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AXP Racing HDPE Skid Plate Reviews

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For woods and enduro riders, one of the most important pieces of bike protection is a skid plate. They take a constant beating from all sorts of hits & trail trash, something plentiful where I ride (NW Washington State). My aluminum skid plate was pretty bent up, having done its job, so when the folks at AXP Racing offered up one of their full coverage plastic skid plates for a product evaluation, I jumped at the chance.

The AXP Racing Skid Plate is made from formed & thermo welded 6mm high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic weighing in at just under 2lbs. including its stainless steel mounting hardware. I weighed my outgoing aluminum unit and it came in at just under 4lbs. Not that I value weight savings over protection, but all things the same, I'll take it. The skid plate for my GasGas MC250 included an oil change drain hole, but this may vary by application. But, it's plastic so, If you want a hole, easy to drill one.

My first impression of the AXP Racing Skid Plate was that the mounting points were very thoughtful. They index the frame at easy-to-reach spots that make installation a lot easier than most I've used. The product does come with installation instructions, but for most riders, probably not necessary.

One thing that I decided to upgrade from my home drawer-o-nuts'n'bolts was the washers. Those included weren't much bigger than the mounting bolt holes and when you tightened the bolts, they started to suck into the plastic. The larger washers better spread out the clamping force and didn't cause the mounting bolt heads to stick out any further than intended.

One question that I posed to the folks at AXP was if they've ever had the thermo welded on "wings" snap off. They indicated that the only time this has occurred was because of pretty rare welding flaws/defects, but never a good weld from a hit while riding. The really cool thing is, if one does break, they said they'll replace it for free so that they can analyze the problem and look for possible improvements. Gotta like vendors that stand behind their stuff.  👍

To test out the AXP Racing Skid Plate, I headed up to ride some local "super secret" single track that includes lots of boulders, log crossings, and a seemingly unlimited supply of mud and greasy tree roots. In the name of you know; "science",  I looked for opportunities to smash the skid plate on everything. I noticed that it seemed to slide off obstacles very well, never becoming hung up on its mounting bolts or oil drain cutouts. I also noticed that it didn't rattle like my old aluminum plate. However, engine noise reflected to the ride seems unchanged. After multiple rides in less than ideal condition, the AXP Racing Skid Plate stayed tight and took the beatings in stride. Upon close inspection, there's only superficial scratches, but no dents or chunks missing. So, pretty tough.

The AXP Racing Skid Plate did not ship with foam nor did I install any. Debris build-up with minimal, mostly on the outside from the front tire. Liquid mud seems to drain out quickly and post ride clean-up is possible without removing the plate.


Pros  👍

  • Light weight.
  • Burly construction (6mm thick!).
  • Easy to install & remove.
  • Covers critical engine & frame areas.
  • Rattle free.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Oil change friendly.


Cons :thumbsdn:

  • Installation washers are too small.


Russ's Bottom-line  :prof: 

Overall, I'd say that the AXP Racing Skid Plate gets the job done. It's lightweight, protects all your bike's vitals, and it's as strong if not stronger that aluminum options. At $132 US, it's reasonably priced for someone looking for a really good up-grade in bike protection. Not only is the product good, but its manufacturer is willing to back it up!


More @ http://axpracing.com/

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

I use it on my CRF250R , very light product compared to aluminium !

Also I already bought Acerbis which where 3mm thick and broke it quickly.

My AXP skid plate is stronger than ever !

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Good skid plate/ linkage combo. Seems strong. We'll how hard it is to install

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I'm a huge fan of aXp racing skid plates. I have one on my 2014 KTM 350exc & 2009 yz450f. They are thick as hell & quite. I've always used aluminum skid plates, but hated the rattling. They would get dented up & old looking after a few months too.  I decided to try aXp because a buddy of mine has one of their skid plates & rad guards on his 2015 crf250l. I liked how his looked & said he never had any issues, so I ordered 2 for both of my bikes. I've had them on for close to a year & the graphics aren't even coming off.  They still look to be in great shape & doesn't have the first sight of any kind of failure. There are no cracks, chips, warping, nothing & I have slammed the bottom of my bike down on some big log crossings. I ended up ordering one of their new chain guides a few weeks ago too. They make solid products & I'm a fan for life. Keep it up boys!








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DTM Industries


Light weight and tuff and easy to remove , haven’t had to really bottom out on any Nar Nar but so far small rocks are no Mach 

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