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Off-road riding is a technical test for protective gear;  it must allow enough flexibility for rider movement, but also provide enough durability to protect in the event of the inevitable crash. For an off-road riding boot, the main aspects are ankle protection and the prevention of hyperflexion. Recently, I came across the newly released X-Move 2.0 hinged-style boot from Acerbis  and after reading about them, I had to give a pair a shot.

Product Overview
Right out of the box you can tell that the X-Move 2.0 boots  scream premium protection. Initially seen from their refined look, as you look closer, the features become more apparent. The nicely polished aluminum buckles function with an over-center attachment which are elegantly simple to use and really inspire confidence that they'll stay closed. The lowest buckle has an integrated ramp that doesn't allow passing brush to snag, potentially causing it to open. X-Move 2.0 build materials such as the full grain leather upper and the overall color scheme not only give a great look, but enough stiffness in just the right areas for abundant shin and calf protection. Acerbis  seems to have covered all the key areas of the rider's lower leg and foot in the protection department. They feel "solid" in hand with the pair weighing in at just under 10lbs.

Sliding into these boots for the first time proves to me that they are ready right out of the box. Sizing was true, fitting into a US10 (EU44) with enough room for the toes up through the calf (14"). Fellow riders with the same shoe size also echoed true sizing and comfort with no other protective gear in place (knee guards/braces). When combined with in-the-boot knee protection, the upper calf adjustment became a bit limited with a max opening of 18.5", something for you large calf riders to consider.

Function & Performance
The four aluminum buckles have a secure “snap” open and close feeling and no matter what conditions I rode, they stayed closed. I rode a number of trails with plenty of boot height brush to potentially snag on, but even when trying to see if I could get a buckle to open, I came up empty handed. This is a real plus for wooded trail riders like me.

The top buckle doubles to secure a two piece protruding plastic shin guard which encompasses the front of the boot. I did find that on some rare occurrences, the overlapping two piece design of the inner portion had the ability to get caught on the frame when squeezing my CRF. Your mileage may vary with different bikes and/or riding styles. 

With the non-adjustable hinged design, it was easy to pivot my ankle into a position that felt natural for operation of foot controls, providing a positive, confidence inspiring riding experience. Despite several gritty, sandy terrain rides and wash downs with the garden hose, the hinge never became notchy feeling or bound-up. Also, short of dunking the entire boot under water, my feet stayed dry, even when hosing them down while wearing them during post ride clean-up.

The sole of the Acerbis X-Move 2.0 is made from a super tough rubber material with a non-replaceable integrated foot peg bed that features a dimpled pattern. In most riding conditions, the boots stayed well planted on the foot pegs, but I noticed that rapid left to right weight transfers in the sitting position lead to an occasional slip off.  While my foot pegs aren't factory bike sharp, the teeth points have been maintained with a file, so my conclusion is that the sole of the X-Move is on the hard side. On the plus side, I expect sole durability to be quite good, even for the frequent and aggressive rider.

In terms of comfort, when the ride was over, my feet where just as comfortable as when they were slid into the boots, so long days in the saddle or multi-day riders shouldn't be a problem.

Pros  :thumbsup:

  • Ready to ride out of the box (no break-in).
  • Hinged design offers excellent freedom of movement.
  • Easy-to-adjust buckles that stay shut.
  • Premium boot at a nice price point.

Cons :thumbsdn:

  • Hard sole trades a little traction for durability.
  • Top of boot enclosure occasionally snagged on CRF twin-spar frame.

My Bottom-line 

Overall, I am very pleased with the performance of the Acerbis X-Move 2.0 boot, both with their function and protection. Something that makes these boots excellent is their ability to work for many different riders; they have the function and flexibility for MX track riders, the durability for the frequent trail rider, and the all-day riding comfort for the dual sport/adventure rider. They are ready to go out of the box and when you look at their quality and features vs. the price, the X-Move 2.0 offers a lot of value.

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robbie 4 stroke

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I bought a pair a few weeks ago. I wore them around the house for a few hours the first night. I was ready to take them off. To me, they were a little stiff right out of the box.  My first ride with them was on the trails by my house. I only rode for an hour but was pleased with how they performed. 

Today I put them to the test. Spent 6 hours in the woods cutting, clearing, and riding new trails. They were comfortable all day. I was on my feet most of the day and hardly ever noticed that I was wearing riding boots. While riding I snagged them on everything. Everything worked like it was supposed to, all the buckles stayed latched, and I had an incredible feel of the shifter and brake.  They're not water proof though, my foot got wet going through water, but I only noticed it once, and I rode through 20+ creeks today. My knee/shin guards fit perfectly inside with room to spare. Everything considered, they are awesome boots that I expect to last me a long time. Great looks and great feel for a reasonable price. I'd compare them to sg-12's but way cheaper. I give them 2 thumbs up and would recommend them to anyone. I bought them in grey, and they look killer! 

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I wear these and love them ...after returning to riding in 2016 after breaking an ankle in 2015 -- i was skeptical all the way around -- but fit - safety and looks - you can't go wrong. 

Awesome customer service to boot !! pun intended. 



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Love em. Had them for just over six months, fit well. The hinge style sold me. I find Acerbis make some good quality gear. Thanks to the boys at MX1 Australia they sorted me out with the perfect size. Ps I went with the grey. Wasn't ready to be a storm trooper just yet.


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