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I have used cam buckle tie downs for many years.  The well-known brand I have used for the past few decades has served me well.  However, I have found a new favorite in the Rhino USA Ultimate Tie Down Straps.

There are several features that stand out.  The S-Hooks have a generous thickness of vinyl coating.  The straps are wider and of a softer type of material than my old straps, and the cam buckles are very big in comparison to my others.  Additionally, my favorite feature is the spring-loaded keeper clips, which are especially handy when loading a bike by yourself.  The clips keep the S-Hooks from detaching from the truck/trailer attachment points or the loop end of the built-in soft loops, or if used, another set of separate soft loops, which Rhino USA makes as well.


Another handy feature is the nice, perfectly sized storage bag.  I am a bit of a neat freak and appreciate keeping things tidy and in their place!  I dislike carrying loose tie downs with their S-Hooks sometimes swinging like little wrecking balls, attempting to wreak havoc on whatever shiny machines you may have within the radius of their arc.  The American Flag that is sewn on the straps is also a nice touch. 


As the picture illustrates, the Rhino USA strap (right/black) is heavy duty and quite a bit burlier than my old strap (left/blue) which is shown for comparison.

These tie downs look like they will last a lifetime, and they do come with a lifetime warranty.  I applaud U.S. companies that provide quality products!   :thumbsup::usa: 


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Scott Meshey 141

· Edited by Scott Meshey 141

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Love them!

I was super impressed with the overall quality of these straps. From the actual strap itself, to the handle and metal pieces, everything is super solid and is clearly well built. I have had a few straps slip on my handlebars because the material gets wore out and slides when you hit a big bump. The Rhino straps have not allowed that to happen, and have yet to show any wear on any of the components. I was a little confused as to how exactly to get the ratchet strap started, but after getting it straightened out I haven't had an issue since. Great bag to come in for easy storage and knowing exactly where to find your straps, and are just a strong and reliable product... exactly what great straps should be! Also, they are made in America and are an American company, support the economy :cool:. Plan on using these for a long time!

Below are some pictures of the yellow soft tie loops. Looks super clean with the yellow I have on my RoostMX graphics for my Husqvarna FC250.


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Diesel McNasty

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     I recently purchased a set of these RHINO tie downs and I am very pleased with their function. I have been using tie downs for work and also for motorsports for about the last 25 years. These were purchased to replace a set I had custom made by race car safety belt manufacturer. I discovered the set I had were not working properly when I went to pick up my "new to me" gently used dual sport. It seems the ratcheting mechanism had gotten sticky. Also I was missing my soft sling that I used to choke the bars to prevent the hooks from marring the bars. Well while I was searching I found these rhino hooks with built in soft sling and spring gates on the hooks. The spring gates are awesome because it keeps the hooks from coming off the d-rings in the truck or trailer when you slack off. This is especially helpful when loading up solo! I used to prefer ratchet straps but now I am thinking these cam buckles have their place as well. No worries though, you can get these straps either way. In addition they are AMERICAN made and fairly priced. If your looking for a set of motorcycle straps give these a try.


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