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Bryan Bosch

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I know that many of you remember the days when fuel cans had a simple filler hole with a screw on spout and a vent. I do. But, we now live in the days where product liability lawyers seem to be all too willing to pin personal responsibility on someone else for profit and governmental agencies that are good with fuel cans that don't vent into the atmosphere, even if they still leak all over your shoes. :facepalm:

Recently, I saw a press release on VP Racing's new "spillproof" fuel can, I liked their approach, so I reached out to see if they'd send one over for our review. We thought that a demo video was the best approach, so give it a watch... it's pretty short.

One question that came up that we forgot to cover in the demo video was if the spout pivot would end up leaking after some use. In talking w/ the VP Racing folks:


"Our valve has Viton seals and two O-rings inside to prevent any fuel from leaking out of the elbow area."

Time will tell, but I would appear that VP considered this potential issue in the design of the SureCan. It was certainly leak-free during my limited testing.

Since the demo video, I've used the VP SureCan to fill up my lawn mower and pressure washer. This has made me like it even more because I seem to always spill when filling up small tanks from a race can. They dump fuel pretty fast, so when trying to fill the tank to the brim, it's easy to overfill. In contrast, the VP SureCan thumb trigger gives me much better control over the flow.

Like many, I've had some pretty poor experiences with supposedly "spillproof" fuel cans, but the VP can isn't one of them. It's built well and works quite well, if only if they could bring the price down a bit. The $54.95 MSRP stings a bit.


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Glad to see VP has teamed up with a great product. I am a plastics engineer and I known the folks at SureCan very well. These cans are manufactured under extremely close tolorances and are tested and intelligently designed. I have two of these cans myself. These cans are made in the USA right here in Tennessee. You will be very impressed with this can! 

I have transported fuel in this can inside my car to my hunting lease and left the can inside the car so it would not be stolen. After sitting in my car all day, no smell of fuel was in my car. No other can will perform like this product. 

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