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Remember high school? I remember the sports and the general shenanigans that I got myself into on the daily basis. What I don't remember was in the text books that I was given. As a 17 year old dirt bike kid, I really didn’t have much interest in the fundamentals of data management, or the tragedy and betrayal contained in Shakespeare’s Hamlet; a shocker I know. But, what if my textbooks were full of juicy tidbits about the fundamentals in a dirt bike's engine? Had that been the case, maybe I would have focused a little more in class instead of doing peelers in the parking lot. 

“The Two Stroke Dirt Bike Engine Building Handbook” by Paul Olesen states on its cover, “Precision Engine Building Knowledge For Beginners and Experts”, essentially an encyclopedia for the maintenance of a two stroke dirt bike engine. It contains almost 300 pages of intense knowledge on the subject, complete with full color photographs to accent the knowledge within, as well as insightful tips throughout. The book itself is text book sized with a soft cover.

My favorite aspect the book is the high level of detail that went into its creation. It's so incredibly detailed that even the most veteran motorcycle mechanics can likely gain new tidbits of information from its pages. The book is laid out in an easy-to-follow chronological order, beginning with a diagnosis of issues regarding maintenance, on to a detailed list of tools used in the following processes, and a complete run down of the entire two stroke engine.

I absolutely love all the photos in the book, as they help bring all the information together when working on my bike. At least for me, my retention is better when I can refer to a visual after reading technical subject matter. When referring back to a section, often times the photo was enough to jog my memory on what I previously read.  Each task is explained down to the very smallest step, leaving no question unanswered. I have years of experience working with two stroke engines, but I still found new information in the book.

The simple tips and hints (such as a cardboard bolt holder/organizer) are items that will save you time and unnecessary stress in the garage. The book shows proper and improper techniques for tasks including bearing and seal installation and removal, circlip installation, and various other techniques that you will use constantly when working on a motorcycle. The book states in its introduction that it is meant to be complimented too a proper service manual, something that I agree wholeheartedly with. A service manual with give you the values and specifications you'll need, whereas this book will give you an insight into why the specifications are what they are and their purpose in the engine, as well as the mechanical techniques required to perform the task.

About my only gripe about the book is its page thickness. I found myself turning two pages often vs. the single page that I wanted. But, then again, the paper quality is nice, so I will likely stand-up to repeated use.

As far as I'm concerned, this book is a must have for any DIY two stroke mechanic. It will save you time and money, and if you're like me, the peace-of-mind and satisfaction of knowing that the job was done right.

If you want a copy, you can find them at: https://www.diymotofix.com/the-two-stroke-dirt-bike-engine-building-handbook.html


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