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Scott Meshey 141

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Many riders don't seem to put too much stock in HQ aftermarket wheel sets outside of noticing how sexy they typically are. However, over the years I’ve used a number of different race wheels and can say that without a doubt, they have material advantages over stock. Recently, I got the chance to test a set of wheels on my 2017 KX250F built by FasterUSA, using Excel A60 rims and FasterUSA billet aluminum hubs, stainless steel spokes, & spline drive nipples.

The first thing that I noticed about the wheels was how incredibly solid they were, even after putting in a few hours and some hard hits that could create a wobble in a stock wheel. As someone who is concerned about my equipment lasting considering the trials I put them through, I went with the slightly heavier but stronger Excel A60 rim, along with beefy stainless steel spokes  & spline drive nipples. While the wheel set components I chose didn't save much weight vs. stock, in just about every way, they are much stronger & more durable.

Better built wheels mean the bike will roll much easier and with a lot less effort, especially with high-quality bearings and no additional weight for specialty spacers. The reason why is that the wheels hold their shape. What does that mean for riders? Well, it just makes gaining and keeping speed easier. This is great for all conditions and all parts of the track, especially tight sections. Less dramatic fluctuation of throttle use in tight corners or sections means a more stable bike. Florida’s tracks have a lot of sand, and I found that I was able to carry better speed throughout corners and I was maneuvering around the bike less against the struggles of sand. Engine braking became less dramatic (especially on a modded 250F), which helped keep the bike more stable in the entrance to corners and allowed good body positioning to really dictate where the bike was going, minimizing the feeling of “knifing”.

As someone who races the top-level of amateur motocross, soon transitioning to pro, I am hard on equipment. I demand every ounce out of my bikes, and sometimes that means over-jumping because you’re trying to get every inch of advantage on your competitors. Production wheels can get flat spots fairly easy when put them to this kind of test and in some cases can result in a blowout, even if you keep up on your spokes. Even with a flat spot, your tire can grab a rut wrong and have an effect on your performance. There is also a small detail called unsprung weight. Unsprung weight refers to the weight of a part of a vehicle that is not supported by suspension. On a bike, the wheels are something that is not supported by suspension... the rear wheel is one of those parts. Any additional weight creates a more dramatic rebound when you apply the same amount of force. Flat spots can create unevenness in your wheel,  causing a wobble and additional wear on your bearings. This has an effect on the integrity of the wheel which is an issue whether you are a pro or a novice rider. The Excel/FasterUSA combo held its own even after a few accidental OJs and the rigors of my riding style. They just simply felt well-built whether they were in my hands or under me, and the spokes seemed to stay tight (something you have to stay on top of with stock wheels).

In my opinion, it makes sense to have aftermarket wheels not only for the performance aspect, but because they are stronger and more durable than stock. The Excel A60 is 15% stronger than their Takasago rim, using a V-Curve design to reduce mud build-up, and is used by some of the top off-road & motocross teams including Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki, Rockstar Husqvarna Factory Racing & Factory Off-Road, and Star Racing Yamaha. FasterUSA makes their own hubs in-house using high-grade US certified aluminum, anodizing their hubs and spokes.

Overall, it is a worthwhile investment not only from a performance and aesthetic standpoint, but also having a strong, reliable wheel that is going to last a long time.  Check out RK Excel for more on the A60 rim and FasterUSA to take a look at their services, wheel sets, components, & how they're made. FasterUSA hubs come with a full one year warranty, but claim they've never seen a broken hub outside of negligence such as loose sprocket bolts.

FasterUSA wheel sets don't come with sprockets or rotors, but top brands can be added. FasterUSA has complete wheel sets starting at $849 USD with Excel Notako rims (enthusiast level rims), going up to the top-of-the-line Excel A60 rims starting at $1,139.

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