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Shinko 700 Series Dual Sport Tires Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Shinko 700 Series Dual Sport Tires. Product specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!
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I’ve had a set of Shinko 700s on my ‘16 KTM 500 EXC for 1000 km and think they are a good dual sport tire. The majority of their usage has been on highway at speeds around 110-130 km/h commuting to work and I have felt very confident on them, including in the rain. Good road manners for a dual sport tire on a light bike.

I tested them off-road with alright results. These tires are awesome on gravel and fire roads, with pure confidence up to speeds of 100 km/h. Once I turn off onto muddy terrain, these tires are no longer good. They slip all over and it takes quite a bit of skill to hold it together. I managed to ride on some technical single track with some small river crossings and didn’t crash, but I did order Kenda K760 tires that night...

As a mainly on-road set of tires, including gravel roads, I rate these high and so far they are wearing great.

For any real off-road riding, as in full Mx gear riding, I’d suggest a different set of tires.


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From Amazon.com

I just spooned these on to the 690 Enduro (3.00 x 21 front, 4.60 x 18 rear).

I've run them a bunch on my DRZ400, so I know how they handle, a good thing on a new cycle.

They're a fine 50/50 tire, if you dual sport.

Price is good, too. About $80 for the rear, $50 for the front.

They wear like iron, I'm getting 7000 miles from a front, and 5000-6000 on a rear.

But, offroad you don't care about that, you want grip and stability. Pretty scary in mud and sand, and not great side wall performance on a canted trail. You make up for it in skill and not being a dumbass.

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