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First of all, I have a narrow head shape. This means helmets designed to fit globe shaped heads, like Bell and Shoei, become painful after a relatively short amount of time. Not to mention a sore-looking red forehead when I take it off. This helmet is an amazingly good fit for my head. It feels snug and like it won't move in a crash, unlike other helmets, which I've found tolerable but not really a good fit. The Aviator 2.2 is described as having a neutral-to-slightly narrow fit by webbikeworld. 

At about 950 grams (33.5 oz) the lightest legal helmet you can get in Australia (and probably the world) for road / off-road riding. Most states in Australia (if not all) now accept the new ECE helmet standard as a legal helmet. There are 2 shell sizes according to their website and 3 according to an industry review. Normally with only 2 shell sizes the smaller helmets are ridiculously large, but not in this case. I'm inclined to believe that there is a mistake on the Airoh website (as well as the bad English). The price is high due to the helmet being entirely made in Italy, out of hand-laid carbon and kevlar fibre and generally with these sort of high end helmets goes the additional effort of an extra shell size. The size range is XS - XL (53 - 61cm) so like most motocross helmets you're out of luck if you are a really big man.

The manufacturer doesn't skimp on extras, there are a few really practical considerations included. There is an allen key for use on the visor screws, it's in the shape of the Airoh logo and on a lanyard so you don't lose it. There is an extended tip for the visor and covers for the top vents for riding in rain, mud or cold weather. There are spare screws for the visor, both for the visor parts and for the plastic ones that hold them on. They are plastic so that they break away, potentially saving your neck in a faceplant. The only thing I don't like about the visor is that it doesn't adjust downward far enough to block the sun when it's near the horizon. So I have to dip my head down further than I'd like to. There is a kit for safe mounting of a GoPro, so that you can fit the camera per the instructions and be confident that the standards of the helmet are not compromised.

Ventilation is excellent. On a really hot day my mates with their open-faced cruiser helmets arrived looking like they'd stuck their heads in a pot of boiling water. I wasn't sweaty at all. In winter I might have to give those vent covers a go. 

The eyeport is nice and big, providing plenty of visibility and room for your fav pair of goggles. I wear Dragon NFXs, which is the small size, medium and up will be NFX. These goggles are pretty big and fitting them in some helmets is impossible. The NFXs fit in my size small helmet just fine. I also use a pair of Oakley Mayhem, which sit better in this eyeport than in my old helmet, they don't put as much pressure on my nose bridge. 

At highway speeds it's not a particularly noisy helmet. It maintains a feeling of being light and balanced with the visor only really catching the wind when the helmet is turned to the side, so head checks become difficult at speed. 

It's the first helmet I've ever felt really comfortable wearing, including road helmets. It's an expensive helmet but it's genuine value for money. 


Airoh Aviator 2.2 Small with Dragon NFXs.jpg

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I have the airoh captain 2.1. and I have compared it to the 2.2. They both look awesome and feel great. to me theres not much difference . I have never had a more comfortable helmet. My only complaint is that at highway speeds and with that visor, you better have a pair of goggles on. The helmet buffets to much without the goggles. I use scott googles otg. I think theyre 87s? anyway I believe my next helmet will also be an airoh.

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