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Sicass Racing KTM 690 Easy Fit Under Fender Kit Reviews

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Bryan Bosch

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I love my 2017 KTM 690 Enduro, but like anything, it has a few flaws. For almost 11k, KTM couldn't include a sleek looking LED taillight that is vibration resistant and doesn't fill up with silt from water crossings? And, did the left rear turn signal have to sit in the path of hot exhaust gases? The folks at Sicass Racing seemed to have asked themselves the same questions and rather than whining about it like me, they offer a solution with their 2008-2017 KTM 690 Easy Fit Under Fender Kit.


Sicass Racing essentially took an OE KTM dirt bike LED taillight & bracket assembly and added an LED license plate light to keep you legal, everything plugging into the factory wiring. I can't stomach cutting up factory wiring, so being plug & play rocks. Since the bracket is OE, it fits, well... like OE! ;) The only mod that you need to make is to trim off some plastic ribbing under the fender to create some clearance for the license plate light. This was easily done with an razor knife in just a couple of minutes and is completely hidden when buttoned up. The license plate light works just fine, but the rear corners stick out a tad past the rear fender tip, so while it doesn't look quite OE, only the picky will likely notice.

Sicass Racing also offers optional accessories to complete the taillight kit that include a license plate holder and an assortment of halogen and LED turn signals. I went for a pair of their amber/orange lens LED flat mounts, but they also offer clear and smoke lens options. The turn signals also have factory style plugs, so like the taillight, plug & play installation. When you drill the mounting holes for the turn signals, pay close attention to the ribbing on the underside of the taillight bracket. You need to leave a path to tighten the phillips head fasteners.

On a recent ride, I had a buddy follow me while we talked via our bluetooth head-sets. He felt that running and brake lights were plenty visible, even in sunlight and that the turn signals were reasonably visible despite their narrow spacing, flat orientation, and small size. That's more than good enough for me. As those the ride on the street know, some drivers wouldn't see if you have you had 747 landing lights as turn signals. I didn't install in-line resistors or an LED compliant relay, so the blinkers do hyperflash. I'm of the opinion that this makes them more visible, so I'm leaving them as they are.

In terms of durably, zero issues so far with the hardware, bracketry or the electrical components. And, I don't expect any having run an OE KTM LED taillight for a number of years on a previous 450 dual sport that saw plenty of abuse. The flat mount turn signals have stayed exactly where I put them, they are out of harm's way, whether it be exhaust gases, trail brush, or the occasional tip over, and the tail light doesn't fill up with silt from water crossings. Lasty, I think that the Sicass set-up looks a whole lot better than stock, but aesthetics is your call. I pointed out the kit to my riding buddy and he said that if I hadn't, he'd have likely not noticed, so it clearly looks like it belongs. Overall I'm pleased with the functionality, performance, and looks of the KTM 690 Easy Fit Under Fender Kit & accessories from Sicass Racing.


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Able to get rid of bulky stock unit. Also fitted sicass turn signal with it to give sleek look. Hoping these will reduce chances of melting like stock ones. 

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