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Magura HYMEC Retrofit Clutch Kit Reviews

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Test Bike: 2019 Yamaha YZ450F
Rider Skill: Vet Advanced
Test Conditions: MX, fast & flowing sandy trails, wooded single track 

What's in the Box?

The Magura Hymec Retrofit Hydraulic Clutch Kit comes with a manual, clutch perch, clutch lever, hydraulic line and two different un-captured lower line barrels for different model applications.  The kit also comes with a decompression lever pre-installed for use on older bikes such as a 1998 YZ400F.  For my application, it was easily removed using the properly sized lever pivot bolt and nut (provided).  After removal it has a clean, OEM look.  The clutch comes fully assembled, bled and ready-to-ride once installed.


As mentioned previously, the clutch perch has a removable decompression lever and a Reach Adjust Knob.  A “slack” adjustment knob is not needed because hydraulic fluid is not compressible and obviously there is no cable to stretch.


The installation was quite simple and straightforward requiring only basic hand tools.  It's pretty much the same procedure as replacing a stock cable-operated clutch perch, lever and cable.  Installation was about an hour, but I'm pretty OCD and take my time to get everything just right.

Here is how it looks on the bike: 


Once installed the Magura clutch looks factory.

Fit & Finish

The unit is typical Magura german quality: OEM fitment and high-quality hardware. The stock Yamaha clutch assembly was perfectly fine, but the Magura looks and feels like an upgrade.

Clutch Feel

The stock 2019 YZ450F has an exceptionally light clutch pull and the Magura is even lighter. In fact, I can operate it with my pinky. This may not be super important to some, but my arthritic hands really appreciate it. Anything that keeps me riding longer with less fatigue and increased control is awesome!

In terms of  clutch engagement, the lever throw is shorter and the action is buttery smooth. There's also not even a hint of take-up that you feel when pulling on a cable, allowing for finer clutch control.

Lever reach can be adjusted by the Lever Reach Knob.  There is no other adjustment for "slack" like you would have on a cable operated system as the clutch is inherently self-adjusting.  Due to its "self-adjustment",  clutch feel is always the same regardless of clutch heat and wear. Outside of period fluid changes, it's pretty much install it and forget about it.

Line routing sticks out a bit more than I'd like, but its not snagged on brush yet. 


How does it perform on the track & trail?

I had the ideal day of riding at Bone Valley ATV Park to test the Magura Hymec. The park includes a fun GP style MX track, fast, flowing double track trails and a tight single track loop where the Hymec was really appreciated. The adaptation period from stock to the Magura Hymec was just a few turns to get acquainted with the lighter pull and shorter throw. 

The tight trails feature some slow, semi-technical sections with small hills and obstacles which required a lot of clutch finessing to keep the tall-geared YZ450F moving forward while balancing between stalling or excess wheelspin; especially on one particular slow, loose, off-camber turning climb.  The extremely light and smooth clutch pull combined with the shorter engagement throw made one finger clutch modulation effortless. 

And not only is the clutch easier to operate, I also think that the combination of lighter pull and short lever throw make clutch operation faster.  This comes into play on a race start when grabbing gears as fast as possible on the way to the first turn.  In that sense, this is a performance upgrade.  Who knows, but this may be the difference between a 2nd place start and a holeshot!

I noticed how much more effortless shifts were on the very first long and fast straight away of the day.  The ability to just use an index finger for quick shifts was foreign to me.  I've never owned a bike with a hydraulic clutch before, but now I am convinced it is an upgrade worth having.  At my "experienced" age with arthritic hands, especially at the end of a long, hot day, the easy one finger operation of the clutch was noticeably less taxing in technical trail sections.


  • Easy installation.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Self-Adjusting (consistent feel).
  • Easier, more accurate power modulation.
  • Lighter pull decreases hand fatigue.
  • Adjustable lever pull.


  • Clutch line sticks out above the engine case more than stock, increasing probability of being snagged.


The Magura Hymec Retrofit Hydraulic Clutch  Kit adds some refinement to an already great clutch on my  2019 YZ450F.  Clutch operation is easier, quicker, and less taxing.  It also just “feels” good to have controls that are super smooth and easy to modulate.  This is particularly true for my painfully arthritic hands, where my strength is not what it used to be.  The lighter clutch pull makes one-finger clutch modulation easier to finesse than the OEM cable clutch, especially in technical situations where the clutch is used more.  All of this adds up to an upgrade that makes riding more enjoyable, less tiring, and may very well improve your lap times especially at the end of the moto, trail ride, or off-road race day.  I unequivocally recommended this unit!

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Donald J. Thump

· Edited by Jack the Dogg

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Ok, I'm gonna try to keep this short.

I installed the Jack Hymec on my old XR400. It turned it into a completely different bike. There's no comparison. Imagine squeezing one of those super jumbo sized marshmallows. That's what it's like to pull on this wonderful wonderful device.

Now for the complaint, and it's a SERIOUS complaint. This product almost killed me.

While the master and slave cylinder parts of this clutch seem to be finely machined and of excellent German quality; the hydraulic line is made of the stiffest, crappiest PLASTIC I've ever seen. What the hell Magura?

My line lasted about 10 minutes before the plastic melted and I lost all the baby oil within it, and blew through a stop sign. Yes, I was using a heat shield, and yes the factory RUBBER sheathed clutch cable ran through the same routing for 20 years with NO heat shield and without ever even showing any signs of melting.

Instead of dinking around, trying to get another piece of crap plastic line from Magura, I decided to have a REAL hydraulic line made for it. It's braided stainless steel and Teflon lined so it won't melt like an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. The guy was able use the factory ends from the Magura hydro line, and charged me probably less that what Magura would have wanted for another plastic piece of garbage. He also made it an inch longer since the stupid short original hose doesn't account for the handlebar risers that 90% of us put on out bikes. The Magura line barely, and I MEAN barely reached with just the 1" risers I have on my bike.

All in all, I would purchase this kit again, but I DO NOT want another ridiculously cheaply made plastic piece of crap hydraulic line as when I'm dozens of miles fro civilization, or riding in traffic like I was when it blew.... I don't need to be worried about losing my clutch and poosibly my life because of some bean counter's stupid decision to use sub standard materials.

What the Heck Magura? Such an awesome precision made product does not deserve to come with such a GARBAGE plastic hydro line. It makes no sense. 

You need to address this absolutely unacceptable shortfall, and you will have an amazing product. I would like to order another one for my project bike, but there's no way I'll be using that plastic garbage again. Sadly, I'm gonna look to another manufacturer when the time comes, Unless you'll sell me a kit with just the banjo and threaded hose ends for a reasonable price.

Seriously, Having such a poor quality component in such an otherwise awesome product is inexcusable. Especially for the prices these things go for. Oh yeah, add a friggin inch to your lines as well... Such potential, it's a real shame they decided to cheap out on a critical component.

And for you guys with plated bikes like me.. This plastic garbage is NOT DOT legal.

I'm very happy with it now, but it's cost me an extra $75 to make it usable AND even LEGAL to use on my plated bike.. Putting a brittle, melty plastic line on this product is like putting $20 tires on a Ferrari. It's just plain unacceptable.

In typical German fashion a GREAT product is ruined by a head scratching decision.

Another example of German silliness is my neighbor's AWESOME V8 S series Audi needs a new radiator hose... Now we have to take off the INTAKE MANIFOLD to get to it. WTH Germany??

Edit: added a picture of what a REAL hydraulic line looks like.



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I installed one of these on my 1977 yamaha XT500 and it worked great. I restored this bike and it was the same bike i owned in 1979 when i was 19.

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Slave cable knarp breaks off. 

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