Righteous Stunt Metal Righteous Stunt Clutch Shorty Lever

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First of all, I absolutely love this clutch perch/lever. They have 3 lengths-shorty, full length, and XL, each with the option of delrin bushings or ball bearings. The ball bearings will be the more expensive of the two. For the shorty lever, the bushing model was $105 and the bearing model $115 and I went with the bearing model. IMO there was a significant change in how easy the lever pulls as opposed to the factory setup, and it makes it easy to train yourself to use one or two fingers to pull. The lever works great, looks great(several color options), the quality is great, and was well worth the price. Also they carry a lifetime warranty so that's a plus. Only complaint I had was the hefty shipping cost, I think it was like $25 which I wasn't too happy about but after I got it and installed it, I think it's still worth the shipping charge. Also there's no mounting for the hotstart, that didn't bother me though as I've never needed it.

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