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I used the Klim F3 on the ice this winter, and found that while it is vented a lightweight balaclava was all that was needed at 0-10 degrees.  I also know there is, but have not bought one yet, a wind stopper liner that fits in between the top pad and eps helping to block off the vents for colder days.  

I found that the eye port is large enough for goggles, but not so big to leave air gaps around the goggle foam.  The intermediate oval shape fits very well, in fact as good as helmets twice the price!  Finish is impressive, colors are bright!  I am excited to get to ride it on some single track this summer! 

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When riding slower, technical wooded trails, I can overheat quickly without gear that vents well, especially when it comes to helmets.   Most helmets are designed to vent at varying levels, but most are only effective with some speed. Based on the positive experience with my well-worn first generation Klim F4 helmet  , I wanted to see if they had genuinely improved it with the F3. Among other things,  the F3 now boasts a whopping 13 intake vents, 6 exhaust   vents, and field of vision has been nicely improved. Sounds great to me!

In an effort to keep weight down, the Klim F3 is roughly 10% smaller that typical lids, but it continues to meet (or exceed) ECE and DOT safety approvals due in part to Klim's "Structure Mapped Composite base material lay up". Not only do lighter helmets reduce rider neck fatigue, it's less moving mass in a crash. So, smaller surely doesn't necessarily mean a compromise in rider safety. It's also designed with popular neck braces in mind (I wear an EVS Sports RK4).

My initial impression of the Klim F3 was that it looked like a quality piece, both well put together and finished. Klim sent one finished in matte black and I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't look cheesy like some others I've seen with the same finish. Hopefully the black won't soak up summer heat! The F3 comes with a handy  storage bag, an insert that covers your nose and mouth for riding in cold weather, extra visor hardware, but disappointingly, no spare visor.


To test the Klim F3, I headed to Walker Valley ORV in NW Washington State. I knew that this time of year would be a good test because of snow. Now, you'd think snowy weather would be cheating for a helmet that already claims to have great ventilation, but since the riding was slow and technical, and I had to frequently get my bike unstuck or pick it up out of the snow and ice, I worked up a whole lotta' body heat! And while the bike may have been steaming, my head remained relatively cool. Pretty darn good for slow speed, very physical conditions.

To test the F3's air flow at speed, I dropped down in elevation and rode some of the easy trails and ripped a few high speed gravel roads. Yep, she vents... to the point where my head was cold. No question that the F3 outflows the F4 and that's saying something because the F4 worked what I thought to be incredibly well. There is no way to throttle or close off the vents, so depending upon your comfort level, an under helmet beanie might be in order in very cold conditions. I did spend a day taking a rider safety course where it was a downpour the entire time. At no point did I see or feel any water seeping in through the vents. That's a major plus!

Did Klim improve the rider's field of vision with the F3? Absolutely, both with and without goggles. I'd say the FOV is incredible. It's amazing what you can see out of the corner of your eye. No more surprise mountain lion and/or bear attacks! 

Helmet Eye port Comparison

  • F4: 8.25" W by 3.5" H*
  • F3: 9" W by 4.25" H*

*From top of nose piece to upper part of eye port

Is the F3 comfortable? Yep. No discomfort or pressure points from the cheek pads, liner (both feature "adaptive smart foam"), or chin strap. And, it's light enough that I didn't feel the need to take it off after a difficult trail. The F3 weights in at 3lbs. 3oz., nearly a half a pound lighter than my old F4. Lastly, no interference or conflicts with my EVS  neck brace. Since my initial test rides where I got nice and sweaty, I've sent the cheek pads through the washing machine with my other gear. They are easy to remove and snap neatly back into place with no hassle. The helmet liner is made from anti-microbial/bacterial fast-wicking textiles, so it should stay relatively stink/cootie free with periodic cleaning.

My overall opinion of the Klim F3 helmet is high. This helmet did not disappoint me; it breathes incredibly well, you can see everything, it's super light, and quite comfortable. I repeatedly got the bike hot, but my head never suffered the same problem. For the tight, technical stuff, you gain a great advantage with being able to see what your next obstacle will be. And, it's also very reasonably priced for a premium helmet at $299.00 USD. If you get uncomfortably hot while riding, I'd definitely checkout the Klim F3.

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