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Risk Racing Ergo Wave Grips w/ Fusion Grip Tech Reviews

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Risk racing is a relatively new company to the motocross world, most notable for their popular self-dropping Holeshot Race Gate. Being the innovative folks they are, Risk Racing recently tackled the old age problem of handlebar grip slippage, releasing their Ergo Wave Grips with patent pending "Fusion Grip Tech" as the solution. Risk Racing claims that their system is far easier & cleaner to install vs. the traditional glue & wire approach and that it offers superior resistance to slippage, even in the roughest conditions. This sounds pretty good to me as I hate loose grips more than Sylvester hates Tweety Bird! Do they live up to these claims? Keep reading...


"No Slipping. No Glue. No Wires." -  Mighty claims for a set of grips. 

Installation of the Ergo Wave Grips was a breeze following the very clear installation instructions. Simply remove the paper backing from the bonding strips, stick them to a clean handlebar, spray them with the activator solution, and slide the grips into place. As Risk Racing claims, the solution acted as a lube, allowing the grips to slide on easily; definitely more so than the sticky grip glues that I've used. Once dry, the bonding strips are chemically bonded to the grips.

Bonding strips in place, ready to slide the grips on.

 After letting the grips cure for the recommended 24 hours, I tried my absolute hardest to get the left hand grip to spin by hand, but no dice. These puppies are rock solid! Since the day was pretty wet, I decided to take a cruise around my neighborhood (my bike is plated), finding plenty of puddles to bomb in an effort to soak the grips. As anticipated, they didn't budge a bit, but the fine diamond grip pattern does leave some grip on the table when wet vs. the waffle patterns that I've used. Not a show stopper by any means, just something I noticed.

After an hour or so of ripping around town, I turned my testing up a notch by riding an A level loop that has gnarly hill climbs, creek crossings, and other treacherous terrain. Despite the rough conditions and aggressive riding, the Ergo Wave Grips stayed exactly where I installed them. Risk lists these grips as a soft dual compound with reinforced ends. I have no doubts about their durability, but after hours in the saddle, my hands felt a little worn out from their stiffness. I feel as though the idea behind this product was a grip with an insane level of durability,  with a small sacrifice in comfort. Or perhaps I just have girly-man hands. :smirk:

Risk claims that the grip's ergonomic wave design helps aid in blister prevention on your thumb by reducing the pressure point with the grip flange. However, I really didn't notice a huge difference vs. typical grips that don't give me blistering problems anyway. But, everyone's hands are a bit different in size & shape, as well how they grip the handlebars, so this design might be of benefit to some regardless of my personal experience.


The grips were easy to line up and, look great on the DRZ.

My overall opinion of the Risk Racing Ergo Wave Grips with Fusion Grip Tech is very positive. I was skeptical of Risk's claims because I've tried many different tricks to keep my grips from slipping with mixed results.  But so far, these grips are living up to their claims. I wouldn't hesitate to run these grips on many different machines, whether it be a trail bike or a high-performance motocross machine.

Check 'em out for yourself @ http://riskracing.co...ing-system.html

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