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Kauritmoto TMT4 TireCharger Reviews

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I'm surrounded by dirt bikes. I ride, all of my friends ride, and if we have one thing in common, we go through lots of tires! Over the years I have almost mastered the art of changing tires with tire spoons, but every now and then I come face-to-face with a tire that simply doesn’t want to mount or hear the disappointing "hiss" of a pinched inner tube. Knowing that there has to be a better way, I began searching for an alternative, ultimately finding the Kauritmoto website (www.tiremountingtool.com) and their latest tire changing machine, model TMT4. Digging deeper, I saw videos from riders using Kauritmoto's older model (TMT3) who were changing tires in a matter of minutes! I knew this was a product that I had to try.
What makes the Kauritmoto TMT4 such an advanced tire changing machine is its versatility in changing tires on a wide-range of wheel & tire sizes. With a simple move of a lever it will handle wheels from 10" to 21" and its "Superaxle" accommodates axles sizes from 12 to 28mm. This covers most (if not all) dirt bike wheels. For smaller sized wheels (10"-14"), Kauritmoto makes a shorter pusher arm. I only ran into one older aftermarket wheel where the rim lock didn't fit over its fat lip. I still managed to swap the tire with the TMT4, it just wasn't as graceful.
Setting up the Kauritmoto TMT4 was easy with basic hand tools in about 10 minutes. It didn't come with instructions, but Kauritmoto has easy-to-follow Youtube videos that gets you up/running quickly. When I stepped back to look at this beast of a machine, I couldn’t help but notice how solid the unit is. Everything looks like it's built-to-last and that the details weren't overlooked when designing & building it.  Not only is it heavy-duty, it's also incredibly steady while trying to mount even stiff motocross tires. Long gone are the days of my knee pinning a rim down while working on it.  👍
Learning to use the TMT4 isn’t difficult however, it is time consuming. Like anything else in life, practice makes perfect. Armed with tire irons and a few of Kauritmoto's tutorial videos under my belt, I headed out to the garage with a pile of various tires to cut my teeth on.  My progress started out slow, but after a handful of tires, my swap time significantly decreased. Now that I have the procedure burnt into my mind and reflexes, changing a tire is a very quick and easy job. Here's a video of yours truly putting the Kauritmoto TMT4 tire changing machine through its paces:


Although the Kauritmoto TMT4 has made tire changes quick and easy for me, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to those that only change a few tires a year. I say this not only because of the cost of the product, but because it's likely that parts of the operating procedures would be forgotten if only used a few times a year. However, this tire changing machine could easily last a lifetime of constant use in a shop environment or in the pits at the track. I personally swap tires enough to justify having it around and it's a great addition to my garage. Funny, my riding buddies think so too.  😉


More info, including pricing @ http://www.tiremountingtool.com

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