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Leatt GPX Trail WP 2.0 Hydation / Cargo Pack Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Leatt GPX Trail WP 2.0 Hydation / Cargo Pack. Product specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!
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Product Details

Bryan II


The opportunity to test the waterproof Leatt GPX Trail WP 2.0 Hydration/Cargo Pack couldn't have come at a better time. On a recent ride, having spooned on some fresh traction, I decided to bomb a muddy water hole across a dirt road. As luck would have it, my front tire found a hole from the last 38" Super Swapper truck tire that dug its way out, sending me down for a swim. My riding pack took on several cups of muddy water before I found my way back to my feet and inside was my cell phone, wallet, and paper trail map among other things. 🤦
Who is this product best suited for?
The Leatt GPX Trail WP 2.0 Hydration/Cargo Pack is well suited to day trips for performance oriented riders that want an ample water supply (2 liters) and enough cargo room (5 liters) for trail side essentials (basic tools (tool wrap included), cell phone, GPS, snacks, etc...), all in a package that is light-weight, tidy in size, and stays put when riding hard in rough terrain. It's especially well suited to those that ride in wet conditions, marketed as waterproof with fully welded seams and zippers.
Build Quality
Having used a number of Leatt products myself, as well as having edited reviews from ThumperTalk Contributors that have tested the same, I expected a quality product and Leatt didn't disappoint. The GPX Trail WP 2.0 not only looks good aesthetically, it's well put together, both based upon my visual inspection and after some use. While I expect this pack to last a good long time, nothing but miles will say for sure. I'll report back after a full spring of sun exposure, mud, and water.

> Fitment

The Leatt GPX Trail WP 2.0 is a one size fits all pack that is naturally designed to work in harmony with the use of a neck brace. It has two points of adjustment, the first being a hook & loop system on the shoulder straps with four positions that control how high the pack rides on your back. Not only are they stupid simple to use, they're effective. The second point of adjustment are friction straps & buckles at the flank. They're easy to adjust, even with riding gloves on and never loosened up during my rides. Also, the straps are not excessively long, so nothing to tuck in to avoid snagging on your bike. Whatever loose ends you end up with can be secured with the elastic loop on the strap.

At the center of the chest, Leatt uses two t-buckles mounted with elastic straps as part of its overall butterfly strapping system. Again, super easy to operate (including with riding gloves on) and very secure. The pack's arm holes are generously cut and in conjunction with its uber simple strapping system, I found it a bit easier to get on/off over bulkier riding jackets (less contorting & snagging).

The butterfly strapping system shares weight with the shoulder straps, more evenly distributing it around the upper body. Once the GPX Trail WP 2.0 was properly adjusted, I found it to be comfortable for all day use, never riding up on my neck, and staying in place, even in rough terrain. You really can't ask for much more in the comfort department.

> Drinking Tube & Bladder

The drinking tube can be configured to exit the pack at the top or bottom, left or right sides. I'm glad that it has a quick release function from the bladder because snaking it out of the pack is a bit of a chore that I wouldn't want to have to repeat for each use. The drinking tube is secured when riding by two Velcro patches on either side of the chest enclosure. It takes a few times to get the muscle memory down to secure the drinking tube when riding. The drinking tube bite valve has a tethered plastic cover to keep it clean when riding dusty conditions, but the knotted end of the thread unraveled after just couple of uses and was lost. Bummer, but I still have the cap and it's only there so that you don't lose it. Hardly enough to sour my feeling about the product and if it really bugs, I'm sure that I can fix easy enough.

The graduated bladder holds 2 liters (67.62oz) and uses a zip-lock top that is sealed by folding it over on itself and inserting a slide-in from the side retainer. Not only is this system easy to use and effective, it means that the bladder is fully open at the top for easy filling and cleaning. Additionally, the bladder is divided internally to reduce water slosh and is further secured inside the pack with a zippered neoprene sleeve that protects and insulates it. There is even a tab with a hole in it at the bottom of the bladder for a convenience place to hang it up to drip dry after cleaning. Sometimes it's the little things.

> Storage

The GPX Trail WP 2.0 has 5 liters of storage that I think is best suited to day rides (assuming that's all the storage space you're bringing). On the chest rigging there are two waterproof zippered pockets, one side designed for smartphones/devices with a clear window that doesn't render touchscreens useless. However, this pocket is best suited to moderately sized devices. While my Samsung Galaxy S6 Active (5.5X3.5") can be shoe horned in, a third of the screen doesn't show in the window anyway. The smartphone pocket has an exit for an auto cord as does the main compartment (one on each side).

