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Technology Elevated 38mm Cast SmartCarb Reviews

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Product Details

Paul Olesen

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What is it?

The Technology Elevated SmartCarb is a carburetor capable of self-compensating for changes in ambient air density. Put another way, the carburetor automatically alters the mixture when there are changes in temperature and altitude. This functionality eliminates the need to continuously adjust jetting throughout the riding season or when riding at locations with varying elevation. Technology Elevated also boasts that the carburetor improves fuel atomization which leads to increased power, better fuel economy, and reduced emissions.  


First Impressions

The SmartCarb arrived in an elegantly constructed box which ensured it would not get banged around in transit. The SmartCarb itself consisted of cast and billet machined components and came with everything required for installation. Also included was a nice instruction booklet with nearly 60 pages of installation and tuning detail, an extra float bowl gasket, and Technology Elevated stickers. Lastly, on the back of the instruction booklet, all the factory settings were recorded so the customer can revert back to the baseline settings at any time.



Anyone with a two or four-stroke carbureted engine could have a reason for considering the Smartcarb. The carburetor could be especially useful for riders who routinely transition through varying elevations or ride in places with large temperature swings since the carburetor automatically adjusts for changes in ambient air density.    

The Setup

I installed the 38mm SmartCarb on the bike I race hare scrambles with, which is a 2007 Yamaha YZ250. The engine is equipped with an FMF Fatty pipe, Rekluse clutch, and weighted flywheel. Apart from these items the engine is stock. The engine was recently rebuilt this past winter and at the time of installation it had 14 hours on it.  


Installation was easy and the necessary instructions were clearly outlined in the instruction booklet. Anyone capable of performing basic maintenance on their vehicle will be able to tackle this project. During the installation process there were no noteworthy issues or challenges and in total, installation took around an hour.


Initial Tuning

The design of the SmartCarb and provided installation booklet attempt to make tuning the carburetor as easy as possible. The SmartCarb is designed so that the user only has to tune the idle and low speed fuel/air mixture. The rest of the tuning parameters are set up at the factory and are tailored to the user’s specific make and model of engine.


Two easily adjustable features on the SmartCarb can be utilized to make alterations. The idle set screw is used to raise or lower the slide and allows more or less airflow through the carburetor. The clicker adjuster raises or lowers the fuel metering rod which increases or decreases the amount of fuel that flows into the venturi. The idle set screw is simply turned clockwise or counterclockwise to make adjustments. In order to adjust the fuel metering rod with the clicker adjuster, the engine must be off and the throttle must be held wide open. The clicker adjuster can then be depressed and turned until it engages with the metering rod, at which point, the metering rod height can be raised or lowered depending on the direction the clicker is turned.

The tuning instructions and recommendations presented in the instruction booklet are thorough, detailed, and laid out in a way that makes them easy to follow. For the sake of the review, I attempted to set aside my personal tuning experience and perform the process as a relative newbie, relying primarily on the provided instructions to make tuning decisions. I spent an afternoon carefully studying the tuning instructions and test riding the bike before I was satisfied with the state of tune of my Yamaha. While my overall impression of the tuning instructions is favorable, I did feel in some instances the instructions were too literal.

Once I got the low-speed mixture dialed in the engine ran excellent. Power delivery was smooth, the engine sounded good, and there were no signs of rich or lean conditions anywhere throughout the throttle range. After accumulating enough runtime to feel comfortable that a spark plug reading would result in an accurate assessment I pulled the plug and took a look.The spark plug confirmed what my senses and past experiences have told me was a properly jetted two-stroke engine.

In Action

I have spent around 15 hours of riding and racing my bike with the SmartCarb installed. Initially, I set the carburetor up on an 80°F day and have ridden in temperatures as high as 93°F and as low as 45°F. I participated in five races, each of which had different types of soil conditions, which subsequently loaded the engine differently. Most notably, in the last two races I participated in, the courses were littered with deep sand which caused the engine to run hotter than normal.

