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Hans Schmid

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A while back, I had the pleasure of reviewing MSRs Xplorer Summit Series riding gear  and I came away pretty impressed overall. For my tastes, it was a bit heavy, mostly due to added material for pockets and such. More recently, the folks at MSR  asked if I'd like to give their NXT line a try, it looked like it was right up my alley, so I took it to the Canadian woods to see how it would fare.

Product Overview:

The NXT line isn't new, just improved. Taking feedback from MSRs very best racers, in some of the most difficult conditions, MSR refined the NXT line to fit better, perform better, and last longer. Starting with the Gloves, some features include a reinforced thumb to resist blistering, double layer synthetic palm for added durability, and Velcro cuffs for a better fit. Moving on to the Jersey, they simplified and slimmed down the sleeves for a better fit, added venting under the armpits, as well as a large vented back panel for cooling. Lastly, we move onto the Pants. Notable features include adjustable Velcro waist straps  with a ratchet style belt closure for a better fit, 600D Oxford main construction and leather inner knee pads for added durability. To keep the everything comfortable and in place, a 3/4 mesh liner is used on the inside of the pants.


With a new box labeled MSR sitting on my doorstep, I couldn't help but tear into it and see what arrived. With a base color of black with the grey accents and green MSR labeling (I would call it a flow green), the look was very simple and clean. To date, this is my favorite color gear as it's dark and hides dirt well. After strutting around the house, testing the fitting with the 34w pant, the fit was perfect. I would also note, the Xplorer gear I tried last year came as a 34w so the fitting consistency was accurate. The jersey fit well too and the sleeves did seem slimmer (but not restrictive) than other jerseys I have owned. The gloves felt comfortable, but I did have concern with added material in the palms might cause issues when riding. Striking a few poses for my wife/kids and getting familiar with my new gear, I headed out to the trails the next day to put them to the test.

In the field, there wasn't a fault to be found. Starting with the Gloves, my initial concern over the added material in the palms wasn't a issue at all. The trend of lightly padded gloves is on the rise, so everything else feels bulky at first, but it didn't bother me when riding. I completed four off-road events and multiple days of riding/training in various weather conditions with not even the faintest hint of a blister or the like.

Moving on to the Jersey, again, great performance all-around. The micro ribbed cuffs did a excellent job of keeping the sleeves in place without being restrictive. The jersey fit well and provided the right amount of length to tuck into the back of the pants and to stay put. Both warm on cooler days and cool on warmer days, the jersey did a great job at venting. If I had to nitpick, the armpit vent holes are large enough to put a finger through, so take caution when putting on the jersey otherwise you might snag you finger.  

As for the Pants, excellent! As mentioned earlier, between the loss of weight and 2" off my waist, the pants were put to the test. The adjustable waist did a excellent job of clinging to my shrinking frame. The adjustable waist is not something that's offered on all pants, so its something to consider when purchasing a new gear. The pants fit well into my boots with no added material, as well the length was perfect. I don't wear knee braces, but there is enough room in the knees to accommodate them.

Another point, the downside of darker colors is with washing; the colors can fade and become dull. Also, washing can take its toll on seams, patches, stitching, buckles, etc.. Some gear literally falls apart! I'm into multiple washes and the NXT gear has shown no signs fading or breaking down.

Pros :thumbsup:

  • Accurate sizing.
  • Good build quality & durable.
  • Flexible, functional venting.
  • Adjustable Waist.
  • Excellent Colors

Cons :thumbsdn:

  • I got nothing


When I look at the MSR NXT line, I see the Xplorer line stripped down. Everything that made the Xplorer line great: the pockets, the thumb-loops, etc... have been removed. MSR was able to maintain the ruggedness and durability of the Xplorer and incorporate it into the NXT line. I found a lot of similarities between the two and when going back to read my review of the Xplorer gear, with many positive points being shared. MSR took something great, modified it for the off-road rider who doesn't want/need the features of the Xplorer line and hit it out of the park. I couldn't find a single reason not to give their NXT gear set a five star rating. I was that impressed! When looking for your next set of gear, I'd suggest putting the MSR NXT line near the top of your list.. it's that good!


