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Leatt GPX 5.5 Lite Gloves Reviews

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ThumperTalk  Reviewed


Riding gear is an integral part of the equipment necessary to ride a motorcycle safely.  The gloves that we wear should protect our hands from impacts while allowing adequate operation of controls.  That said, one of the biggest challenges can be finding a glove that provides ample protection while minimizing interference to the rider.  Thick materials and hard plastics can restrict movement and reduce lever feel, while thinner and lighter examples allow for quicker, more precise movements. I recently stumbled upon Leatt's new GPX 5.5 Lite Gloves which claims to be the thinnest off-road gloves available yet still managed to earn CE impact protection certification.  Naturally, I wanted to give them a try!

Product Overview


Leatt GPX 5.5 Lite Gloves utilize NanoGrip Aramid fibers to reinforce the palm fabric while remaining ultra-thin. Aramid fibers are strong, heat-resistant synthetic fibers used in a variety of applications such as ballistic-rated body armor.  Originally developed by DuPont and used in military and aerospace applications, Aramid has since found its way into everyday items like bicycle tires and now motorcycle gloves. In addition to the abrasion resistant fibers, the glove features self-centering, CE certified Armourgel at the knuckles, along the tops of the fingers and thumb, and over the top of the upper hand. What's cool about this stuff is that when force is applied, Armourgel locks up the molecules and becomes hard upon impact, absorbing the energy.  However, in its normal state, it remains soft.  Armourgel is not affected by cold or hot conditions. 


Initials Impressions


When I ordered the gloves, I ended up having to contact Leatt USA to give them the dimensions of my hand to ensure that I received the correct size.  I was not able to find a sizing chart on their website.   As has always been my experience with Leatt, they were extremely helpful.  I received medium sized gloves and they fit perfectly.


Upon closer inspection, the GPX 5.5 Lite Gloves appear to be well made. The stitching is accurate, had no frayed ends, and the protective guards integrate seamlessly into the glove.  The knuckle, finger, and back of the hand protection was larger than I expected, taking a little bit getting used to.  However, the conforming fit of the glove fabric was very comfortable.


The wrist portion of the GPX 5.5 Lite is narrower than any of my previous gloves.  As a result, it takes a little more effort to slide them on.  However, there is a tab located on the bottom of the wrist that you can grab onto to aid in the process. Maybe the opening will loosen up a bit with more use. The Velcro wrist enclosure is pretty beefy, sitting comfortably on the inside of the wrist, adding some additional protection.




Over the last 6 or so weeks, I have been able to test the GPX 5.5 Lite Gloves in a variety of weather conditions and terrain.  First and foremost, the gloves did not reduce my hand & finger dexterity in the least; even when they were brand new.  In the past, I've always felt like I had to break-in thicker gloves to get them where I like them. In contrast, the palm fabric of the GPX 5.5 Lite is so thin, it feels like you are operating the controls while not wearing anything.  Max lever feel is one of the key benefits that Leatt was going after and I think they nailed it.  


I was caught in a huge rainstorm during one of my dual sport rides.  The gloves certainly are not waterproof, nor are they advertised as such. Leatt makes the GPX 5.5 Windblock Glove if you ride in these conditions frequently.  However, they conform to the hand so well that even when drenched, there was no decrease in my mobility or grip.  Another cool benefit of these gloves is the ability to operate my iPhone (or other touchscreen devices) with them on.  According to Leatt, the strength of the Aramid fibers enabled them to manufacture the gloves thin enough to work on touch screens without having to incorporate metallic fibers.  This feature was a nice bonus while looking at Google Maps when we would take a break.


I also tested the gloves while riding on some tightly wooded sandy trails.  Again, the fit and feel of the gloves was excellent and allowed smooth, unencumbered operation of the hand controls.  Fortunately, I did not crash. Unfortunately, I can't comment specifically on how the GPX 5.5 Lite Gloves would have performed had I done so. But, I'm very confident that the Aramid fibers construction along with the CE certified guards will provide significantly more protection than my previous pair of gloves.


From a wear and tear standpoint, these gloves have been excellent.  There is some slight discoloration on the palms and pads of my clutch and front brake fingers, but there are no tears in the fabric nor damage to the protection.  The Velcro continues to stick well and I see no signs of degradation of the glove after about 8 hours of on and off-road use. Time will tell, but I expect durability to be quite good.


Pros  👍 

  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Does not impede dexterity.
  • Ample knuckle, finger, and hand protection.
  • Very good wear resistance.
  • Ability to operate touch screen devices while wearing.

Cons  👎 

  • Price is a little high.
  • Gloves must be hand washed.


Bottom-line  :prof: 

Overall, I am extremely impressed with the Leatt GPX 5.5 Lite Gloves.  I was initially worried about the level of protection they would provide due to the thin fabric, but my concerns were completely dispelled after putting a few hours in them.  I have not had a hard crash in them yet, but I feel a little safer knowing this is my first pair of CE certified gloves.  If you are willing to spend the extra money on these gloves, I would highly recommend them.


More @ http://www.leatt.com/shop/gloves/gpx-5-5-lite.html

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These gloves were / are great.  Good fit, good flexibility, good finger feel, good protection.  They wash nicely and look new afterwards.  

My only gripe, and minimal, is the rubber finger guarding is starting to pull up and curl after 2 years of total abuse.

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I just got a pair of these, actually the heavier version, top of the line. I'm actually a bit disappointed. I already have two pairs of the Butch O'Neal MX/Enduro glove but decided to try these out. 


The Leatt glove on the bright side;


  • Quality materials
  • Well stitched, no frayed or loose stitches
  • Good knuckle protection
  • Excellent thumb protection
  • Attractive




  • At $65 these are very expensive, and a bit over-priced
  • The finger protection is not that great
  • The back of the hand protection is not enough
  • fingers are just a bit too long, don't "fit like a glove"
  • The entry of the glove is WAY too tight!


Bottom line.... If I had not tried the Butch O'Neal gloves first, I'd be reasonably satisfied. But, the Butch glove is BETTER, and it is a bargain at $49.99


My only complaint about the O'Neal glove is that it only comes in black/grey color combo. Hopefully they expand color selection. 


If you do decide to buy the Leatt glove and you go between two sizes, I'd suggest taking the smaller of the sizes you go between. 


I will probably return these gloves that I bought from Revzilla and get another pair of the Butch gloves.  

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