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Your suspension has an impact on every single aspect of riding. I was not aware of how big of an impact it was until I got mine recently tuned. I raced stock WP suspension for an entire season. 

What was done:

  • Fork Re-spring & Re-valve
  • Shock Re-spring & Re-valve
  • Fork & Shock Re-build (seals & oil)

Jeremy Kready, owner of Evo Ind. East, is a rider himself. You can usually find Jeremy at the track with his mobile suspension rig most weekends, usually racing himself. He knows what riders want and expect. Jeremy sets the tone at the top. Top notch customer service and world class tuning. And that's just what I got. Jeremy and his guys at Evo East care about the details. You can visit their website here

What you need to know:

  • Evo transformed my bike's handling and behavior
  • Quick turnaround time, mine was 14 days including shipping
  • White-glove customer service
  • Fair, competitive pricing 
  • Data-orientated tuning
  • Comprehensive questionnaire to understand true riding conditions and preferences  

The Process:

  1. The first thing Evo does is send you a box (to ship them your suspension) & a "Rider Form" for you to fill out. We all know height, weight, and riding style all have an impact on how to tune your setup. The Rider Form asks in-depth questions to understand skill level, speed you ride, how your body is positioned on the bike, preferences on suspension feel, etc. I thought it was a pretty comprehensive picture of my riding details. As much as would make a difference, at least. 



Since everything is customized to you and your riding style, Evo needs as much info as possible. 

2. Pack up your sticks & shock and away they go!



My suspension was only down for 14 days, including shipping. All jobs are usually completed in 3-5 business days. If they get your stuff on a Monday their goal is to have it in the mail by Friday. They were able to do that with mine no problem. Evo is not going to let your stuff sit on the shelves until you start asking where it is. 

During this time they will talk with you if anything additional is needed outside of the form, or if you have special requests, etc. 

3. Get your stuff back tuned and ready to install 


Evo will return any unused parts (got my stock springs back)





A fork sticker with your all of your settings is attached 

4. They look great, but how do they ride? 

I was thoroughly impressed with the way my bike was handling and riding after I got it set up. For the first week I didn't move a single clicker one way or the other to get a solid feel for how different it was. After that I only went a few clicks stiffer and now its absolutely perfect.

Things I noticed After Install:

  • I knew exactly where the rear end was at/going to be
  • The bike rear end settles and sits low and tight in corners
  • I could hammer tall whoops and stay on my line 
  • I can cross logs better as the rear end doesn't 'buck'
  • Front end is light and easy to compress whenever needed
  • Pivot turns are much more controlled
  • Slow wheelies are better due to compression right before 
  • All of the sharp, shallow jabs are now absorbed up and not noticed 

These improvements just made my bike predictable. With my stock suspension, if I wasn't positioned juuust ride over a log it would buck. Now I know I can accelerate through the whoops versus before I would have to back off gradually throughout them cause my line was drifting. The back end now takes notice when I press on the outer peg when entering a turn. The bike now sits low in the rear like it should through the apex of a turn. All the sharp jabs that used to throw my front end around are now soaked up keeping me on line. It's all the little things that add up to more stability and control which in turn translate to faster lap times, better technique over obstacles and overall more fun out of riding knowing you have such great control over what you're doing. 

One of the things I did notice was after a longer 7-9 hour rides, my neck and shoulders aren't near as sore as they were before the tune. That alone is valuable to me. I think my back, neck and shoulder muscles had to compensate for the stock suspension and that fatigued them extensively. 

5. What did it Cost? 

My complete tune, fork rebuild and re-valve, shock rebuild and re-valve, all parts and labor is $820. The shipping will vary based on where you live, obviously. I was expecting to pay over $1000 for a good, reputable tuning job. I think there is incredible value with Evo Industries East and I am stoked to get back to racing next season with a tuned up bike. I wonder how different some of those super rocky and whooped out race courses would have been had I had Evo set me up from the beginning. 

I highly recommend any tuning you need, take it to Evo and give them a crack at it. 5/5 Stars from us. 




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great modification giant improvement in riding confidence 

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awesome company great prices

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Good quality service and performance

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