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Antigravity Batteries Micro-Start Sport Personal Power Supply Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Antigravity Batteries Micro-Start Sport Personal Power Supply. Product specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!
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Bryan II

Not sure that I know anyone that doesn't want more power. And, when it comes to powering electronics, there is no such thing as too much battery power (battery life). The folks at Antigravity Batteries offered me one of their Micro-Start Sport Personal Power Supplies (lithium Ion) to test out and I agreed. Not because it was free (never hurts), but because on a previous solo ride on my 2013 Triumph Tiger 800XC, I went to start my bike (ebutton only) and for a second or two it cranked slowly. I thought through how much it would suck to be 50+ miles from home, in the middle of the woods, riding a 470+ lb. bike with no back-up kickstarter.  The Micro-Start Sport is suppose to be able to jump start up to a 350cu V8 engine, so I figured that my 800cc triple would be easy.
Taking the Micro-Start Sport with me is easy. It's roughly 5" L, 3" W, 1" D, and weighs a scant 9 5/8 ounces. It's about the same as carrying a 2nd smartphone.  The back of the unit does say to not operate in wet environments, something not always easily done riding in Central Florida. But, I have a small dry bag for electronics that I use when Kayaking that keeps the unit bone dry. If I need a jump start while it's raining, I'll just let the jumper leads hang outside the drag bag. I don't expect this to be much of an issue really.


In terms of power ports, it has two: USB (5v, 2.1amp) and a jump start port with included mini jumper cables. It also comes with a 4-into-1 USB connector that allows you charge via Mini USB, Micro USB, Apple 8 pin, and Apple 30 pin connectors. Since I'm the only Android user in the family and my kids live on their iPhones, they love having the Micro-Start in back-up when we're out of the house all day and they forgot to charge their phone. They'll die without their phones I'm told. 😏
The unit charges fully via a 110v household outlet in about 2.5 to 3 hours and I was able to power my cell phone (Samsung Galaxy S6 Active) for 2.5 days. This was during the business week where the phone was heavily used all day long and for entertainment in the evenings (Chromecast video streaming). Pretty impressive for such a compact unit. I'll be taking a cross-country flight this summer and it's going to be nice to be able to watch a couple of movies and listen to music without running out of power 2/3rds of the way to my destination. I wasn't able to find how long the Micro-Start Sport would hold a full charge in storage, but I know that the discharge rate of Lithium Ion batteries is minimal over time. The longest mine sat without use was about a week and a half and the indicator lights still showed a full charge.
Antigravity Batteries included a quick connect adaptor that installs on your battery terminals so that you can jump start without having to remove a seat or body panels. Since my bike has toolless access to the battery below the seat and I already have a Battery Tender charging adaptor attached to the terminals, I decided not to install it. However, for bikes where battery access isn't this painless, this is a must-have accessory. While I've not needed to jump start my bike (or anyone else's) since testing of the Micro-Start Sport began, I do ride solo often, so it really has given me increased piece-of-mind when venturing further out from civilization. 


Notable features include:
1. Built-in overcharge protection so you can't cook the battery and built-in over-discharge for long battery life.
2. Built-in LED Flashlight with 3 emergency/SOS modes:

3. Lighted battery capacity indicator to quickly see how much juice is left and the unit automatically powers off when not in use.
Hits   👍
  • Easily stored and transported.
  • Good battery life & power in a compact package.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Flexible, useful accessories.
  • No BS 1 year warranty.
Misses   👎
  • Not recommended for use in wet environments.
Bottom-line   :prof:
Disregarding any other benefits/features, the fact that this little baby might be the difference between getting home as planned or unexpectedly spending the night on the road or trail is gold. When I add in conveniences like power for long distance flights or all day trade shows & events, the Antigravity Batteries Micro-Start Sport Personal Power Supply really becomes a useful tool that easily fits into the things that I do.

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I have had the Antigravity Micro-Start Sport Personal Power Supply since May 25, 2018.  I have been wanting to post a review of it, but have been waiting to get some real world experience with it before sharing my thoughts.  

Bryan's review above, is thorough as usual, so I can't think of much to add, that he hasn't already covered in great detail with regard to features and specifications.  

My experience with real world use came today, and is worth mentioning.  As noted above, I got the unit over two months ago, and promptly topped off the charge and stored it away in its nice little case.  Well, this morning, my wife was ready to head off to work, but found that her Honda Accord, with a 2.4 Liter, 4 cyclinder engine had a dead battery. ?  So, rather than push her car out of the garage and pull my truck over to her car to start it with jumper cables, I thought that the Personal Power Supply could possibly make the jump start easier, if it still had a charge remaining.  I retrieved the unit from its case and depressed the power button; I was happy to see all four green LED's illuminated that indicated a full charge!  The LED's indicate the following state of charge:  1 light=25%,  2 lights=50%, 3 lights=75%, 4 lights=%100.

I then connected the Mini Jumper Cables (included) to the capacitor units Jump Start Port.  The Clamps Panel flashed alternating Green and Red LED's once connected to indicate all is normal.  I then connected the Mini Jumper Cables to the car battery terminals and the Clamps Panel LED's both changed to steady Green to indicate the connection to the car battery was correct, and it was ready to start.  If the connection is incorrect, such as a reverse polarity, the Clamps LED's will flash Red and emit a Buzz sound.

I told my wife to attempt a start, and her Accord turned over and started right up!☺️

In conclusion, this Personal Power Supply even made the task of jump starting a car much less of a hassle than using another jump vehicle, even though I was at home with another vehicle and jumper cables readily available.  The fact that it is so small and light, and can start a car is remarkable.  I will always have this either in my wife's car, my truck or on my motorcycle!  ?


20180807_132311 (002).jpg


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Short review so far:

1. Tried to boost the battery on a used old KTM that I bought. No success due to a bad starter system.

2. My Beta has been sitting in the garage for a while without being charged. It generally isn't very good at cold e-start so I kick it instead. Attached the Micro Start jump kit to the battery and WOW it really lit off. Re-tried it again multiple times and the starter was eager to spin continuously unlike a normal cold start. 👍

3. Son is taking this unit with him for Boy Scout camping. He'll be on a sail boat quite a bit. He notes that the power pack should recharge his phone 2.5 times while he's away from shore. Will update on the results.

With more and more bikes going to e-start only, this would be a good item to buy instead of a backup kicker. It has the juice to get you out of a jam. The included flashlight is also a brilliant idea. 👍

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