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Rhino USA Tie Down Straps - Ultimate Cambuckle 2-Pack Kit Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Rhino USA Tie Down Straps - Ultimate Cambuckle 2-Pack Kit. Product specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!
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Recently I was contacted by one of TT’s sponsors, Rhino, USA (https://www.rhinousainc.com/ ) and asked to review some of their products. Rhino is a father and son team based out of Murrieta, CA

After some conversation, I agreed, making it clear then my review would be 100% objective and I will only give a good review if I truly like an item. Nothing is ever perfect and I try my best to identify faults as well as successes. Rhino was 100% on board with me, confident in their product. Obviously, as many of you know they could never have read any of my posts on TT….

A box arrived via USPS containing some products (along with some swag).



First on the list are a set of four ratchet straps. I have a few sets of these tools. What makes this type of strap great is the length (most are about 10’ long) and because you can separate the hooks, you can ‘weave’ the straps through tight gaps. Plus you do not have to grab one end and pull it tight if it is inaccessible. A ratchet strap, you just work the handle. Most of the straps like these I have were inexpensive. And they stink. It is near impossible to release the ratchet. Quality is remembered long after the sweetness of cheap price is forgotten. Well, I regret being cheap. I had subsequently purchased a real nice and very expensive set of ratchet straps. But the ones I got are not as long and you cannot separate the buckle from the strap. Not a big deal but it matters when you need the ability.

The Rhino straps are well made and the ratchet mechanism works smoothly, and most importantly, you can release the strap without a pry bar or a cut finger! The topper is it is two pieces and you can thread the straps. The hooks are fully vinyl coated and the ratchet has covers ‘grips’ as well, not just stamped steel with sharp edges to play ‘gotchya! They came with a ‘Stuff Sac’ to store in, no longer able to unravel into a tangled rats nest under the pickup truck seat. I think I’ll be ditching most of my old ratchet straps…..


Last on the review here is Rhino’s Cam-Lock tie downs, any dirt biker, one of the first accessories they get are tie downs. I got my first set of Ancra’s back in the 1960’s. They were lost or stolen and I bought a second set, which I still have. They are a little thread bare and the vinyl on the hooks is going. Strong but just enough to hold a bike. To use them, I have get out a set of ‘soft ties’ to put on the bars or frame so the hooks do not chew them up. Not a big deal but I have gotten used to it.

The Rhino tie downs are significantly more robust than my old ones. No question of ‘if they would hold’ any bike or load. Being wider, the release cam is wider and a thumb fits on it easily (not squeezed between the side plates). The release cam too, operates very smoothly with little effort. When pulling the loose end back out to extend, it too, traveled with minimal effort after the release buckle is held in. With these straps, I’ll be looking in the rear view mirror less often wondering.  On each hook, is a latch, designed to prevent the hook from falling off during the strapping in process. We’ve all put one end on a D Ring and then grabbed the other end, attached it to the load, only to have the end on the D ring have fallen off. This ‘latch’ can close the hook so it cannot fall off. Not real noticeable until you realize that it saved you some hassle. Now for the really significant feature. On the end with release/clamp, there is a section (red part) of strap made into a loop. No need for a soft tie, it is built in. No longer do I have to fish out little add-on items out of my ‘rigging bag’. As with all the rest of the Rhino stuff, the cam lock straps came with a ‘Stuff Sac’ to store them in and not get tangled.

My bikes will now be safer during transport and the process of strapping them down will be easier.  I’m not sure who said it but it is true, it is all in the details.


I put a call into Rhino to check the warranty (lifetime on everything according to the packaging). I did this at 11 AM EST, which would be 7 AM (slackers!) on the west coast. My call was answered and I was put in a queue (one caller ahead of me). The lady was very nice and told me she would have one the Rhino team call me back later. No surprise, given the time. Nice that the phone was answered by a real live person and not a recording or voice mail. I did call back during business hours and acted like a ‘clueless consumer’. They exceeded my expectations, doing what it took to ‘make things right. It seems to me like you cannot go wrong buying any of their products.

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I have used cam buckle tie downs for many years.  The well-known brand I have used for the past few decades has served me well.  However, I have found a new favorite in the Rhino USA Ultimate Tie Down Straps.

There are several features that stand out.  The S-Hooks have a generous thickness of vinyl coating.  The straps are wider and of a softer type of material than my old straps, and the cam buckles are very big in comparison to my others.  Additionally, my favorite feature is the spring-loaded keeper clips, which are especially handy when loading a bike by yourself.  The clips keep the S-Hooks from detaching from the truck/trailer attachment points or the loop end of the built-in soft loops, or if used, another set of separate soft loops, which Rhino USA makes as well.


