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Core Moto Brake Line Kits Reviews

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After several years of wear and tear, my OEM YZ250F brake lines had seen better days and were in need of replacement.  After looking at my options, I think that Core Moto offers the most customizable line of stainless steel brake lines available.  You have free rein to mix & match line colors, fittings, tubes, and tags to truly make your bike your own. Building something custom? Core Moto can provide custom brake line lengths and bends to suit your needs.

My Core Moto stainless steel brake lines came in simple, yet effective packaging, with paper tags to indicate connections to the master cylinder and caliper. New banjo bolts and crush washers are included, so you don’t need to buy any additional parts (or even think about reusing consumables - shame on you!). The transition point from the stiffener tube to flex line is made of a rubber material that provides adequate strain relief to keep from line kinking during installation and riding.  The only flaw I noticed was a lone machining chip left over on one of the banjo bolts from a turning operation.  Core Moto does provide a lifetime warranty against leaks, breaks, and ruptures, something I find pretty remarkable in this day and age.


Installation was straightforward,  pretty much the same as OEM, including banjo bolt torque values (see your shop manual).  However, the supplied hardware is different than OEM (14mm hex vs 6mm allen). A nifty feature that I wasn’t expecting is that you can rotate the banjo fitting and reclock it relative to the brake line to get the best possible routing possible.  A small tweak can make a big difference in how well the line follows the contour of the bike.

Routing doesn’t perfectly mimic OEM, but is fairly close with no ill effects.  For example, the rear brake line routes a little closer to the shock spring.  Conversely, the front master cylinder fitting is formed such that it keeps the line from rubbing on my number plate.  This was not the case with the OEM lines and appreciated.

I hate bleeding brakes and brake fluid is hands down the worst automotive fluid to work with.  That said, I also realize the benefit of replacing old fluid, why it goes bad, and the effects it has on performance.  For that reason, I had fresh fluid in the system both before and after this brake line change so that comparison between OE and the Core Moto stainless steel lines was one to one.


That said, there are performance differences between OE and Core Moto stainless steel brake lines, but they are subtle. My old lines were more than capable of locking up both ends if I squeezed hard enough.  There were a couple big takeaways though.  First and foremost is initial lever feel.  The mushy feel in the first part of travel was reduced by over 50%, replaced by an almost instant firm feel.  I could see my old brake lines flex and bulge as I pulled on the lever. In contrast, the Core moto brake lines hardly move.  Second, it now requires less lever or pedal throw to achieve the same level of braking.  This resulted in locking up the rear wheel a lot while I adjusted my muscle memory, but I acclimated within a couple rides.  While this upgrade may not have resulted in immediately faster lap times, it did help reduce rider fatigue which can help maintain speed later in the race.

If you're someone that prefers firm lever feel and/or like personalizing your bike with trick parts. Core Moto stainless steel brake lines are right up your alley. However, even if you just need new brake lines, their lifetime warranty is definitely something to factor into your decision. 

More at https://www.coremoto.com/category_s/306.htm


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Some of the best brake lines we have used and they come in an array of custom color combos.  Fit and finish is awesome too.

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Nice product

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nice quality

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