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Tamer MX Holeshot Hookup (rear) Reviews

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Scott Meshey 141

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Chances are if you are a part of just about any motorsport that involves a start from a dead stop, whether it be Motocross or drag racing, you understand the importance of a good launch in order to get an edge on your competition. In the case of Motocross, the start is the only time in a race where you can pass 41 people in a few seconds. On countless occasions, the start has, does, and will continue to determine the outcome of many races! While we all know about holeshot devices that hold the front of the bike down to prevent wheeling, what kind of effect does a rear holeshot device have on start performance? 

I've been able to use the TamerMX Rear Holeshot Device in a variety of conditions, and I can say without a doubt in my mind… I will continue to use it for as long as I race! I have been using TamerMX’s dual-button front holeshot device for about 3 years now, so I had little doubt in whether or not I was getting a well-built product that’s going to last a long time. Instead, my skepticism was geared towards exactly how well it achieved its purpose, being to keep the rear end of the bike planted to the ground in order to increase traction.

When the holeshot device is locked in, it can lower the rear of the bike by 115-135mm. The device loads the shock down, pressing your tire into the ground. This creates a lower center of gravity, preventing your tire from spinning when the gate drops and you hammer it all the way to the first turn. The TamerMX Rear Holeshot Device also helps the rear track straight when you have line coming out of your gate that is bumpy enough to make the rear end hop.

Before and after: both front and rear holeshot devices are engaged.

Even in a variety of conditions, the TamerMX Rear Holeshot Device creates extra traction for an insane burst out of the gate! Quite simply, if there is moisture or a rut, you can count on the rear holeshot device to have you leaping out in front. The only time I have struggled with the rear device is when I was starting on the dry flat of the very inside at MillCreek for the regional. On my mod bike, the rear tire spun, causing me to get mediocre starts; yet when I tried to give a little less throttle, the bike bogged. I think that this was simply because there was no rut and it was incredibly dry. Moral of the story: test, test, test, and then test some more so you know when to use it. When you have perfect conditions though, make sure you grip tightly because you’re going to be riding a guided missile!

Scott Meshey #141: Slo-Mo start against a 450 while using both rear and front holeshot devices. 

Of course, just like the front device, you can customize how far down the rear device locks by sliding it up and down your linkage. This is good for riders who are picky about how they run their set-up. Another positive to the rear holeshot device is that it is quite simple to install and is very durable due to it being full aluminum, other than the plunger where the post locks into… that’s good ol’ steel!

There are some things I do want to note about this product that aren’t necessarily negatives, just things buyer should know:

  • The amount of traction and power to the ground you gain when the rear holeshot device is engaged is impressive to say the least. If you have moisture in the ground and don’t have your throttle opened enough, there’s a good chance you will bog. Make sure you have that throttle open!
  • Given that you need to give substantially more throttle, some adjustments in body positioning and the amount you grip the bike need to happen.
  • Be conscientious about your gate choice and how you prep your gate. You don’t want to run over your gate and have your device come undone and get squirrely.
  • Just like the option of hitting a bottom button on a two-button system, sometimes it’s not always the best idea to be overzealous and engage the rear device if the conditions aren’t right. Again, this falls into the testing note. Things work different for different riders on different bikes with different amounts of modifications to the motor.

Bottom line… for a relatively small investment of $159.95, the TamerMX rear holeshot device will give you an edge of the first 15-25 feet with extra traction and more power to the ground. This is especially important if you are running with a motor disadvantage, whether it be stock vs. mod or 250 vs. 450. It mounts to stock and aftermarket linkage arms of all modern big bikes as well as KX 85s and 100s. Check out http://tamermotocross.com/ for more on their rear holeshot device (and more). Real Rating: 4.5/5


Loretta Lynn's Amateur National, College 18-24 Moto 3, Moto Win - Scott Meshey #141

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