At the rear, the pack has two storage compartments. The first is a smaller, waterproof zippered pocket that is approximately 10" in height, tapered in width (4" at the bottom to 5" at the top), and can be stuffed to maybe 2 to 2.5" in depth. I used this pocket for my cell phone, wallet, SPOT satellite tracker, and snacks with a bit more room to spare if I stuffed.

In the main compartment (approximately 15"H X 8"W), even with a full bladder still offers up some usable storage place. With the right folding (long & thin), a rear inner tube will fit. Also, inside this compartment, on the backside of the main flap, there are wide, elastic loops with a pocket at the bottom that is designed to hold the folding tool roll that Leatt includes. The roll works well, but it's best suited to a limited set of trail side essentials such as a few box end wrenches, allen wrenches, a pen style tire gauge, flat tire irons, and some zip ties.

Lastly, on the outside of the pack, at the bottom of the maintain compartment are two friction straps/buckles that give you a place to strap up soft gear such as a rolled up light weight riding jacket on days that start out cool. But, they are too short for stowing heavier apparel.

> Waterproofness


Other Notable Features

  • The entire back of the pack is foil lined so that you don't heat your cold water on hot days and you don't feel a cold bladder against your back on cooler days. I rode at least one very cool morning with just a jersey on and didn't feel the cold water from the bladder that sat in the fridge the night before.
  • The back of the pack & shoulder straps are meshed lined for maximum ventilation between your body and the pack and it also includes perforated level 1 CE back armor. Naturally I didn't test the armor, but I rode at least one warmer day (low 80s) and didn't notice a sweaty back. But, I'll have to see how it does during a Florida summer. Honestly, I don't think it will matter much.Just too much humidity and heat here. Regardless, a good design that helps.
  • There are two spots on the upper part of the butterfly strap to mount an action cam. For whatever reason I've not gotten into filming my riding, but none-the-less, for those that do, the GPX Trail WP 2.0 gives you another option.
  • The corded zipper pulls are generously sized and the rubber tubed ends offer good grip. They are easy to operate with gloves on, even if the waterproof zippers require more pulling force.

Pros 👍

  • All day comfort.
  • Actually waterproof.
  • Stays put, even in rougher terrain (doesn't ride up in front or bounce around).
  • Useful storage in a light weight, non-bulky package.

Cons 👎

  • Bite valve tether could be hardier.

Bryan's Bottom-line :prof:
I think that Leatt did a great job with the GPX Trail 2.0 hydro/cargo pack. It's easily to use, comfortable, and doesn't get in your way while riding hard. It has decent storage for essentials in a pack that is not overly bulky & lightweight and being truly waterproof is awesome for us wet weather riders. Someone at Leatt did their homework in designing this product and the end results show. If you're in the market for a hydration pack, I'd put this one on your list of consideration without a doubt.

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I bought this pack just before Christmas and used it for the 1st time yesterday in the mountains of BC. I have had the need for water proof pack for quite some time now as the riding in the rain forests of BC is anything but dry. Up till now I've had to wrap everything I need to protect from the elements in plastic and once the ride was over, strip the bag and dry it and the contents out. I found this bag to be a bit on the small side but was able to re-organize and take with me everything I really needed. I like the way the pack is sculpted to fit over your shoulders and on your back along with the dual clip system to join the front straps over your chest. Even riding extreme terrain was no issue and I didn't even notice the pack was there. Bryan mentioned the bite valve tether could be hardier, mine is new so haven't noticed any issue yet but did notice that biting the valve and drawing water out was a pain in the cold. The valve could use an upgrade but at least it didn't leak. The zippers are awesome as is the insulating of the fluids from the elements and your back. Overall so far I really like this pack.


Edit: So after using this pack for a few months I'm becoming less impressed with it. Love the water proof thing but the chest strap fitment is beginning to be a pain and the zippers are beginning to fail. A pack this expensive should not have these issues. Do no think I'll buy another one nor would I suggest it to others unless they really need the water proof design which this pack does excel at. To make this pack better they need to go with bigger, more robust zippers and come up with a better chest strap. 

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