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Cycra Racing Rebound Handguards Reviews

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I ride desert and don't have to worry about trees, so I don't need Probends. I never liked having to chop the ends of my grips/throttle tube to install wrap-around hand guards and felt that they took out a lot of the flex my bars had.

I decided I wanted handshields instead, but everything on the market seemed flimsy and prone to snap off in a crash, except for the Cycra Rebound handshields. They are supposed to work just like an unbreakable lever in the event of a crash or tip-over and bend away from the bars. Key phrase here is supposed to. 

Mine didn't make it through the first ride. I washed out in a turn at low speed and the nylon support that runs through the handshield itself snapped in half. The Cycra Rebounds didn't rebound, they just flat out broke. 

I sent an email to Cycra about the issue in hopes that they will have some sort of warranty for the item, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Even just a replacement part would be fine by me. My recommendation: If you feel like throwing $65 out the window, this is the way to do it.

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Bryan II


I've always been a wrap around handguard guy, but decided to try the Cycra Rebound flag style handguards this time around. My "regular" riding area is treed and since we're allowed to ride cross country, I spend much of my time weaving through the tighter stands of sand pine trees.

The anodize orange washers that are drilled for lightness make me faster, I promise.😆

Fit & Finish
The kit comes complete with everything needed for install. The aluminum offset handlebar mounting brackets can be mounted under or over handlebar controls depending upon what works best for your particular setup. The mounting brackets are fairly stout and fit my handlebars so accurately that even with the mounting bolts just snug, the brackets don't budge without some force. This made fine height adjustments slightly more difficult, but hardly a game changer for me. Rebounds looks and feel like a quality product and compliments my bike.

Does the hinged design of the Rebound work?
So far, yes. I've had at least 3 diggers in the last several rides where the handguard had flexed at its hinge without damage to the hand guard or its mount. Keep in mind that we ride a lot of sand, so not sure if they'd fair better or worse in harder or rocky conditions. Last weekend I had a harder digger that caused the hand guard handlebar mount to rotate slightly, but no damage otherwise.

How do the Rebounds protect your digits?
Protection from roost and brush is excellent.  Protection from grazing tree trunks is good to adequate. If you're someone that has a history of smackin' trees deeper inside the width of your handlebars, I'd likely look elsewhere. Rebounds will be far better than nothing in these situations, but I think a full wrap around handguard will offer better protection of levers and hands.

Final Thoughts ***Updated 08/27/2020***
While I like the Cycra Rebound handguards, most likely I'll go back to full wrap arounds. I've been pushing the speed in the tighter trees lately and I think that I'm asking the product to do something that isn't necessarily what Cycra designed it to do. This isn't a dig on the product however. If you ride MX or mostly more open terrain, I think they should be on your shortlist of consideration in the flag style hand guard category.

***I've installed Fastway Fit 3 system full wrap arounds. I've smacked my pinkies a number of times the last few months, on one hit I thought I might have broken my finger. My riding conditions are tight enough in the trees that I need more protection when I miscalculate by just an inch, something easy to do in the sand.***


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Excellent handguards!

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no more thorns in my knuckles

top quality

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Good hand guards. Happy with performance and sturdy. Only thing is the color is an ugly white. It's not a good white color. Sort of like that yellowy white color you see in fuel tanks.

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