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TCX Comp EVO Michelin Boots Reviews

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Bryan II

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After a couple of years trying the ADV bit, last spring I sold my heavy bike for a more dirt worthy dual sport. Since, I've been wearing an ADV boot that is hella comfy, but lacking in the protection department for more aggressive trail riding. I was just about to pull the trigger on a pair from my old standby brand, but remembered that my riding buddy seems to rave about his TXC boots. Not having tried anything from the brand before, I checked out what they had to offer and the TCX Comp EVO  Michelin boot really stood out to me, so I decided to give some a shot.

My two key objectives was comprehensive protection and all-day comfort. And, TXC nailed both...

The Comp Evo is the top-of-the-line mx/off-road boot in the TCX line and I think that it shows in the level of protection systems built-in. At the heart of these systems is the Double Flex Control. Without getting into the mechanics of exactly how it works, in concert with the buckles, the ankle hinge, build materials, and overall structure, it creates a boot that is incredibly rigid side-to-side, but offers lots of freedom of movement front to back (18° forward and 15° rearward). Moving around on the bike felt unencumbered, including operation of foot controls. The cost is a creaky/squeaky walker, something commonly found in full-hinged boots. However, it's unnoticeable when riding and an easy trade-off for its safety benefits.

TXC also beefed up the Comp EVO in the right areas. It has a steel armored toe cap that is further hardened with a single piece of variable thickness TPU that wraps around well behind your pinky toe, but also over the instep and the full inside of the foot up to the ankle hinge. At the back of the boot, there is awesome protection from the heel, all the way the top of your calf. Between your ankle and calf is the Double Flex Control mechanism and how it connects the upper and lower of the boot creates a hardened section behind your heel and a ridge behind your calf.

The replaceable aluminum buckles are protected by generously sized anti-snag TPU ramps that also add to side impact protection and the shin is fully protected with beefy strap receivers and the adjustable shin plate. I honestly can't ask for more in the protection department; I'm just not sure that it gets a whole lot better folks.

Double Flex Control System

I found the TCX Comp EVO boots to fit true-to-size wearing a pair of standard Alpinestars moto socks. Adjustment is pretty standard using push-in/pull-out serrated straps. I had plenty of adjustment for in-the-boot knee/shin protection and the upper shin plate can be extended another approx. 1/2" for those with big calves. By my measurement, I'd say the boot will fit up to a 19" (ish) calf.

Adjustable Shin Plate

I found no real break-in period is required, with the fully-hinged Double Flex Control System providing immediate controlled range of movement. In terms of comfort, my rule of thumb is that if I forget that I'm wearing them, they are comfy. And, that's pretty much how it went with the Comp EVOs (all day comfort).

My shifting was a little clumsy early in the day, but I expected that moving from a boot that was much, much softer. However, it didn't take long to be back to normal. I've never had a boot with notches in the instep for the shifter to index on up shifts, but found them to work positively when you're charging hard, rowing through gears. Also, the toe box on the Comp EVO with its Michelin molded sole is pretty slim, so getting under the shifter is no problem (size 10).

In terms of the the Michelin soles, I like them. Tons of traction, even with wet, muddy soles and they release for foot re-positioning without any snagging, something that I've read about on boots with more aggressively lugged soles. Unfortunately the mid-sole is not replaceable, but so far it seems to be wearing pretty well. I suspect that they'll offer up a good life span, so not a huge deal for me. I also appreciate the support of the soles. They give really good support on harder hits with just the right amount of flex built in.

On my last ride, I took a number of very new trails around the trees downed in hurricane Irma and in the brush was a decent amount debris and a few hidden tree stumps. I recall at least one low stump that smacked the outer toe of the boot on the way by and outside of a scuff, no pain or injuries. I know that no boot is going to protect you from every possible scenario, but this example is one of the more common where I ride and they did their job well.

The boots are not waterproof, but they do a good job at keeping your feet dry. Our local trails have been soupy as best all summer and in combo with over-the-boot pants, my feet have remained dry. On the subject over over-the-boot pants, if you buy these boots, be sure your OTB pants can be opened at the bottom for fitting. These boots are pretty wide when closed up, so a few of my fixed cuff Klim pants simply don't open wide enough to slide down over the boot. 

My ridin' buddy @sclaus sloggin' in TXC Comp Evo Boots

Pros 👍

  • High level protection
  • Good freedom-of-movement
  • All-day comfort
  • Good water resistance
  • Ease of adjustment
  • Quality materials and build

Cons :thumbsdn:

  • Creaky/squeaky walker
  • Non-replaceable mid-sole

Bryan's Bottom-line :prof:
Having at least once serious injury in the last couple of years that required surgery, I'm all about a stacking the deck in my favor when it comes to minimizing them. Like my helmet, boots aren't one of the areas that I'm willing to skimp on and I'm impressed with the level of engineering and execution that went into the safety systems in the TCX Comp EVO Michelin boot. Couple this with a boot that I can wear all day in comfort and I'm sold. Good job TCX, these boots are seriously good.


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