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Thor Motocross Force XP knee guards Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Thor Motocross Force XP knee guards. Product specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!

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Thor Force XP Knee Guards.

I think we are all aware just how important our protective riding gear is. I consider knee protection to be at the top of the list, especially after many surgeries. Skimping on this one was not in the equation….We all shop for the best we can afford and sometimes pick the one that just meets our minimum standards, Ya know that one will work ok….and just may, but i could not afford to take that chance.

 I found many different brands and styles to choose from but decided on this one for many reasons……for the record I am an avid trail rider and do not race.

My rating are based on a 5 star rating. 1 being poor and 5 being excellent

Fit and Comfort. 5 stars

I find the Force XP very comfortable, they hug the knee and shin well and fit in the upper portion of the MX boot without issue or discomfort. Inner padding is soft and ample with a space between it and the shell, designed to absorb impacts. The retention straps are of perfect design if you ask me, nice wide elastic upper and lower wraps that use Velcro coupled with two extra quick release straps.

Function. 5 stars

I like the double hinge design at the knee, it allows great flexibility at the joint and works very well with minimum restriction. Another strong point is the retention system, two large elastic wrap systems that do not dig into your leg and a second upper and lower strap that is adjustable. Once you set it to your liking the strap latches on with a quick connect that does NOT come loose. There is plenty of venting to keep you cool on those hot days without sacrificing protection.

Protection.  5 stars

The Force XP offers great knee, thigh and shin protection without being bulky. The plastic is thick and yet flexible and restricts twisting of the knee, it almost feels like a brace even though it is not advertized as one.

My Conclusion.

If you are looking for mid priced knees pads that are comfortable, durable and most importantly offer a great level of protection this is the one. Two seasons into them they have held up well and show no cracks in the plastic or signs of fatigue.

Highly recommended…..

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