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Scott USA Prospect Goggle

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The roll off system for that needs more R&D. My buddy has a new set and the pull string is constantly getting stuck and hangs out like a tampon string!

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I had the Tyrant, and the foam is of very poor quality and dissolved the glue. Apparently a common complaint. These new goggles have the same foam and construction/glue combo, I carefully checked them out this w/e at a local dealer. Keep your receipt... My Tyrant goggles, really liked them, only made it a few months. Meanwhile my 100% have had no manufacturers issues, though the Scott goggles fit my face and helmet a bit better. 


Scott has had lots of refund/complaints about these foam/glue issues. I was surprised this new goggle wasn't redesigned. Perhaps not enough time. I'm sure they'll get it right next time though, as they are a leading manufacturer. 

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Eye protection is crucial to finishing a ride or race without a face full of roost or worse, eye damage. There are many goggle options out there, but most seem to offer the same or very similar features with just a different logo. However, Scott wanted to break the mold with its Prospect goggle, offering some rather unique features not seen before. So, we reached out to Scott to see if we could test out a pair and to share our experience with the TT community.
Product Overview
When pulling the Prospect goggles out of their box, it's clear that Scott wanted to make a statement with their design. The word that comes to mind is bold! The pre-installed mirrored lens (also comes w/ clear) is generously sized for a huge field of vision and it uses 4 tear-off pins for added stability. The theme of stability is further carried out in the unique outrigger strap design. Rather than a fixed, one-size-fits-all design, the outriggers pivot to create a firm, but very even seal against your face with any face shape or helmet. Finally, there's an innovative, tool-less lens locking system that secures the lens in place with pins that go through it vs. tradition designs where the lens in held in place only by a groove around the perimeter of the google frame. Initial impressions of this system show a firm engagement that will certainly remain tight in any riding conditions. Overall, these goggles feel solid and are in my opinion the best looking goggles out there.


Product Performance
I tested the Scott Prospect goggles on the local MX track, some trail riding, and I even ventured out onto the street to see how they handled speed. As soon as I slid them onto my helmet, I noticed that the lens size may limit the ability to utilize the included nose guard. I tried them on a few helmets, but all where a bit too tight with it in place. After removing the nose guard, the goggle fit my helmet's eye port perfectly. Time to ride!
The pivoting outriggers had me wondering how they could make a difference, yet on a couple different helmets, I noticed how even the pressure was on my face; very comfortable and secure.The foam padding looks premium, feels plush, and did a good job letting fresh air in and the dusty air out. Time will tell, but I have no doubts that it will hold-up just fine during many sweaty riding hours.


On completely sunny days, the mirrored lens is ideal. It reflects bright light away from your eyes, giving the world a slight blue tint, but offers good clarity. When riding in cloudy conditions or when the light is low (dusk), the clear lens would be more ideal. Both lens, regardless of temperature or humidity remained fog free. While we're talking about lens changes, simply said, it takes some getting used to. Even with some practice, I can't say that I found it to be any faster than typical googles. However, I will say that once in place, the lens is extra secure.
Looking at the goggle strap, it is noticeably wider than any other goggle I've worn. It uses two wider strips of silicone grip vs. more traditional multiple thin beads. During a hard rain storm, the straps seemed to slip on my wet helmet when manipulating the goggles on my face. The strap never slipped completely off my helmet, just something that I noted.
Pros    :thumbsup:
-  Bold styling.
-  Large field of vision.
-  Two lens included.
-  Outriggers make for a very comfy, secure fit.
-  No fogging.
Cons    :thumbsdn:
-  Lens changes take getting used it.
-  Strap could use more helmet grip in wet conditions
My Bottom-line
Overall, the Scott Prospect goggle impress me. The out-of-the-box versatility of including two lenses is appreciated. The bold, premium appearance is eye catching and they have the features to back up the looks. While the lens changing procedure isn't something that I'm totally sold on, the huge field of vision and even face pressure makes for a great goggle. I have a number of goggles in my bag to choose from and the Prospect is the first I'll reach for on my next ride.



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