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I recently plated my GasGas MC 250 2 stroke and needed to mount up some DOT tires in order to pass inspection. Most DOT tires aren't the greatest off-road, so I wanted to find some that would work both for my short commute and also for muddy mountain single track riding. Motoz recently released their Xtreme Hybrid tire that is supposed to cover all the areas I need. Along with the Xtreme Hybrid 120/100/18 rear, I also received a Mountain Hybrid 80/100/21 front to complete the set.

Some of the highlights of the Motoz Xtreme Hybrid are that it is constructed like a trials tire with the exception of the stiffer sidewalls, deep tread block sypes, and reversible pattern. When compared to its brother (Mountain Hybrid), the Xtreme Hybrid is designed to handle better, run at lower PSI,  and work in the soft stuff. To me, that is ultimately what I was looking for; a DOT approved tire that I could flog in the woods.

The Mountain Hybrid front is also a DOT tire that is trials based in its construction. It has the dimensions of an off-road tire and is meant to handle well in a wide variety of terrain. It is also reversible like the Xtreme.  Both tires are made from 100% rubber and boast long tread life. As I have experienced with Motoz Tractionator tires, this should be true with the Hybrids as well. 

Upon first inspection, both tires felt pretty dang stiff. However, mounting them was surprisingly easy. I even used a stand-up manual pump to seat the bead without any issues. The Motoz Xtreme Hybrid rear has deep tread and the syped blocks are fairly flexible, but not gummy. The Motoz Mountian Hybrid front tread depth doesn't seem to be quite as deep as most front off-road tires that I've run. That said, the blocks are pliable and the layout resembles that of a standard dirt bike tire. Also, Motoz gives you a sticker sheet. The kid in me loves that!

Testing included about 250 miles of commuting and around town shenanigans. On the street, the tires handle much better than I expected. You can lean the bike over pretty far without getting that feeling the the knobs are going to walk out from under you. The deep sypes on the Xtreme create incredible off the line traction, especially in the rain! I am still amazed that I have to get up over the bars if I decide to leave the stop light aggressively. For road tire pressures, I ran 12 PSI up front and 6 PSI in the rear. The stiff side walls allow for pretty low pressures. I also run the Tubliss  tire system. One odd sensation that you get with the rear tire is the feeling of swaying back and forth. If you look at the tread straight on, you'll see that the center blocks weave back and forth and you can feel it on the road at times if you're in a slight groove.


Additional testing included another 100 miles of gravel, rocks, mud, roots, snow, and dirt. I ended up running an incredibly low 3 psi in the rear and leaving 12 psi in the front. Gravel roads can be ridden aggressively without doing much wear to the tires. Rocks and roots aren't too much of a problem either. However, when compared with a sticky or cheater tire, they don't really compare. On regular dirt and and even in snow, the Xtreme Hybrid does really well. In the sloppier the conditions, the Mountain Hybrid starts to struggle slightly. It still works really good, but I wouldn't say it's GREAT for nasty conditions. Some things are better seen that read, so checkout my tire testing video...

My overall opinion of the tires are these:

  • The Motoz Xtreme Hybrid rear is a great tire for both on and off-road. It handles well on the street and tackles the woods with confidence. It works in any weather condition and after 360 miles, shows very little wear. 
  • The Motoz Mountain Hybrid front is a really good tire. Again, it's fantastic on the street. It's also good in the woods as well, but the sloppy stuff is where it struggles a bit. 360 miles and it still looks brand new.
  • DOT knobbies are a tough line to walk given the wide-range of conditions the riders will use them in and Motoz gets the job done without giving up much.





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