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Force Accessories 2-Stroke Bash Plate Reviews

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Riding in the Pacific Northwest isn’t what I would call easy on your bike. Particularly in my case where I am having the most fun when the trail turns hellish; full of rocks, wet tree roots, and the steeper the better. I’m not calling myself the best rider out there by any means, so you can expect to find that I may become separated from my bike at some point. Of course, this is part of the plan as I am quite fond of doing a little soil analysis from time-to-time.   :smirk: Enough about my expert bike throwing skills and on to my review of the Force Accessories Bash Plate!

The Force Accessories Bash Plate shipped promptly from Australia and I had it in my hands in about a week. This is about the same time frame as shipping from the east coast to west here in the states, so any concerns about shipping time is non-existent. After opening the package and taking a good look at the craftsmanship and the overall fabrication of the bash plate, it was evident that its design was well thought out and the welding is expertly done. The part is made from 4mm Marine grade 5083 alloy and weighs in at 2.9kg (6.3lbs.).


Installation of the bash plate was simple and easy. Instructions were not included, but I see no real reason for them. Just pay attention to how you take the mounting brackets off as they are installed in the correct orientation from the factory. Even if you forget how the brackets came off, they can only be installed one way anyway. The oil drain plug for my bike is on the side of the engine, so the bash plate can stay on for draining.
Since this is the third bash plate I’ve installed in just over a year, I was keen to see just how much abuse it would take. Yes, I am a little hard on things.   :devil: The first real test was several hard days of trail work while building special test sections. One of these tests is called the 12 Pack Challenge. This is meant for experts only and usually has at least four or give hard enduro down-hills, up-hills, and a series of terrible obstacles. It's purpose is to be sure that it can in fact be ridden.
After a whole bunch of laps around the special test sections and a few weeks of trail building, the Force Accessoires Bash Plate still looks almost new. There are of course a number of scratches, but no real damage to the expansion chamber or the bash plate itself. That’s great news as the pipe guard section of the bash plate took a couple of really hard hits through a section of rock strewn down-hills that I may or may not have had to look for my bike as I “allegedly” forgot where I parked it.    :ride: In terms of engine & exhaust sound reflection, happy to report no appreciable difference vs. stock with the Force Accessories Bash Plate. The bash plate and pipe guard section have huge vents all over, so the sound doesn't get reflected back at the rider. 
The only real issue I had was that I run a Golden Tyre GT216AA front tire that is very large. Being that the tire is so large, it managed to rubbed the pipe guard section of the skid plate at full compression. Other than that, there was really no measurable amount of mud or debris build-up on the bash plate and it did everything that I needed it to. My brand new FMF Gnarly pipe still looks brand new and the bash plate protected the rest of the bike without breaking a sweat.


Hits    :thumbsup:
  • Heavy duty protection.
  • High quality materials and manufacturing.
  • Takes an absolute beating.
Misses    :thumbsdn:
  • Larger circumference front tires can rub.
  • A little bit heavy.



The Force Accessories Bash Plate is for the rider who loves to ride gnarly, trashy off-road terrain, crossing logs, smashing through rocky sections, and occasionally (allegedly) takes a soil sample. The protection that it provides is more than adequate to protect not only your pipe, but the rest of the bike's frame and engine vitals. 


More @ https://forceaccessories.com.au/

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Great Review Russhole

I just fitted the force bash plate / pipe guard to my sons  2005 YZ 250

It fits very easily and quickly , 5 min in total fitment time.

It slides up under the rear cross member and a mounting bar slides in at the front. The one we received had a two bolt mounting system. Force are always updating & improving

It mounts very steadfastly and will not come off unless you want it to.

For the size and the protection the guard offers the little bit of weight is worth it, it only weights 1.5 kg ,  I was very surprised at how light it was when I first picked it up.

We chose the Black Powercoated and it looks very good.




Overall I am very impressed with the build quality and the protection that the guard offers.

Would I buy it again?  YES I WOULD 


  :ride::thumbsup: :thumbsup:




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