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Klim Mojave Vented Riding Gear Reviews

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Bryan II

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I'm going to jump right in and answer the key question that everyone wants to know: how well does 2020 Klim Mojave Vented Gear vent? Does it keep you as cool as possible when riding in hot conditions? Categorically, yes. I've been testing this gear (pant/jersey/gloves) over the last couple of months riding in central Florida where felt temps (factoring in relative humidity) have ranged from the high 80s in the morning to as high as 112°F (or so)! 🥵 I've ridden in the Mojave desert in the summer and no question that it's very hot,  but humidity really does takes things to the next level.

Standing in the staging area, even if there is just a light breeze you can feel the Mojave jersey flowing air. The Mojave pants don't feel quite as airy here, but once you're riding they flow nicely. My hands never really get too hot or sweaty, so the Mojave gloves aren't a standout for me either way. Towards the end of the ride when things are really heating up, as long as I'm moving I'm pretty comfortable. As soon as I stop I realize how hot it really is and how well the Mojave gear is flowing. In case anyone wants to know, I don't wear any sort of base layers.

hot (2).png
Nothing "cool" about Florida summer riding, but Klim Mojave gear definitely makes it bearable.

The next most likely question is, is the 2020 Klim Mojave Vented Gear durable? So far, very much so. Vented gear can be tricky in terms of snagging. To combat this, Klim uses a tighter (and heavier) mesh pattern in the shoulders and the top of the entire length of the arms where snagging is most likely to occur and a lighter, more open mesh everywhere else. I ride among a lot of Live Oak branches that encroach upon the trail that are often times difficult to miss completely when on the gas and there are no signs of snags, rips or wear for that matter. On one particular ride a miscalculation resulted in taking a smaller tree trunk to my right shoulder, giving me a nice scrape and a good bruise. Despite the flesh wound, no visible damage to the jersey at the point of impact.

mesh (1).png
Klim Mojave jersey strikes a good balance between weight, venting and durability.

The pants have held up equally as well. They don't take as much abuse from brush and I've not gone down in them, but our trails are pretty whooped out, so gripping with your knees is critical.  The leather patches sewn on the inside of the knees offer good grip and have held up nicely.  The butt is also a high-wear area and I'm running a fairly aggressive Seat Concepts gripper seat. The Mojave pant uses nylon Cordura here and it's holding up quite well. 

The gloves are also holding up well. I'm impressed by the durability and grip of the silicone patches on the palms. This is usually the first thing to start peeling off gloves, but so-far-so-good with the Mojave gloves.

Is the gear comfortable? This is very subjective, but my rule for gear is that if I don't think about it when I'm riding, it's comfortable. So yeah, Klim Mojave gear is comfortable by this measure. I found sizing to be accurate and there is good freedom of movement overall. There are Velcro adjustment tabs at the waist that allow for micro-adjustments. Also, I don't wear knee braces, so I can't  say for sure how the pants accommodate them, but EVS knee/shin guards fit with ample room. My guess is that most knee braces will fit. 

Other Notable Features of Klim Mojave Vented Gear

  • Silicone strip at the lower back of the jersey and waistband of the pant keeps things tucked.
  • Flexible panel between the torso and leg gives the pant good freedom of movement.
  • Generously sized thigh cargo pockets w/ zippers are easily operated with gloves on and stay closed in rough conditions.
  • TPU knee patches for additional impact protection. Gloves have same at the knuckles.
  • Glove index fingers works well with phone touch screens.

Klim Mojave vented pants come in both in-the-boot and over-the-boot styles. 

My key requirements for summer gear is keeping me as cool as possible in the Florida heat, stands up to trail abuse without falling apart, not encumbering me moving around on the bike and being reasonably comfortable. By these measures, I think that the 2020 Klim Mojave Vented Gear delivers and I certainly think that those shopping for vented riding gear should put it on their shopping shortlist. Nice job Klim. 🤙

Croom OHV Brooksville, FL w/ my buddy @xmxvet

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   6 of 6 members found this review helpful 6 / 6 members

Had a nasty case of heat stroke at the start of summer, never want to go through that again so finally got some proper ventilated riding gear along with a ventilated helmet.

it's a bit of a compromise but settled on the klim mojave gear as i reckon it can double up for one day adventure rides as well as the usual dirt rides.

first up, it works incredibly well and i should have got something like this years ago. even just walking around you can feel the air move through the pants and jersey.

a neat feature is even though they are dedicated dirt riding pants they have two zippered side pockets which is great for wallet phone, keys etc. the jersey has no pockets of course, just padding along the upper arms and shoulders and it's very stretchy so easily takes body armour underneath if wanted.

this has worked out really well this summer... normally i'd wear the rallycross jacket but once it gets over 30 degrees i just use the klim jersey now and slip on some elbow guards underneath.

anyway, posted my thoughts on the gear in the vid below. for me it's been a great to still look forward to going out for a one day adventure ride when the temp gets over 35 degrees.


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I read the other reviews giving the Klim Mojave gear 5 stars and many accolades and I agree empirically. I've been suffering miserable OH humidity and heat and worn the gear to race and ride and have been more comfortable than w any other vented gear. I wear a POC full suit of armor under the jersey and padded shorts and still feel some air flow. It has held up to snags and crashes well w little visible wear and no tears. Highly recommended. Plus...it's green and orange - my fave colors.

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