didn't bunch up in my riding boots. On really hot days, the pants could use some extra ventilation, but for the average temps we have (high 70's to low 80's) they did a good job. They were slightly snug while wearing basic knee pads, but this also meant that they weren't too bulky in the knees without. If you wear knee braces or bulky knee pads, MSR has other choices in their line-up that would likely be better suited. When washed, I found the Axxis pants to dry quite quickly, especially when compared to units that feature an inner leather knee panel. I wanted a basic, no frills riding pant and these do the job quite nicely.

The MSR Impact Gloves have a nice, thin palm and fingers for improved feel compared to other gloves that I've used, yet they still offer good protection for the back my hands. I did manage to put a small tear in the fabric on the side of my ring finger when I caught it while pushing off of a thorned tree that I almost fell into. It didn't effect the gloves performance, was easily stitched up after the ride, and probably would have happen to any of the MX gloves that I've used. The Impact Gloves fit great when new and this didn't change as the hours added up, even after being totally soaked more than once. Even when wet, the gloves maintained plenty of handlebar grip.  I really enjoyed these gloves for dual sport riding as well. MSR offers their Xplorer Impact Glove that is a slightly different version of the Axxis model that features padded palms. I'll likely be picking up a pair for some of the rough, rocky terrain that I ride.
On the trail, the gear performed well and was quite comfortable. It stays in place without being restrictive when transitioning from sitting to standing or sliding around on the seat. The pants never hung up on the plastics or anywhere else on the bike. The amount of ventilation works well for my use. I didn't have a chance to crash test the gear (fortunately!), but I feel confident that it will stand-up to typical abuse. After multiple washings the gear still looks like new, but we lack the type of soil here that tends to stain gear easily (E.g. red dirt found in Georgia). The logos and graphics are tastefully done; not too plain or wild for my taste. I do have other gear for weather extremes, so the MSR Axxis gear fills the gap in nicely. Overall, I'm quite happy with the gear and expect it to hold up well for my recreational riding needs.

Pros  👍

  • Accurate sizing.
  • Good build quality & durability.
  • Affordability priced.
  • Easily adjustable waist.
  • Advanced D3O™ protection.

Cons  👎

  • Knees may not accommodate bulkier knee protection well.
  • Pants are on the warm side in hot weather. 

Bottom-line   :prof:

MSR designed their Axxis gear to get the job done at a nice price and it sure does that. It will work well for many types of riding, from general trail use to dual sport, or even the occasional race. Nice bang for the buck. I recommend them to fellow riders who are on a budget, but don't want junk.  It's no frill riding gear that works.


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