After my first tuning session I anticipated some adjustment may be necessary once I really put the bike through its paces. The first race was a good test for it and led me to make further clicker and idle adjustments. I found that when tuning it is very important to tune in race like conditions and keep the engine up at operating temperature.

The biggest challenge I faced with the SmartCarb was maintaining a consistent idle. This may sound alarming, however, there is a caveat to this. The Rekluse clutch I have installed puts more load on the engine and has an impact on how the engine runs at idle and low speed. I have been working with Corey Dyess, the founder of Technology Elevated, throughout this review to work through this tuning anomaly. Taking his advice I have been able to significantly improve the situation by making small changes to the SmartCarb settings and am now operating in a much better place. We believe we may be able to improve the tune further by installing a fuel metering rod with a different profile, however, at the time of writing, this change has not been implemented.

Throughout the race season, apart from the noted idle issue, performance has been spot on. The engine has run great and I never experienced any abnormal mixture conditions. Due to the heavy load deep sand puts on engines I did have to slightly richen my mixture in the last race of the season to compensate, which wasn’t necessarily unexpected. All-in-all I was extremely pleased with the low/mid/top end performance of this carburetor and loved having near perfect jetting in all atmospheric conditions.     

Pros 👍

  • Excellent state of tune through RPM range
  • Compensates for changes in ambient air density
  • Clicker adjuster makes it easy to qualify how much adjustment is occurring
  • Factory settings are recorded on the back of the instruction booklet
  • Customer support is great
  • Can be tuned with no tools
  • Can be tuned in place on the bike even with an oversized fuel tank installed
  • Minimal adjustments required after installation

Cons :thumbsdn:

  • Tuning instructions cannot be taken too literally

Conclusion :prof:

The Technology Elevated SmartCarb is a good option for anyone looking for a carburetor that auto compensates for changing ambient air density. While I was unable to work all the small tuning details out pertaining to my specific setup prior to concluding this review I am still impressed by the SmartCarb. The fact that jets no longer need to be swapped out whenever conditions change and that the carburetor is extremely easy to adjust is great. Factory support is excellent, Corey is very knowledgeable about his carburetor, and he is willing to help optimize specific engine setups. I am a fan of this carburetor and believe that it could be beneficial to a lot of riders, assuming they are willing to take the time to dial it in.

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I have been using the Smartcarb on my 14 KTM 300 XC-W for the last 2 months and this carb just rocks! It amazes me that the bike runs as well at 4,500 ft as it does at 9,500 ft in elevation. The increased gas mileage, and the more linear power band are other side benefits!

I ended up ordering a 2nd Smartcarb for my son's 2001 300 EXC. My son say's it runs better than it ever has since we have owned it.

Highly recommended!  

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Joshua Brown

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I have been running the SmartCarb on my 2-Stroke KTM bikes for several years. Many in our riding group run them and have had little to no issues with them whatsoever. Once initial setup and tuning is complete, the bikes run great, have excellent punchy bottom end and simply work from near sea level (here in Texas) to 10,000’+ in Colorado. I recently purchased another KTM 300 (because my wife bought another pair of shoes), and was excited it already came with a Lectron. My understanding was the technology is similar so should be good to go. However, I was sorely mistaken. Apparently the “L” company does use a metering rod from an old design, but that is where it stops. After a few hours of taking the thing completely apart to “tune” it, I was ready to throw it in the trash. This is an identical bike to one of my others, was completely gutless on the bottom end and even leaning it to the point it was getting a lean bog, it would still load up at idle. I rode it for 5 weeks trying to get it right. Finally saw the light and purchased a CNC model of the SC. After less than an hour with the bike (yes, it is WAY easier to tune), I have it dialed in very close. Throttle response is super crisp and the bottom end punch is there just like my other bike. SUPER Happy and will only use SC on my bikes from now on!


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