Another handy feature is the nice, perfectly sized storage bag.  I am a bit of a neat freak and appreciate keeping things tidy and in their place!  I dislike carrying loose tie downs with their S-Hooks sometimes swinging like little wrecking balls, attempting to wreak havoc on whatever shiny machines you may have within the radius of their arc.  The American Flag that is sewn on the straps is also a nice touch. 


As the picture illustrates, the Rhino USA strap (right/black) is heavy duty and quite a bit burlier than my old strap (left/blue) which is shown for comparison.

These tie downs look like they will last a lifetime, and they do come with a lifetime warranty.  I applaud U.S. companies that provide quality products!   👍:usa: 


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The RHINO USA Heavy Duty Cam Buckle Tie-Down Straps came in a package from Rhino USA that included a number of their items, that like William, I was asked to review.  I already had a pair of Fly soft loop cam buckle tie downs, so I was very pleased to compare these to them.  NO COMPARISON!  the Rhino tie downs are superior in every way.  They are thicker, longer and they have a caribiner style hook on BOTH ends, not just the bottom.  No possible way can your bike come loose, these are by far the best tie downs on the market.  Highly recommended.



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I've been loading bikes on trailers and in trucks for over 40 years and have gone through more than my fair share of straps and tie downs. As a matter of fact I still have my 4 original Yamaha straps that secured my race bikes and sleds as far back as the late 70's. I've bought and acquired all different kinds and brands of straps but have seldom ever seen the quality that these Rhino Tie Down Straps have. I've always been fussy about securing my bikes and and have always brought my own straps, never wanting to rely on what others may have. For the most part, what I previously had did the job quite well as I kept them in great condition. But my old straps were simple in design and did not have soft loop tops so I was forced to use a piece of rubber or leather between the hook and bars. I also did not have anything I really trusted when I had to secure my street bikes on those trips where they needed to be trailered instead of ridden. Trusting a tie down is a big issue when you are securing a $35,000 race bike or $50,000 cruiser in the back of a truck or worse yet, in a trailer where you cannot see them. Well I can say now I finally have a set of straps that will do the job worry free. These new RHINO USA Heavy Duty Cam Buckle Tie-Down Straps are awesome and the toughest I've ever seen. The buckle is nearly 2x the size of any the straps I currently have and the straps are much larger and softer. The Cam Buckle is heavy duty, the Cam grips amazingly well and the spring is strong. As well, they have the built in soft loop strap to go around your bars or forks so that you do not need a seperate strap or worry about the hook. That being said, even the hooks on these straps are amazing. They even have a spring clip to help keep them in place. I also got my hands on a set of their Soft Loop Motorcycle Tie Down Straps, pretty damn handy for use with Ratchet Straps that only have a hook on both ends, piece of mind for protecting those precious Ohlin forks on your prized possession. The HD Ratchet Straps that I got are a bit smaller and not quite to the quality of the Heavy Duty Cam Buckle Tie-Down Straps IMO but still nicer than any of the ones previously in my shop (I'm not a huge fan of ratchet straps anyway). The ratchet seems plenty strong to stand up to several years of abuse and the strap is extremely long. Don't imagine I'll be using these for holding my bikes in place, although I'm sure they would do a great job. I'm positive they'll be very useful for securing other hardware in the truck or trailer. They just don't measure up to the big Cam Buckle straps which will be my GoTo for obvious reasons. 

A few other items came with my order, a skookum digital tire gauge with LED backlighting and a pair of analogue gauges (one with a long hose end). The digital LED gauge is pretty damn nice and works with great accuracy all the way down to the extremely low pressures of my trials bikes. Until now I had to carry a special gauge to track the low pressure on the trials and enduro bikes. I haven't used the standard length analogue gauge yet but the one with the long hose end came in very handy checking the pressure on my GSXR1000 where using a standard gauge is a good way to slice your hands to shreds on the wave rotors and on the big cruiser where the rear tire is hidden by hard bags. 

All in all I've very impressed so far with the product that Rhino is making. Makes me want to try some of their other stuff now for the 4x4...

rhino swag.jpg





















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Scott Meshey 141

· Edited by Scott Meshey 141


Love them!

I was super impressed with the overall quality of these straps. From the actual strap itself, to the handle and metal pieces, everything is super solid and is clearly well built. I have had a few straps slip on my handlebars because the material gets wore out and slides when you hit a big bump. The Rhino straps have not allowed that to happen, and have yet to show any wear on any of the components. I was a little confused as to how exactly to get the ratchet strap started, but after getting it straightened out I haven't had an issue since. Great bag to come in for easy storage and knowing exactly where to find your straps, and are just a strong and reliable product... exactly what great straps should be! Also, they are made in America and are an American company, support the economy :cool:. Plan on using these for a long time!

Below are some pictures of the yellow soft tie loops. Looks super clean with the yellow I have on my RoostMX graphics for my Husqvarna FC250.


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