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Doubletake Mirror Adventure Mirrors Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Doubletake Mirror Adventure Mirrors. Product specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!
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Reflex ma


These are strong, well designed, and are able to contort to many different shapes and angles. The also stay still and don't vibrate, and are thus easy to see while riding. The different hardware used means they are less likely to be easily stolen. No tools are required to adjust them. Mine are 5+ years old and still work like new. They are also tough and can stand up well in a crash.


Downside? They are plastic not glass and thus can be scratched with too aggressive of a glass polish. They are also a bit pricey (but worth it because they will never have to be replaced).

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Had mine over 5 years and only recently replaced the Ram ball mount.  Excellent option over stock mirrors.  They are infinitely adjustable, tough and can move them out of the way.

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Completely agree with your review, the only possible downside I can see is if you don't like the way they look. One of the guys fitted a pair of the adventure style mirrors to his big Kato, here were our impressions. 

On many adventure bikes, breaking a mirror can also mean needing new master cylinders for your clutch or front brake, so these mirrors can pay for themselves very quickly if you drop the bike because they fold instead of snapping their mounts. 
The Doubletake mirrors are expensive, but if you transfer these from bike to bike then they can be viewed more as a long term investment that should last you decades. The only other possible downside we can see is if you don't like the style of them as the RAM mounts mean the support arms are quite thick and chunky looking, even though overall they are quite light still. 

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The Double Take system is the best of the worst for a troublesome part.  If you are riding in extreme conditions, even with the mirrors down the vibrations can weaken the ball mount and can break off.  This has happen to me twice.  However, I have tried everything else and it gets three stars to everything else's one.

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I have the enduro version with the shorter ram arms and horizontal split mount (a must have for a neat and tidy cockpit)--they are awesome.  On road, it's easy to get the perfect position, they stay in place, adjust without tools.  Offroad they fold down right over the front number plate without overlapping and stay in place.  Well worth the investment in terms of safety, ease of use, durability, etc.  Highly recommended!

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