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Scott Meshey 141

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Have you ever broken a lever in the middle of a race because you laid the bike over just right? Not only do you sacrifice full control of your front brake lever or clutch, this can seriously impact the outcome of your race! For about the last 6 months I’ve had the opportunity to test out Fly Racing’s Tri-Pivot Levers, as well as the quick-adjust clutch assembly in some of the most demanding conditions, and their performance was impressive.

At first, I had an issue with the quick-adjust clutch assembly, but after reporting it to Fly and some Q&A with the gentleman that designed the levers, they fixed the problem and sent me the revised unit. Nice! Now, I believe that the levers and clutch assembly add an edge of performance. Compared to other brands of bendable levers that I've used, I must say that the Fly Racing Tri-Pivot Levers have greater feel and control, and still bend like they are brand new after get-offs, both big and small. For a product that comes from a company most recognized for their gear, I was pleasantly surprised by how they enhanced my racing performance.

I have noticed in the past that when using bendable levers, you lose a small amount of feel in the clutch. This is crucial because we use our hand controls in the two most important places on the track:  the start and corners. For the brake lever, I found that even though I prefer the feel of a responsive front brake, I had a better control and feel of how hard I was braking. I have used a competitor’s bendable levers where the cable was attached directly to the lever, and after a couple get-offs, the cable and housing would wear down and negatively affect the feel. In contrast, Fly Racing Tri-Pivot levers don’t have the cable attached directly to the lever,  instead using something of a “knuckle” that bends independently from the cable, but the levers use two different points to bend, one for bending backwards, and the other for bending up and down. 


Having reliable feel is great because the importance of clutch control on starts is crucial; keeping your clutch at the point that it is barely allowing it to engage, but held in enough that it doesn’t let the rear wheel spin, that’s the sweet spot. Of course, with each changing condition, our use of the clutch varies, and I found that the Tri-Pivot Levers’ feel allowed for an easy adjustment. For example, when the conditions were wet or very dry, keeping the rear wheel in control by staying in low RPMs at first using the clutch was a breeze.

The improved feel for braking in these conditions is also very helpful since it is very easy to have your front wheel tuck out from under you. In a pinch or a close race situation (in A class, that is pretty intense) it's easy to go to little or too much gas or brake or clutch, but I found that even in some really close moments that I was able to make less mistakes due to improved feel compared to stock levers. When using an aftermarket clutch, the hard hit of dumping the clutch can be hard to judge, and I found that this was more manageable with these levers.


There are also some small things that I enjoy about these levers. If you have the quick-adjust clutch assembly, in the event of a hard crash, not only will the lever pivot, but the assembly will slide upward or downward, allowing you to put it back where you want it with a nice smack before you take off again. As someone who has broken a few levers or had their assembly stuck in an awkward position during a race, and sometimes national events, this is a very handy tool. The large cable adjuster is very easy to feel how much you’re tightening or loosening where your clutch grabs, and it’s design is easy to make a change mid-moto. In addition to the levers being an “unbreakable” design, they come with a 3-year crash replacement warranty. Lastly, the clutch assembly is a universal design, so if your motorcycle has a cable-activated clutch, it fits.


Bottom line, not only do the Fly Racing Tri-Pivot Levers present themselves as a worthwhile investment to prevent breaking levers (Fly guarantee), they also give an improved feel of the hand controls. They also last and keep their integrity for bending. Prevention and an edge, at your fingertips (pun intended)! The cost is $79.95 per lever, or $189.95 Quick Adjust Billet clutch assembly (with lever). 

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