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· Edited by joeprunc

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I'm an average Joe.  I primarily ride/race motocross 30+ C class, but still enjoy getting out in the woods with the right crew.  I wear Astricks knee braces, so maybe I'm a bit harsher on my gear.  I only buy clearance gear, and currently have MSR, Troy Lee, Fox, One, and KLIM gear.  I have a pair of MSR NXT gear from 2009 that I love and still wear.  Its actually been so good that in 2015 I was looking for some new stylish gear, and bought another pair of MSR NXT pants and jersey.  I have maybe 5 rides and two races on the gear.  There are holes in both leather inner patches so large I can fit a baseball through them.  I only cold wash, and air dry all pants and gloves.  My old pair of NXT pants probably have seen 60 hours of riding have been washed atleast 30 times, they have been through the ringer and still do not have any holes, hell even the stitching is holding together (for the most part).  

They do fit great, not big a baggy like ONE, not too tight like Fox, they fit me (5'-8" 160 lbs) perfectly.  But they fell apart so quickly that unless given a new model to try from MSR, I will not be purchasing anything from them.

Sorry to be a bumper to the review, and hopefully it was just one bad batch.

Photo: First few rides on it...Zaca Station


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· Edited by crypto666

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I just unboxed my MSR Legend '71 jersey and pants, as well as a couple pair of MSR Impact gloves, and MSR VXII boots.  

I was looking for some less expensive gear to thrash at work.  I chose the 71 series for two reasons; the American flag, and it recognizes the over 40 crowd.  That's me.

The jersey, well it's a jersey.  It is all about styling.  It breathes well, fits over armor easily, and should hide stains well.  I think I saw Brock Harden wearing something similar from MSR last year, and while it may not look as good on me, there is no way I could kill it's coolness.  

The pants are nice.  While I miss not having pockets for knee pads, it offers its own protection for that frequently impacted joint and they will slide easily over strap-on protection.  At first I thought they were too small, but then I noticed the velcro straps on the side.  They fit perfect.  I like the adjustable fly closure.  Most pants only adjust at the hips and require frequent adjustment, which wears the velcro out.  These have a ratchet type adjustment on the front that allows them to be snugged up without wearing out the velcro.  Nice.   There are some velcro tabs on the inside of the hips that I am guessing is to attach hip pads. Wearing them feels like you are wearing nothing; totally unrestricted movement.  All the usual wear points are protected with heavy material and the air flow is very nice in the warmer temperatures.  Sorry, no pockets.  These are race pants.  I would love to have at least one pocket for ear plugs, pocket knife, cash, etc.

The boots show how much things have changed.  Back in the day these would have cost double.  Unlike my crossfires, these boots are for big boys, but snug up well on my chicken legs.   My crazy Indian friend has tree trunks for legs, and he found this was the only boot that would fit him.    The foot compartment is a little wide for my tastes, but socks can fix that if need be.  The extra space should make them cooler in the summer months.  No hinge requires makes them a little more restrictive, but also requires them to be more flexible which reduces protection a bit.  The buckle system is easy to use, getting in and out takes half the time and effort as crossfires.  They are plastic, so it wouldn't hurt to get an extra buckle just in case.  The sole has a generous lip which makes finding the shifter and brake easy.  

The gloves are exactly what I wanted.  Something heavier than the standard MX glove, but a little lighter and cooler than my Klim Dakars.  This is it.  Good knuckle protection, and none of that rigid crap that ends up doing the damage.  Yes, I know carbon fiber knuckles look cool, but they aren't.  Tough palm material that extends through the fingers should make them last a while.  The grippy stuff on the finger tips makes manipulation of your world easy.  

My only real complaint at this point:  What, no stickers?


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