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Chris Campbell

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I've been running them for a few months now and the arch is noticeable for shift and brake but not in loss of grip. They are big enough and for the price I'm really happy with the design and beefiness for the cost. The only con is they are actually a tad shorter than the stockers on my 17 SX-F

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Chris Cooksey

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These pegs are durable and allow my size 12 feet to grip at different angles.... Love them!

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Scott Meshey 141

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I remember a time when I used to not even think twice about changing my foot pegs. Until about 4 years ago, I rode what came on the bike… Man, was I missing out! Now, I feel that over-sized pegs are a necessity. Being that I was wearing a size 10 boot in Super Mini class, the need for bigger, sharper pegs was real! Since then, I've ridden on the offerings from a few of the top brands, but overall, Fly's Gator Foot Peg takes the cake.

Believe me, I was skeptical for a few reasons… First, the idea of an arch on foot pegs made me think it would be an awkward feel; second, I had no idea that Fly made foot pegs, and I was curious about running a gear company’s foot pegs compared to a company that focuses solely on parts like this.  Despite my initial thoughts, I am honestly quite blown away with the comfort, durability, and enhancement of control that they bring to the bike. I say this with zero bias, even though I've been a Fly gear sponsored rider for a few years.

#141 Scott Meshey - Video by NDA Action Sports

I wear a size 11 boot, so having a larger platform to grip and the arch, it feels more natural than the stock Kawasaki KX-F foot pegs. The Gator foot pegs also provide better control of the shifter and rear brake lever. As you reach and move your foot up and down, the peg’s arch keeps constant contact with the boot, rather than a “hanging off the edge” feeling of a flat foot peg.


Tampa MX Top Gun Dealer Cup Round 3, Photo by WFO Action Shots

What’s the reason for the awesome performance? Well, there’s a few, actually! One would be the pyramid teeth as well as the material the foot pegs are made with… 17-4 stainless steel. This offers incredible strength, along with resistance to corrosion. What sets the Gator Foot Peg apart is its 2.32X3.54" (58X90mm) over-sized arch design. This allows for more surface area as well as contouring to the rider’s foot, allowing for a better grip.

Of course, nobody is perfect, so you won’t always have your footing just right on the foot peg going around a corner. Gator foot pegs give you a larger area to put your foot on so you can keep pressure on the pegs, keeping your foot from slipping off and getting into sketchy no-footer situations! Also, the durability of the teeth is something to note. Even after having the foot pegs on for practice and racing for over a month, they still have an impressive bite.


I got to test the Fly Gator Foot Pegs in all kinds of conditions and got a full spectrum of use. As far as slick conditions go, the foot pegs really help to make a difference when there isn’t a rut to rely on by allowing extra weight on the outside foot peg to prevent sliding. They also excelled with helping keep the bike stable on the long, rough, and sometimes muddy downhills of MillCreek. Believe me when I say that I’ve had a few sketchy moments where I thought for sure the bike was going to swap out from under me, but I was able to keep my feet planted on the foot pegs and straighten things out thanks to the larger, grippier platform that seems to offer a customizable weight distribution. Also, the open cleat design prevents mud from packing in your foot pegs, definitely great for places that get thick mud *coughs* Loretta’s.

To sum it up, for $109.95, you’re getting an awesome product that is a must-have for any serious rider. With these foot pegs, your ride will not only give you a competitive edge, but they can also help keep you safer. If you’ve never had over-sized pegs, these will make you want a pair for every bike you own! They’re available for all major Motocross bike brands of almost any size.

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