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KTM Powerparts Handlebar Supports Risers Reviews

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Sourced from eBay.

KTM insists on calling these parts "supports" when the rest of the world calls them "risers". Go figure.

I bought the 52 mm risers, their tallest. When you read 52 mm, you think "Ah, that's about 2 inches. Two inches will be enough...".

Nope! KTM measures the rise amount from handlebar centerline. That is, they measured from a point different than I expected, and so the bar measure *starts* at a point lower than I expected. So, I get about 1.5 inch of rise. It just seems and feels not tall enough.

If you want a real 2 inch or more, buy elsewhere, because KTM does not offer taller.

Anyway, I have these, and wish they were taller.

The OEM cables and wires will accommodate this riser easily, and there is room for taller.

I know what 2 inch risers feels like, this is not it.

Something else was curious / strange, too. The mounting bolts that mount the risers to the top triple clamp are not very long. This is true of the original bolts as well. KTM leaves a lot of triple clamp thread "on the table", and so it leaves some fastener strength not realised. So, down to the hardware store to get longer bolts, about 5 mm longer. Bolt up is much stronger now! Less chance of thread failure at this critical strength interface, if I drop the cycle onto the handlebar. That never happens, right?

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