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Rhino USA Digital & Analog Tire Pressure Gauges Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Rhino USA Digital & Analog Tire Pressure Gauges. Product specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!
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Bryan II

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I've been using both of these Rhino USA tire pressure gauges for a couple of months and really like them a lot. Both feel like good quality tools that will last with regular use and while they do a rather simple job well, it's the attention to detail and thoughtful features that make them stand out in of sea of options for this category.

Case in point, when my family chose to evacuate for hurricane Irma last fall, I ended up checking the tire pressures on my heavily loaded down Chevy Tahoe in the dark wee hours of the morning. My previous digital tire gauge lacked the illuminated tip and backlit LCD readout of the digital Rhino USA unit, so I had to take a reading and walk around to the interior dome light to read each result. Not the end of the world, but when you're trying to beat literally millions of other refugees to the roads, having either of the Rhino gauges would have saved me time and frustration in that rush. I also appreciate how easy that the large backlit numbers of the digital gauge are to read for these 49 year old eyes. I need reading glasses for most smaller print, but not for either of the Rhino USA gauges. If you're like me, when you need your reading glasses, they are nowhere to be found!:foul:

The Rhino USA digital tire pressure gauge illuminated tip and large backlit LCD readout make using it in low light conditions a breeze.

The digital unit is compact, very light weight, has an ergo grip design, and operates with a single push button trigger that allows you to cycle through readouts in psi, bar, kpa, and kg/cm. After approx. 30 seconds, the unit will automatically turn itself off, so there is no way to kill the battery by accidentally leaving it on.

The analog unit has an easy-to-read 2" readout that glows brightly when exposed to light for just a few seconds. The gauge head is protected with a rubber ring that looks like a gear, giving you a good non-slip place to hold it as well as absorbing shock if you accidentally drop it. The cloth braided rubber filler tube uses brass fittings on both ends that swivel 360 degrees, so in combination with a 45 degree tip fitting, it's easy to get it squarely on your tire's schrader valve fitting without leaking air or the gauge tube binding up.

Actual photo of how the Rhino USA analog tire pressure gauge glows (taken with a Samsung Galaxy S6 Active cell phone).

Finally, Rhino USA backs up their product with a lifetime warranty and this is huge for tools, something that you can use pretty much forever. Some things you're better off buying once and for me, tools fall into that category. I didn't find any deficiencies using either product and with rather affordable price points on both units, I'm happy to give them five stars. Good job Rhino USA. :usa:

Rhino USA analog tire pressure gauge.

More info and products @ https://www.rhinousainc.com/

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

Concur Bryan Bosch, have only just recently purchased the Rhino USA heavy duty tire pressure gauge (Certified ANSI B40) and it is all you say it is. A lifetime warranty says alot about the confidence one has in the product, going to purchase another as a gift for a mate.

Rate it a 5 star product......easy. 


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I totally concur with everything previously stated by Bryan, regarding the Rhino USA tire pressure gauges.  The things that make these gauges stand out from the crowd are:

Digital Gauge

  • Ergonomic shape with a grippy coating.
  • Lanyard attachment point on base of unit.
  • Blue LED  backlighting for digital readout.
  • Blue LED light on nozzle to illuminate valve stem.
  • 30 second automatic shutoff to prevent battery drain.
  • Fluorescent green is easy to find in darkness.
  • The fluorescent green color and the blue LED lighting make the gauge easier to find, and less likely to be left on a dark trail or side of the road.

Analog Gauge

  • Brass fittings.
  • Swiveling nozzle.
  • Braided, reinforced hose.
  • Heavy duty shock absorbing rubber on gauge.
  • Large phosphorescent needle and numbers that are surprisingly bright!  The phosphorescent feature only requires a very brief (a couple of seconds) charge by illuminating with a headlight or flashlight to energize the needle and numbers.  


