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Recently, I jumped through all the hoops required by Washington State to make my woods-ready 2-stoke MX bike street legal.  Mirrors were required and while I did get a cheapo pair with the dual sport conversion kit I used, when the folks at Doubletake Mirror offered up their new "minimalist" Trail Mirrors for review, I jumped on it. I knew that Doubletake has a reputation for bulletproof mirrors and the ultra-simple design of their new mirrors appealed to me for conditions that I ride.

I received a pair of mirrors that were individually packaged and noted that I they are no bigger than what many ladies carry in their purse for applying make-up (2" to be exact). Also in each package were two heavy-duty, UV resistant Panduit ® zip ties and a sleeve they ride on for added friction (helps the mirrors stay in place). Trail Mirrors have a convex shape to create a wider field-of-vision and its base is angled so that they point behind you. Of course, orientation will vary slightly based upon the sweep of the handlebars you are running.

Install? About 30 seconds per side once you decide where on your handlebars to put them and to make fine( up/down) adjustments before fully snugging up the zip ties. I did read on the Doubletake Mirror website that the Trail Mirror is not US DOT approved, but I can't really see any LEOs giving you a hard time about them. I'm certainly not worried about it. Your mileage my vary.


How do they work?  For testing I did some commuting to work  as well some full-on hard enduro trail riding at Walker Valley ORV.

> On the Trail
Despite plenty of rough terrain, trail brush, and a few "offs", the mirrors stayed right where they were installed and came away with not even a scratch. Replacement glass is $10.00, but if you manage to break these, you'll have bigger worries. Not that you need mirrors for trail riding, but I can see how they would be helpful if you needed to keep track of someone tailing you on group rides. A plus for us seasonal cold weather riders is that the mirrors are compatible with hand guard mittens.


> On the Street
Because of its "minimalist" design, Doubletake Trail Mirrors are only "adequate" for the street; better suited for connecting trails than daily commuting. You either have to lift an arm or lean the bike to see behind you.  However, in the curves or at night when headlights are visible, the mirrors work fine. Since the mirrors are mounted directly to the handlebars, there is little-to no-vibration that effects the reflected image like there can be with extended mirrors.


So, what's my overall opinion of the new Trail Mirrors from Doubletake? if you are going to be mostly hitting USFS roads between trails or zipping over to your local riding area, these things work phenomenally. But for more regular traffic use, they require a little too much extra work for my taste. Also, at $25.00 per mirror, there are cheaper basic options out there. At the same time, the Doubletakes seem indestructible and are rebuild-able. Like anything dual sport, these mirrors are trade off, ideal for some, not for others. Only you can decide if they are right for where you ride.

More @ https://www.doubletakemirror.com/

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