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MSR Layover Stand Reviews

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Paul Olesen

What is it?
The MSR Layover Stand is a motorcycle stand which allows the bike to be rested on its side.
First Impressions
Upon opening the box my eyes set on a sleek lightweight little stand constructed of aluminum consisting of a semi­polished look. The tripod legs were nice and tight (albeit a touch squeaky), the handlebar holder moved freely, and the clevis pin was easy to remove and insert. A soft layer of rubber approximately a millimeter thick covered the handlebar holder. Lastly, included in the package was a handy little storage bag and instructions.
Use your imagination, unlike most products this stand can assist in a number of different tasks. Thus far I’ve used the stand primarily to aid in washing my bikes. In the future I’ll be using the stand when servicing clutches and changing oil (if I ever end up with a KTM or Husky). Plus, whatever other jobs I find for it!
In Action
The layover stand is dead simple to use. Unfold the legs and set the stand height via the pin (the height adjusts from 13” to 19” with 7 adjustment positions). Next, the handlebars must be turned opposite the direction the bike is to be laid over. Finally, rest the handlebar holder of the stand against the grip and slowly lower the bike down. If done right gravity will assist in centering the stand and ensuring all legs of the tripod touch the ground. This isn’t always the case and occasionally I end up adjusting the base to level the stand out, not a big issue.
I can attest to the stands robustness as I have tried using it with street bikes. The only real challenge when working with street bikes is that they are heavier which makes lowering the bike while centering the stand at the same time a bit cumbersome.
Tip: If you intend to use this stand with street bikes be mindful of parts that stick out on the bike (think exhaust) and set the stand height conservatively to start with.
Carbed Bikes
Owners of carbureted bikes should expect and prepare for their float bowl to drain when laying the bike over using this stand. It’s not a big deal but noteworthy, especially if you’re wrenching somewhere where the floor is important to you.
  • Works with bikes equipped with handguards.
  • Rubber coated handlebar holder.
  • Fully adjustable.


  • Centering legs of tripod when lowering heavier bikes can be challenging.
This is a well thought out product which has a number of uses including washing, clutch maintenance, and oil changes (I’m sure I’ll find more as I continue to use it). I especially like the rubber coated handlebar holder and adjustability. The fit, finish, and durability of the stand are good which leads me to believe it will be around for awhile. I believe the price is fair and doubt that I could fabricate anything cheaper which has the same functionality as this stand. If you spend a lot of time riding, washing, and wrenching, this stand is a worthy investment that will make your life a bit easier!
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