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TCX S-Speed Waterproof Boots Reviews

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Product Details



I recently received an email from Resmarket, Inc., a power sports marketing firm that works with gear manufacturers around the country, inquiring if I would be interested in reviewing a pair of TCX boots. I have a pair of TCX boots that are about worn out, so I jumped at the chance. I decided on a more aggressive (less European looking) boot that leaned more toward a racing style. I settled on the TCX S-Speed Waterproof boot. 



Product Overview

The S-Speed Waterproof boots (also available in a non-waterproof version with a slightly different color scheme) have many of the same track level protective features as the TCX R-S2 EVO race boots, like the T.C.S (Torsion Control System, which allows lateral and longitudinal movements of the ankle within its physical limits, preventing excessive torsion and the risk of fracture to the joint.), polyurethane shin, heel and shift guards as well as replaceable toe sliders,  but at a price point of about half of the high-end race boot. In fact, if you check out the TCX website at http://www.ridetcxboots.com you will notice that the S-Speed boots are listed under the racing category, NOT the touring category. The boots come with a perforated upper, Air Tech lining and a metal screen air intakes. This all translates into excellent moisture control and all day riding comfort; even in warmer climates.



I have been wearing these boots regularly for the last several weeks. I also did some waterproof tests by wearing the boots and placing my foot into a bucket of water submerging it about half-way up the shin (see photos). I can say with 100% certainty that these boots are indeed fully waterproof. In addition, hurricane Joaquin gave me plenty of opportunity to do some rain riding in everything from light mist to heavy downpour. Again, my feet stayed dry and warm.


I was pleasantly surprised on how comfortable these boots are. They are extremely light weight (weighing in at just a hair over 4lbs (1.8kg) for the pair). They are my first pair that don't have laces or buckles, just a zipper up the inside of each boot. Not only are they comfortable, but they stay put. There is a padded liner around your ankle that conforms to the shape of your ankle and keeps the boot firmly planted on your foot. Rider feedback is great and traction when stopped on everything from dry pavement to water soaked paint lines is excellent. The zipper is strong with a pull covered in Velcro that keeps the zipper closed when zipped all the way up (see closeup photo).


One issue that I had was these boots squeak a lot when walking in them. Upon closer inspection, the squeak is coming from the T.C.S. tabs that slide in and out of molded slots in the heel and ankle area. A quick spray of some dry graphite lubricant fixed that problem.


TCX takes pride in a perfect fit and comfort. The boots are true to size. I wear a 10.5/11 US. A 10.5 US size fit me perfectly.


Pros 👍

  • Aggressive style
  • True 4-season performance, rain or shine, hot or cold
  • Excellent fit & finish
  • 100% waterproof, yet breathable
  • Excellent value for the money



Cons 👎


  • My only complaint with these boots is that the T.C.S. sliders squeak a lot when walking as they slide in and out of the slot on the boot. There are three of these tabs (one on either side of the ankle and one on the heel). However, as stated above, some graphite lubricant resolved that. 


Bottom-line  :prof:

If you are looking for an aggressive race-inspired sport touring boot with some advanced safety features and is 100% waterproof, look no further than the TCX S-Speed Waterproof boots. These boots look great, require nearly zero break-in and allow full range of motion of your ankle.

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