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TCX X-Helium Michelin Reviews

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· Edited by StandupWI


Protection – 6.5/10

The protection of these boots is slightly on the soft side.  I rode these boots in harescrambles and single track riding.  The sole is stiff yet flexible enough for walking.  The sole provides great a support base for the bottom of the foot and integrates well into stiffer lower portion of the boot providing protection to the sides of the foot. The buckles allow you to get a feel perfect for you and the boots have a softer flex making walking easier, but still provide support from over extension.  Overall I’d give this a 6.5 on protection because I feel like they are little they are a little more on the comfort side than the protection side.  If I was riding dual sports this would be the perfect boot.

Fit – 9/10

The fit of these boots is really great.  I wear a 10.5 and because these are only European sized I went with the 11 and they fit nicely.  Just a little room in the toe box which is good because I ride my bike on the ice in the winter and this will allow for thicker socks.  The heel hold in the boot was top notch even for someone with thin ankles.  I give the fit a 9 because they don’t have half US sizes and that would be nice for us in between European sizes.

Function – 8/10

I came from using low end Thor boot that used snowboard style buckles.  The TCX buckles are high quality and quite possibly the best buckle on the market! I never had an issue with the buckles and the adjustability was great allowing me to get the boot to tighten just how I wanted.  Another great feature of the boot is the Michelin sole.  The sole provides excellent traction on any terrain and is bullet proof.  Mine shows no sign of wear after 6 rides and go to their social media to see how awesome that sole is.  The toe box is nice and slim allowing for easily slipping under the shifter and with the flex on a the softer side the pedal/shifter feel is really easy.

Quality – 2/10

The quality of the boot is well below my expectations.  After 6 rides (18-20 hours of wearing and 15 hours of on bike use) these boots are starting to fall apart.  I was super stoked to get these boots, but this experience has me doubting buying another pair from TCX.  The inside of both boots has developed a 1.5” crack that allows water to flow in easily, the cuff of the boot has started to tear and the toe box area leather has started to peel.  For the $289 price tag I would expect more than 1 year from an intermediate level boot.  This has ultimately driven me away from TCX boots and I’ll be trying something else for next year. 


If you are dual sport rider or casual trail rider that doesn’t beat up on boots - these boots would be perfect for you as they provide adequate protection while maintaining great comfort and should hold up.  If you ride single track and like to ride aggressively I would avoid these boots unless you like spending $300 every year for new boots. 








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