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BikeMaster 3/8" Digital Torque Wrench Reviews

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As a professional mechanic by trade, I use torque wrenches daily. I have everything from a 4ft, 1" drive down to a 1/4" for finer applications. When I received the Bikemaster 3/8" Digital Torque Wrench, I was able to put it to work immediately. My overall impression is that it's a well-built, quality tool. I used it on everything from a trailer hitch install near its maximum torque setting, to a top-end rebuild at the very bottom setting.

The wrench comes with a torque certification sheet and can be easily calibrated. I happen to have access to a torque calibration checker, so I was able to test the accuracy of the tool. From the very bottom of the torque range to its top, the Bikemaster Digital Torque Wrench was within .75% to 1.5% of the set point. In contrast, a much more expensive brand in my tool box is .1% to 1% throughout the range. But, is the difference really worth an extra $375.00? Likely only if you'll use the tool daily, or your 90s fluorescent riding boots will go another few rides before replacement. 

Pros :thumbsup:

  • The handle of the tool feels durable and your hand doesn’t slip, even when greasy.
  • Seems to be pretty durable and it cleans up easily.
  • The pricing is incredibly cheap! You can buy 4 of these for the price of just one Snap-on.
  • AAA  batteries are easy to replace. I haven’t had to replace them yet, but given my experience with other brands, they’ll probably last for at least a year or two. The manual says 110 hours.
  • The sound to let you know you are at torque is loud enough to hear over the 1980’s metal that’s playing in the shop.
  • Switching between units is easily done.
  • You don’t have to back the torque setting all the way down before storage like a mechanical torque wrench.
  • Saves the last torque value, and has 10 preset torque values that are easily stored.
  • Two modes: one for preset torque values and one for trace that will show what torque is being applied real time.

Cons :thumbsdn:

  • The sound that emits when you reach torque is a bit slow, so you need to pull slow and consistent to insure you don’t go over the set point.
  • Unlike traditional torque wrenches, there is no "click" felt when you hit the desired torque.
  • The ratchet mechanism has semi-coarse teeth, so working in close quarters requires a reposition of the socket sometimes. It’s really not too bad.

Bottom-line :prof:

For the money, the Bikemaster Digital Torque Wrench is a good buy for most mechanics. It's basically 3 to 4X less expensive than some "professional grade" brands, and outside of it missing some features like a vibrating handle at torque, it virtually does the same job. Hard to go wrong here.


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