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Riding the gnarly pacific NW woods can and will destroy parts on any bike, like the rock face with mossy log crossing at the top on a recent ride. Ironically, I've been running some fairly cheap radiator braces installed on my GasGas MC250 since I purchased it, along with the factory plastic vanes that tend to fall out without creative zip tying. A radiator guard upgrade was long overdue, so I was excited when the folks from Down Under at Force Accessories offered up a pair of their beefy radiator guards/braces for evaluation.


Here's the run down on the Force Accessories Radiator Guards... They're made from 2.5mm (.098") aluminum, weigh in at 900g (1.98lbs.), and have a frame mounted strengthening rod to prevent crushing from the side. Force Accessories claims airflow to be pretty much the same as stock, save in slow speed conditions, where you can expect up to a 10% penalty. The radiator guards are anodized and come in purdy colors including black, orange, and blue. My initial impression after unboxing and looking them over is that they are extremely well made. Clean, accurate lines, no rough edges, beefy with being too bulky; something that you feel proud to bolt on your bike.


In terms of installation, I found the process to be fairly easy and straightforward with typical hand tools. The bolts that go into the frame are a little tricky to get to, but if you use an extension, it makes the job a lot easier. Mounting hardware was complete, all good quality stainless steel bits. All the mounting holes lined up properly and no shroud trimming was required. In fact, my shrouds fit better now. I'll take it!


Riding at my local spot in NW Washington State always means that my bike will end up on its side more than once. And, that's exactly what happened. While none of my slow speed drops were especially hard hits, 200+lbs. falling to the earth can really do a number on your radiators if it hits right. I've had three rides on my bike since installing the Force Accessories Radiator Guards and I'm happy to report that nothing has been bent or broken and nothing has come loose. That's a positive result in my book! In terms of their affect on my bike's coolant temperature, I didn't experience any overheating problems (didn't prior to installation) as the result of the small decrease in air flow in the slow sections, even with a fair bit of heat producing clutch work. As a bonus, the guard face pattern didn't collect any extra forest products along the way.    :smirk:


I really only have positive things to say about Force Accessories Radiator Guards. :thumbsup: They are well made,  installed easily with no modifications, they provide solid protection for typical falls, they didn't cause my bike to boil in the slow stuff, and they look good on the bike. If you're looking for good upgrade radiator protection because you can't keep your bike on its wheels, Force Accessories products are worth your consideration in my experience.


More @ https://forceaccessories.com.au/





Force Radiator Guards installed, ready for battle!

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Not strictly for an SM so some modification required to get them to fit.  They do look great though and offer a lot of protection.

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Nice looking Force red anodized rad. gaurds that came on the bike, very nice.

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Good solid radiator protection, good colour anodizing, and easy to fit

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