This photo was taken with a Samsung Galaxy S4 (old & antiquated- like me!).  Due to its limitations, without using a flash, the digital display is blurry.  To the human eye, it is very clear and easy to read in total darkness.

These gauges are provided by a small, family owned domestic business and have a lifetime warranty!  👍:usa:


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Similar to William1, I was presented the opportunity to use and review their product. So far I've only used the digital tire gauge and the non-ratchet tie downs. Both are very good products! Superior to others by a long ways. The tie downs are very substantial and have safety hooks that cannot work themselves loose during transport. The air gauge goes up to and beyond 110PSI which is very useful for checking your inner bladder air PSI on your Tubliss. The added illumination on the air gauge is very helpful and practical especially now with fall coming - there's less light available to check your air pressure during the day. Overall, I would encourage anyone looking for these products to add  Rhino USA to their shopping list. 👍

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Recently I was contacted by one of TT’s sponsors, Rhino, USA (https://www.rhinousainc.com/ ) and asked to review some of their products. Rhino is a father and son team based out of Murrieta, CA

After some conversation, I agreed, making it clear then my review would be 100% objective and I will only give a good review if I truly like an item. Nothing is ever perfect and I try my best to identify faults as well as successes. Rhino was 100% on board with me, confident in their product. Obviously, as many of you know they could never have read any of my posts on TT….

A box arrived via USPS containing some products (along with some swag).



First is a 0 to 60 PSI air pressure gauge, short stem, a good size to fit in a tool bag or a pocket if you do not have a free hand to carry it. The gauge has a rubber surround to protect it from being banged around. I have a bunch of similar gauges in my shop, all of which had recently been overhauled and calibrated by the manufacturer, therefore providing accurate measurements. I tested the Rhino gauge against my other ones and they read the same, easily accurate to within 1/2Lbs.

The next is a 0 to 75 PSI air gauge. The head is identical to the 60PSI gauge, with the same rubber protector. The difference is the additional 15 PSI and the stem. The stem has a hose section, adding 11.5” length and enabling the user to hold the gauge in one hand, and press the chuck onto the valve stem with the other. Very handy as you can almost always hold the gauge where you can read it even if the valve stem is ‘tucked inside’ and not readily visible.

Like my other pro gauges, the Rhino has a bleed valve. You hold it on the stem, get a pressure reading and then (depending on experience with these types of gauges) depress the button to ‘bleed’ off pressure to get it right. No removing the gauge, using a fingernail and then putting the gauge on. Apply the gauge, read, bleed and done. One other nice thing about the ‘bleed’ button is until you depress it, it holds the reading. So if the valve stem is in a place you cannot readily see, apply the gauge, remove it and then look. The needle is held at the pressure. Both gauges have a ‘swivel chuck’ so you can rotate it to suite the valve stem location and have the dial in the most visible location possible. The gauges have a feature none of my gauges have and that is a luminescent dial. I could see it in total darkness but I’d still use a light (I’m old and my eyes have seen better days). Each gauge came with a ‘Stuff Sac’ to store the gauge in.

These gauges are near if not identical to my pro ones, with the added feature of the luminescent dial and ‘Stuff Sac’. Assuming they are identical you can expect them to last a lifetime as long as you do not use them as a hammer or lose it. One of my pro ones I got back in my teens. I think in fifty years, I have sent it in twice for a re-calibration, replacement of the rubber parts. That is excellent value!


I put a call into Rhino to check the warranty (lifetime on everything according to the packaging). I did this at 11 AM EST, which would be 7 AM (slackers!) on the west coast. My call was answered and I was put in a queue (one caller ahead of me). The lady was very nice and told me she would have one the Rhino team call me back later. No surprise, given the time. Nice that the phone was answered by a real live person and not a recording or voice mail. I did call back during business hours and acted like a ‘clueless consumer’. They exceeded my expectations, doing what it took to ‘make things right. It seems to me like you cannot go wrong buying any of their products. 

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